NATO ships conducting Air Defence Exercises with the Romanian Navy and Air Force yesterday in the Black Sea

Map. History of Europe conflict

19 February 2018
EU will help Moldova and Ukraine to modernize the border infrastructure
Rep. Maxine Waters repeatedly presses Treasury Sec. Mnuchin on Russian sanctions passed by Congress last year. "This is your excuse for not having implemented the law?"
1 week ago
Mattis: No plans to leave INF Treaty with Russia despite accusing Moscow of violating the decades-long arms control agreement
1 week ago
Mattis: "I don't believe it lowers the threshold at all," when asked if new "low-yield" tactical nukes make nuclear war more likely. Mattis says nuclear sea-launched cruise missile in response to Russia's INF treaty violations
@VOANews Ukrainian service asks Sobchak about the war in Ukraine and she says: "All support to Donbas should be finished immediately"
UK PM announces a review into the sustainability of Britain's printed press, adding that "when trusted and credible news sources decline, we can become vulnerable to news which is untrustworthy"
1 week ago
British court upholds UK arrest warrant against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
UK PM Theresa May says the Government will launch a consultation to make intimidating parliamentary candidates and campaigners an offence under electoral law
UK Prime Minister Theresa May has said in a speech marking 100 years since some women were granted the vote that social media is being "exploited and abused, often anonymously" and is "toxifying" public debate
"100 years ago today British democracy was transformed" - Theresa May is giving a speech in Manchester to mark the 100th anniversary of the the Representation of the People Act which gave some women the right to vote for the first time
In Kyiv, police seized small arms and ammo1 week ago
In Kyiv, police seized small arms and ammo
Prime Minister Theresa May speaks in Manchester to mark centenary of women's vote
EU Commissioner @JHahnEU says EU needs to export stability to WesternBalkans to give people economic perspectives and to avoid further brain-drain
SNMG2 and SNMCMG2 ships sailing together on the Black Sea yesterday1 week ago
SNMG2 and SNMCMG2 ships sailing together on the Black Sea yesterday
France's Macron confronts Corsica's calls for more autonomy
Pope decries anti-migrant violence after neo-Nazi shooting shakes Italy
1 week ago
Extraordinary presidential elections to be held in Azerbaijan on April 11
Secret DC visit by 3 Russian security chiefs stopped spiraling US sanctions, says @vfroloff. Big Kremlin victory in quest to normalize relations.
1 week ago
Russia decides where it deploys its missiles, Kremlin says after Kaliningrad rebuke
The President of the Irish Pharmacy Union has said pharmacists are seen as easy targets by criminals
1 week ago
Prime Minister Theresa May leads tributes to the "heroism" of campaigners on the centenary of women winning the right to vote in Britain, as a host of events honouring the Suffragette movement are held
German prosecutors raid facilities of Audi. The carmaker is suspected of having manipulated more cars than hitherto acknowledged.
Report of air defense deployment in Mariupol'
Salah Abdeslam has told the court he will not show up to his trial on Thursday when it resumes. The judge asked him Monday why he bothered if he wasn't going to answer any questions and he said because he'd been asked. But his presence is not mandatory
Abdeslam says won't return to Brussels trial on Thursday: court
1 week ago
Russia's Putin spoke to Iranian president: Kremlin
1 week ago
Lauding women who won the vote, Britain's May says teamwork is her style
NATO ships conducting Air Defence Exercises with the Romanian Navy and Air Force yesterday in the Black Sea
1 week ago
Parubium announced the withdrawal of two MPs from the faction of the Poroshenko Bloc
Scottish court refuses to refer case on whether Brexit could be stopped to ECJ
1 week ago
Merkel ready for 'painful compromises' with coalition deal in sight
Croatia's PM @AndrejPlenkovic says EU has to hold promises made to candidate countries in Western Balkans and value their achievements in debate on Future Of Europe
1 week ago
ATO spox: Luhansk sector - Russian proxies had been shelling Luhanske area with 82mm and 120mm mortars for almost five hours with small recesses. Donetsk sector - militants shelled Lebedynske area with 120mm mortars. Fortunately, Ukrainian troops suffered no casualties yesterday.
1 week ago
Poroshenko asks the Rada to immediately vote the bill "On the Anticorruption Court"
1 week ago
General Prosecutor's office confirmed the court's permission to Strana.Ua editor Guzhva
1 week ago
Russian Defense Ministry asked Turkey to help with the return of the wreckage of the Su-25
Poland's president says he will sign controversial Holocaust bill into law
1 week ago
Verkhovna Rada condemned Polish law on Institute of National memory
Polish president has just announced that he will sign the Holocaust law - but also send it to constitutional tribunal re: a) freedom of speech and b) precision of the law.
Russia confirmed deployment of nuclear capable Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad enclave in the southern Baltic region
Polish president will announce his decision on Holocaust law at 11.00, reports @PAPinformacje. He can sign it, veto it or send it to the constitutional tribunal.
EU Balkan Strategy: the EU warns the six countries that they need to get serious about rule of law, corruption, organized crime, etc
Director of Novit Pro company Valery Pshenichny, charged with embezzlement from a project to build a submarine, allegedly kills himself in a St. Petersburg jail.
1 week ago
PM May warns online abuse is a 'threat to democracy'
'Today will be the deciding day': Leader of Germany's Social Democrats @MartinSchulz was optimistic going into what's being billed as the (final) final day of GroKo negotiations between his SPD, the CSU and Merkel's CDU1 week ago
'Today will be the deciding day': Leader of Germany's Social Democrats @MartinSchulz was optimistic going into what's being billed as the (final) final day of GroKo negotiations between his SPD, the CSU and Merkel's CDU
1 week ago
A @BBCNews investigation finds a UK company helped close allies of Ukraine's disgraced ex-president Yanukovych profit from last year's Eurovision.
1 week ago
"This has been an extraordinary time" - @AmberRuddHR reflects on the last year for women's rights and states what action needs to be taken
Separatist tent camp protesters in central Barcelona say they have been kicked out by police on the orders of City Hall: "You can't defend the republic with carnations".
1 week ago
Germany's Berenberg bank set to increase staff numbers in London office
Normal operations at Madrid Barajas airport today, after yesterday's snow chaos, but airport operator Aena warning of delays in Barcelona due to stormy weather
1 week ago
Financial Conduct Authority chief: EU's stance on post-Brexit cross-border trade between banks risks "serious adverse consequences"
1 week ago
"We've made good progress, but there's more to do to help women in politics" - Home Secretary @AmberRuddHR
1 week ago
Financial Times: EU officials say compromise on Irish border is the biggest risk in negotiations
1 week ago
Verkhovna Rada rejected the Opposition Bloc decree and thus unblocked the law on de-occupation
Police have detained a gunman, who had opened fire on a street in the French city of Marseille
The Central Electoral Commission registered Putin as a candidate for the presidency of Russia: he participates in the elections as a self-nominated1 week ago
The Central Electoral Commission registered Putin as a candidate for the presidency of Russia: he participates in the elections as a self-nominated
1 week ago
Britain could take control of rail line after Stagecoach contract failure
European stocks open sharply lower
No casualties yesterday as result of 4 attacks on Ukrainian positions at Donbas
Chinese paper says diplomatic ties with Vatican inevitable
Lithuania's president said Monday Russia has deployed additional nuclear-capable missiles in its Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad on a permanent basis, calling it a threat to Europe
Kurt Volker: Met with @YuliaTymoshenko today to discuss how UN peacekeepers could help facilitate restoration of territorial integrity and the important role of Ukraine's parliament in Minsk implementation. Also discussed need to ensure full resolution and not allow a frozen conflict.
[email protected] approves potential arms sale to Finland including 112 (100 RGM-84Q-4 extended range and 12 RGM-84L-4s) Harpoon Surface-Launched missiles, cost ~$622M. Finland intends to use the missiles on its Hamina class ships, Multi-role Corvette ships and Coastal Batteries
1 week ago
Russian Ministry of Defense condemned publication of Roman Fillipov(or Russian pilots in Syria) salary by Fontanka outlet
Fontanka exposed breach of Russian Mindef website, and revealed that salary of killed Roman Fillipov was about $1750 per month with annually $2450 bonus
19 tons of sanctioned Polish pears smuggled in labelled wallpaper were bulldozed in Pskov Oblast.
In Volgograd Russia held military parade on anniversary of Stalingrad battle
1 week ago
Russian President Putin ratified an agreement on the entry of an army of self-proclaimed South Ossetia into the armed forces of Russia
EU's chief negotiator tells Britain: Time has come to make a Brexit choice
1 week ago
Russia calls in army after 'snowfall of the century' in Moscow
Clashes reported at Svitlodars'k bulge
1 week ago
Russian pilot shot Saturday in a mission in Syria will be awarded with Russia's highest honorary title, Russian Defense Ministry says
1 week ago
Belarusian authorities allow release of the comedy about the death of Stalin in cinema theaters
US Rep Brendan Boyle: Glad that GOP leadership in the House has agreed to schedule a vote on my bipartisan bill to help Ukraine defend its cybersecurity against Russian attacks. (Clearly my bill will be the biggest story in Philadelphia this week.)
Spanish airport workers union tells that Barajas snow chaos today has been further hampered by a lack of drivers for the snow ploughs
Aena confirms 42 flights in to or out of Madrid Barajas airport cancelled so far, until 3:30 p.m. today. Another 6 diverted to other airports
1 week ago
Oil futures extend losses, Brent crude down by more 1.4 percent to session low of $67.5 a barrel
Russian MP Zhirinovsky suggests dropping a small nuclear bomb on Poroshenko's residence1 week ago
Russian MP Zhirinovsky suggests dropping a small nuclear bomb on Poroshenko's residence
The only date in the EU's Western Balkans strategy is possible EU membership by 2025 for Serbia, Montenegro. No dates for Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania
1 week ago
Woman taken to the RVI Major Trauma Unit with "potentially life-threatening injuries" after being hit by a bus.
US Department of State: The New START Treaty, including its central limits on U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear arsenals, takes effect today. This treaty remains a critical component for supporting global non-proliferation efforts and strategic stability between the United States and Russia.
1 week ago
Britain offers two options for future customs ties with EU - May's spokesman
1 week ago
Mikheil Saakashvili has lost appeal on his refugee status in Ukraine, making it possible for government to extradite the former Georgian president to his home country, where he faces criminal charges.
The explosion of gas in a multi-storey building of Butovo Park in Novaya Moscow. Part of the wall is destroyed on the 20th floor, windows are broken
1 week ago
Azerbaijan Calls Snap Presidential Elections
Barajas airport down to two runways (out of four) due to snow, says Spanish airport operator Aena