Eurozone economy grows by 2.5% in 2017, highest in decade: Eurostat

Map. History of Europe conflict

25 June 2018
4 month ago
In Kyiv, the SMM monitored gathering in the city centre and it continued to monitor the gathering outside the Parliament building. In Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnipro, the SMM observed events commemorating the battle of Kruty
Ron Wydn, Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member, on the Treasury's Russian oligarchs report: "Mr. Mnuchin's lack of seriousness and subsequent refusal to take immediate action is both reckless and a dereliction of duty."
Russian spy chief Naryshkin visited United States: Russian embassy
Pictures from Cherkasy city council, where "National militia" staged a show of force "to assist the deputies", who decided to dissolve the council yesterday over crisis with heating.
A Treasury Department spokesperson confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the newly released Treasury Department report of Russian oligarchs was derived from Forbes' ranking of the "200 richest businessmen in Russia 2017."
The moment some separatist protestors broke into Parliament park earlier, breaking past the Catalan police trying to hold the gate shut
Estimate of 1,000 separatist protestors outside Catalan Parliament building now. Some of them have voted to stay the night
Puigdemont's party announces there will be a message from Puigdemont at 8 p.m.
Puigdemont has cancelled a speech a meeting of Flemish nationalists
US EP-3 Intercepted by a Russian Su-27 over the Black Sea4 month ago
US EP-3 Intercepted by a Russian Su-27 over the Black Sea
US to impose sanctions on Russia 'in the near future,' says Treasury Secretary
Ireland's foreign minister Simon Coveney tells the country's Senate that the government opposes a bill criminalizing trade with Israeli settlements
4 month ago
Kurt Volker:"We had a good conversation [with Surkov] and we are waiting to hear back from the Russian side with their ideas on more specifics."
Ireland announced a referendum to decide if abortion clauses should be removed from the constitution
Separatist group on Telegram calls for supporters to camp out in Parliament park in Barcelona and bring tents, food, clothes to spend the night
Bosnian Serb wartime police chief charged with genocide in Srebrenica
4 month ago
Russia's elite dismiss U.S. list as 'telephone book' of the wealthy
Slovenia likely to recognize 'State of Palestine'
Putin names Russian 23rd fighter aviation regiment the "Tallinn regiment". To "preserve holy historical military traditions" and to"raise spirit of military obligation".
In Boryspil security services  have detained citizen of Kyrgyzstan suspected in jihadists recruitment4 month ago
In Boryspil security services have detained citizen of Kyrgyzstan suspected in jihadists recruitment
In Boryspil security services  have detained citizen of Kyrgyzstan suspected in jihadists recruitment
4 month ago
Aliyev: Azerbaijan wll restore its territorial integrity, and the cities, settlements, and villages will also be restored in the destroyed territories.
4 month ago
U.N. envoy, in Athens, says time to end Macedonia name dispute
4 month ago
UK Border Force officials say five men have been arrested after more than £50m worth of cocaine was discovered in a private jet which landed at Farnborough Airport in Hampshire in what is believed to be one of the largest seizures of its kind
4 month ago
Gibraltar says can implement selective parts of Brexit, muddying outcome - report
Video of launch of new ground-launched cruise missile
Video of launch of new ground-launched cruise missile
4 month ago
[email protected]: "There's a Russian troll farm, there's a group in the United States that tracks what they do. You k…
4 month ago
[email protected]: "There have to be -- if the Russians aren't paying a price for what they're doing, they're going to…
4 month ago
[email protected]: "There's an old joke. A guy burns down your house, kills your family, shoots your dog, and you chas…
4 month ago
[email protected]: "I've been to 20, 30 hearings at Armed Services and Intelligence over the past 3 or four 4 about cy…
[email protected] talks Trump admin declining to impose new sanctions on Russia: "It's very disturbing." (@NewDay)
4 month ago
NATO reaffirms support to Afghanistan in wake of recent violence
"Antimaidan" activist Topaz was sentenced to 8 years in prison
4 month ago
The analysis did not cover any bespoke trade arrangement post-Brexit with the EU - UK PM May's spokesman
4 month ago
Leaked partial document is part of a range of analysis to support Brexit negotiations - UK PM May's spokesman
Ukraine has tested own Cruise missile4 month ago
Ukraine has tested own Cruise missile
Family members of 25 MH17 victims have won a case in a U.S. court entitling them to seek $20 million in compensation each from Igor "Strelkov" Girkin, Russian who commanded forces in eastern Ukraine in 2014. Report concedes chance of payout is "zero."
4 month ago
Putin admits there were 'instances' of doping use in Russia
4 month ago
Putin on the "Kremlin report": this is certainly an unfriendly act, it complicates Russian-American relations
4 month ago
KCNA: "A delegation of politicians from various political parties in Europe led by Jonathan Powell of the British Labor Party, former Downing Street Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Tony Blair, arrived here on Tuesday."
Stockholm truck attacker wanted to 'run over unbelievers': prosecutors
4 month ago
Hungary's Orban visits Austria's right-wing government, seeking allies
4 month ago
Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer will ask an urgent question in the House of Commons at 12.30pm about the leaked Brexit impact assessment intended only for ministers
4 month ago
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants violated the ceasefire 1 time yesterday. No Ukrainian serviceman was killed or wounded in action.
4 month ago
ATO spox: Donetsk sector – The enemy carried out 1 ceasefire violation yesterday.
The First Big Event of the Election Campaign: Putin Arrived at a Meeting with Confidants4 month ago
The First Big Event of the Election Campaign: Putin Arrived at a Meeting with Confidants
Training in aviation brigade4 month ago
Training in aviation brigade
Eurozone economy grows by 2.5% in 2017, highest in decade: Eurostat
Rakhmat Akilov charged with terrorism in Stockholm truck attack
4 month ago
Kremlin says will analyse US 'Putin list' without 'giving into emotions'
4 month ago
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's @CDU/@CSU bloc and the Social Democrats have come to an agreement on refugee family reunions, overcoming a key hurdle on the way to forming a coalition government
4 month ago
"De facto everyone is named the enemy of the United States", - presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the publication of the "Kremlin report"
Head of Parliament postpones voting for new President, only candidate Puigdemont, who's still missing, probably in Brussels. No new date set. Legally, time runs out tomorrow
Puigdemont has 'every right' to be re-elected: Catalan parliament speaker
Catalan parliament speaker says will not propose any other candidate than self-exiled former Catalan head Carles Puigdemont for vote on new regional leader
4 month ago
International Trade Secretary urges Conservative MPs to rally behind Prime Minister
4 month ago
EU (Withdrawal) Bill is "constitutionally unacceptable" says Lords Constitutional Committee
Slovenia Foreign Minister tells Israeli ambassador: Slovenia to recognize the State of Palestine; 1st vote in Parliament tomorrow
4 month ago
U.S. "KremlinReport" reflects Washington's "political paranoia" which yields no result but undermines prospects of dialogue, members of Russian parliament said
A Stockholm prosecutor has formally charged 39-year-old Rakhmat Akilov with crimes including terrorism and attempted terrorism, for the lorry attack which killed 5 and injured 14 in April 2017.
Puigdemont weighs return to Spain amid threat of jail
The United Nations delegation informs the opposition that it will suspend its participation if they do not participate
Syria reports from Sochi saying Turkish delegation and HNC delegation in addition to De Mistura refused to attend meetings due to "bad treatment from authorities toward HNC delegation", some members still stuck at the airport
Russian Deputy prime minister dismisses Trump's list of Russian politicians, businessmen as simply a "who's who" of Russian politics
Pakistan's defence minister says that Islamabad is engaging Moscow for the supply of new weapons
4 month ago
Foreign Ministers of Russia and Turkey are discussing the situation in Syria: Operation in Afrin and conference in Sochi via phone
The opening of the Sochi conference delayed due to suspension of the Turkish delegation participation
Russian MPs visiting Washington to skip prayer breakfast with Trump over Kremlin report.
4 month ago
British Prime Minister Theresa May promises 'frank discussions' on all issues during China visit
4 month ago
The Armenian Armed Forces violated the ceasefire regime 120 times a day in the Karabakh conflict zone, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported.
4 month ago
Navalny: " we are happy that they officially recognized the crooks and thieves at the international level."
Full Treasury unclassified memo detailing how it determined who to list on the tally of Russian oligarchs and Russian govt officials, and why.
Treasury lists 114 high-level Russian Govt officials
Treasury list of Russian Oligarchs released. "Those individuals who, according to reliable public sources, have an estimated net worth of $1 billion or more." Here's the list.
Russia's state-run Tass news agency reporting Alisher Usmanov, Roman Abramovich, Suleiman Kerimov and Eugene Kaspersky feature on list of 96 oligarchs on US's "Putin List". 114 other political figures also on list, AP report
US issues long-anticipated 'Putin list' of 114 senior Russian political figures, 96 'oligarchs'
ATO: No ceasefire violations yesterday after one at 3a.m near Kam'anka
Trump administration declines to apply new Russia sanctions
The Trump admin has notified Congress that last year's bipartisan Russia sanctions bill is serving as a "deterrent" and as such, specific sanctions aren't needed at this time. From a State Dept spox
4 month ago
CIA director tells the BBC he sees Russia as an adversary, expects it to target the US mid-term elections
Cabinet has agreed to hold an abortion referendum by the end of May.
4 month ago
Russian Mindef confirmed interception of US Navy plane by their Su-27, but says "it was safe in accordance with international rules"
Latest OSCE SMM: The SMM observed damage caused by shelling in a residential area of Sakhanka. The SMM continued monitoring the disengagement areas near Stanytsia Luhanska, Zolote and Petrivske
4 month ago
Volker said that Russia agreed on UN peacekeepers at the Donbass
US Department of State: We have warned Russia of the illicit North Korean coal trading through its ports. Russia says it will follow all UNSCRs, but it fails to enforce them and rewards illegal behavior by the DPRK. There is no more time for excuses.
U.S. Naval Forces Europe confirms unsafe Russian intercept of a US EP-3 Aries over the Black Sea, saying the Russian fighter came within five feet of the American plane.4 month ago
U.S. Naval Forces Europe confirms "unsafe" Russian intercept of a US EP-3 Aries over the Black Sea, saying the Russian fighter came within five feet of the American plane.
Sanders: "only thing the president applied pressure to is to get it resolved so you guys and everyone else can focus on the things Americans actually care about- making sure everybody gets the Russia fever out of their system once and for all."
4 month ago
Russian Su-27 came within 5' of US Navy EP-3 spy plane before cutting across it forcing US plane through Russian's jet wash. Intercept lasted 2 hours 40 minutes. US "did not provoke" the Russians, US 6th Fleet says.
As Bucharest faces criticism over legislation on corruption, Romania's parliament voted in Viorica Dancila as the country's first female premier
Police in Seville investigating theft of 4,000 kg of oranges
Dutch tax office, banks hit by DDoS cyber attacks
Jens Stoltenberg: NATO stands with Afghanistan in sympathy and solidarity
"100 years of Krut battle" march in Kharkiv
In the State Dining Room, Pres Trump hosts lunch with diplomats representing member nations of the UN Security Council, including Russia and China.
Albania starts exhuming Greece's WWII unburied fallen
4 month ago
Russian fighter jet buzzes US Navy spy plane in Black Sea Monday, first reported unsafe incident since November, officials say
New HHS Secretary Alex Azar: What an honor it is to become the 24th secretary of Health and Human Services in the United States. Only in America, the grandchild and great-grandchild of immigrants from Lebanon, Ukraine, England, Switzerland, gets to have that opportunity.
Britain 'must accept' all EU laws during transition: Barnier
Bulgaria Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva on behalf of presidency of Council of EU says UK cannot have its own trade deals during Brexit transition. And all EU laws will apply, including changes - despite demands of UK negotiator @DavidDavisMP
4 month ago
Poroshenko enacted secret NSDC decision on military equipment order in 2018-2020
The US Finance Ministry will publish a report on sanctions against the Russian Federation in the coming hours - the White House
4 month ago
Netanyahu flies to Moscow for talks on Syria with Putin
4 month ago
German SPD leader dampens hopes for quick coalition deal - source
4 month ago
Man dies in shooting at Portuguese school: police
European Union's deputy Brexit negotiator Sabine Weyand says the EU is offering the UK "status quo transition without institutional representation" until the end of 2020 after the UK leaves the EU in March 2019
EU backs Brexit transition period to end 2020: officials
Eamonn Cumberton has been found guilty of murdering Michael Barr, the manager of the Sunset House, at the pub in April 2016
Tusk: My congratulations to President @niinisto on his historic reelection. A devoted European leader, strong supporter of strengthening EU's ability to meeting global challenges today and tomorrow
4 month ago
ATO press-center reports about possible provocations or terror attacks from Russian side at Donbas
Azov has formed a 600-strong far-right militia National Druzhina to patrol Kyiv4 month ago
Azov has formed a 600-strong far-right militia "National Druzhina" to patrol Kyiv
1 wounded as result of shooting near Svyatoshinsky court in Kyiv4 month ago
1 wounded as result of shooting near Svyatoshinsky court in Kyiv
Erdogan meets Serbian, Bosnian leaders in Istanbul4 month ago
Erdogan meets Serbian, Bosnian leaders in Istanbul
German city of Cottbus grapples with violence between locals and refugees. Knife attacks and violent assaults between refugees and locals have become a common occurrence in the eastern German city, where anti-migrant sentiment is reaching a boiling point
Prime minister contacted members of Constitutional court before Puigdemont decision, el país reports
EU says would react 'swiftly' to any Trump trade curbs
4 month ago
1 killed, another wounded in shooting in Kyiv
Israel says Poland agrees to talks in WWII legislation spat
4 month ago
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants violated the ceasefire 4 times yesterday. No Ukrainian serviceman was killed or wounded in action.
4 month ago
ATO spox: Donetsk sector – militants violated ceasefire once near Shyrokyne at 23:00.
4 month ago
Almost 60 percent of the first line of #TurkStream gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey completed, on schedule for delivery by the end of 2019, Gazprom says
4 month ago
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies violated ceasefire three times, concentrating their activity mainly on the Svitlodar Arc.
4 month ago
Russia suspended from Paralympics, some athletes excepted: IPC
4 month ago
Kremlin says considers forthcoming US sanctions report attempt to influence Russian presidential election
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