Austria says motives of Iran residence knife attacker a mystery

Map. History of Europe conflict

19 March 2018
Motorised units held a counter-amphibious exercise on Kuril Islands. Motorised units carried out a march, equipped fire positions and organized coastal defence.
Russian FSB says they have detained 60 ISIS supporters in Moscow region5 day ago
Russian FSB says they have detained 60 ISIS supporters in Moscow region
Russia's ministry of defense says Russia's top military officer, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, spoke with his US counterpart, Gen. Dunford about Syria, Tuesday, the same day Gerasimov threatened to target US forces in Syria if they retaliate against the government's use of chemical weapons
Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova: Not one person can come out in the parliament of their country and say, I give Russia 24 hours. What kind of conversation is that, anyway?
Interfax: Moscow calls on London not to speak in the language of ultimatums with a nuclear power.
Russian MFA vows to ban all the British media working in the country if Ofcom forces RT off UK airwaves
Tillerson says the work remains to be done in Syria, Iraq and relations with Russia.
Tillerson: Current trajectory of Russia "likely to lead to greater isolation."
Tillerson: "And much work remains to respond to the troubling behavior and actions of the Russian government."
5 day ago
A Downing Street spokesperson has said President Trump has told Prime Minister Theresa May during a phone call that the U.S. was "with the UK all the way" and the Russian government must provide "unambiguous answers as to how this nerve agent came to be used"
Donald Trump told Theresa May the US is "with the UK all the way" over the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Downing Street says
Report: major tornado hits Caserta, southern Italy.5 day ago
Report: major tornado hits Caserta, southern Italy.
Nikolai Glushkov, a Russian émigré who the UK refused to extradite to Russia on fraud charges, died in his home in London, his Russian lawyer Andrei Borovkov told Echo Moscow radio. UK police calling the death "unexplained"
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on UK claim that Moscow could be behind russian double agent Skripal poisoning in Salisbury, London: "One should not threaten a nuclear power"
Russia foreign ministry spokeswoman, on London's claims that Moscow could be behind spy poisoning: one should not threaten a nuclear power
Met Police's Counter-Terror Command has launched investigation into unexplained death of a man who Sky News believes was Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov in New Malden in southwest London and says there is no evidence to suggest death is linked to spy poisoning in Salisbury
In St. Petersburg on the street of the "Narodnogo Opolcheniya(People's Militia) in one of the residential multi-storey buildings there was an gas explosion
Reports of conscription of everyone younger 48 years in Vasylivka of Amrosiyivka district
Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov, a close associate of the late oligarch Boris Berezovsky, has been found dead at his home in London; no word on the cause of death - The Guardian
Media regulator Ofcom says it will look at whether Russia Today is "fit and proper" to have a broadcasting licence if Russia is shown to be behind spy poisoning
UK Police are appealing for information from people who saw Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in his red BMW car between 1pm and 1.45pm in Salisbury on Sunday 4 March
Senior UK police officer says at this stage not declaring a person of interest or suspect in poisoning of Russian spy
Sergei Skripal's daughter had arrived from Russia the day before she and her father were found collapsed on a park bench in Salisbury
Russia's foreign ministry says it has lodged an official protest with the British ambassador over "groundless" spy poisoning allegations and any threats of sanctions against Russia will not be left without response
Russia's foreign ministry says it will not respond to the UK government's midnight ultimatum until it is given samples of the nerve agent allegedly used in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia
British accusations on spy poisoning 'attempt to discredit Russia': Moscow
Russia lodges diplomatic protest with UK over allegations of nerve gas attack
On the Salisbury spy poisoning, President Trump says "We will condemn Russia or whoever it may be" and will speak to Theresa May today
U.S. President Donald Trump says it sounds like British authorities believe Russia was behind the attack on former spy Sergei Skripal
Asked if Tillerson ouster will have implications for US envoy for Ukraine Volker, Western diplo involved in negotiations: "This could encourage the Russians to delay even longer and it will be important for Pompeo to signal his support for this effort (assuming he does)."
"As soon as we get the facts straight" and if US agrees with UK on nerve gas attack "we will condemn Russia" or whoever is responsible says Trump
OBR forecasts more jobs, rising real wages, falling deficit - UK finance minister Hammond
Woman was shot in shop in central Kyiv
UK security chiefs to evaluate Russia response on Wednesday: spokesman
Canadian military of UniferOP opened center in Odesa military academy
Canadian military of UniferOP opened center in Odesa military academy
Putin arrived in Dagestan
UK Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman says the National Security Council will consider Russia's response over the nerve agent attack tomorrow and will not make a comment before then
US ambassador to UK says Secretary of State Tillerson has called his British counterpart to discuss the nerve gas attack they both blame on Russia
The UK embassy in Russia says the ambassador was not summoned over the spy poisoning but had a pre-planned meeting with Russia's first deputy foreign minister Vladimir Titov
5 day ago
Putin to visit bridge to occupied Crimea construction
Merkel signed a plan to abandon Russian gas
Last week, FBI agents appealed to the Thai authorities with a request for a meeting with Nastya Rybka, but were refused
5 day ago
Greek football club president apologises for gun incident
Argentina "Cocaine case" - some things/suitcases(with cocaine) belongs to Chairwoman of the Russian Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, Andrey Koval'chuk said so when sending them.
EU voices 'unwavering' solidarity with UK over nerve agent attack
The Russian attack on Britain must be discussed by EU leaders at the summit next week. We need a common European response to this outrage says @guyverhofstadt
The British Government is considering "a package of measures" against Russia, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says
UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd says police and security services will investigate allegations of Russian state involvement in a number of deaths in the UK
Increasing Russian deaths in Syria are causing anger in the North Caucasus. The death of an Ingush soldier in last week's plane crash provoked remarks such as "we need to bring our boys home, not have them die in some foreign fratricidal war."
In Novokuznetsk police detained a member of "Open Russia"
Spanish police have arrested 155 mostly Chinese nationals after targeting a gang that trafficked Chinese migrants into Ireland and Britain for €20,000 per person
Police and MI5 to check 14 deaths deemed natural for potential Russian involvement, says Rudd
Slovak PM under pressure to agree early election as coalition unravels
@PeterWilson statement to the OPCW EC87 'I did not expect to have to brief this Council on the first offensive use of a nerve agent of any sort on European territory since World War II'
US and Europe will solve the steel tarrifs dispute like others they've had, hopes NATO Secretary General @JensStoltenberg. "We have always been able to overcome those differences and be united around the core task of NATO and that is to protect each other," he tells
Police investigating suspicious package in Houses of Parliament, hours after similar incident
A woman has died after being found on fire outside a school in London
Moscow summons British ambassador after accusations of poisoning Russian spy
Philip Hammond is expected to announce an improvement in the country's slow economic growth outlook in the run-up to Brexit
Steinmeier on critique that he is a "catastrophe tourist" in Marxloh: "We visited local projects and really talked to people. We saw, for example, how well the teachers have done with non-German speaking students"
5 day ago
ATO spox: Yesterday, Russia-backed militants committed 5 ceasefire violations wounding in action two Ukrainian servicemen. Ukrainian troops did not return fire.
UK cannot be third country and retain EU benefits: EU's Barnier
5 day ago
ATO spox: Donetsk sector - militants shelled Avdiivka, Vodiane, and Pavlopil with 82mm mortars, and used 120mm ones in the latter as well.
5 day ago
ATO spox: Luhansk sector - Russian proxies attacked Novhorodske and Luhanske with small arms and heavy machine guns, used grenade launchers in the latter as well.
Russian Navy  868 'Pytlivyy' Krivak II Class frigate is leaving Sevastopol harbor, following  490 'Admiral Essen', a Admiral Grigorovich Class frigate  which left yesterday. March 13, 2018.5 day ago
Russian Navy 868 'Pytlivyy' Krivak II Class frigate is leaving Sevastopol harbor, following 490 'Admiral Essen', a Admiral Grigorovich Class frigate which left yesterday. March 13, 2018.
Time to turn Brexit speeches into treaties - EU's Juncker
OFCOM statement on Russia Today
Russian ex-spy poisoning 'extremely worrying': Global chemical weapons watchdog
"Russia is innocent", Lavrov said about Skripal case. Russia has nothing to do with the attack, British allegations are "nonsense", he said
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Russia is demanding access to samples of the nerve agent that poisoned an ex-spy
Lavrov says he expects London to reply to Moscow's request to open up an investigation on Skripal's daughter
Russia 'not guilty' of poisoning, ready to cooperate: Lavrov
Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov says Russia has no connection to Skripal's poisoning
Russia will not respond to the British ultimatum until London provides access to the toxic agent - MFA
Russia demands to give it access to Skripal case docs - Lavrov
The Times: "The man who exposed Sergei Skripal as an MI6 double-agent has been revealed as a Spanish spy who was later jailed for 12 years for handing secrets to the Russians"
[email protected] on future UK-EU trade partnership: All trade models are still available and on the table "We are open for business, it's the UK that is closing doors"
The Ministry of Defense of Russia: Iskander-M missile unit of the Western Military district missile compound in the Leningrad Region carried out electronic missile launches at the most remote targets of the conventional enemy
Chief of Staff of Russian army holds meeting on Syria and ICBM Sarmat tests
Johnson held call 20 min with Tillerson at 6.50pm (US sec of state was in mid-flight). FS reinforced position Salisbury attack was a dreadful crime. Both agreed if proved this was part of pattern of behaviour from Russia. Tillerson pledged American's immediate strong for UK
MFA Pavlo Klimkin: Traces of poisoning in Great Britain lead to Russia. If this is proven, then Russia is in the same company with North Korea, Syria and Iraq of Saddam Hussein, who also used chemical weapons. We are in solidarity with our allies and are ready to work with them.
Hackers published document saying from computers of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, which contained information on the Troy Operation to seize Melitopol, Berdyansk and Zaporozhye.5 day ago
Hackers published document saying from computers of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, which contained information on the "Troy Operation" to seize Melitopol, Berdyansk and Zaporozhye.
Ex-chief of FSB Kovalyov points at any country of ex-USSR, especially Ukraine
British Brexit negotiators "very close" to securing transition period agreement
Pro-EU UK MPs Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna say a majority of Parliament would support staying in the single market and customs union in a free vote
5 day ago
Italian Five Star Movement MP confirms party's intention to "operate within the Eurozone framework"
Russian Federation council MP Klintsevich blames Ukraine or Georgia in supplying "Novichok" nerve agent
President Frank-Walter Steinmeier arrives in one of Germany's most dangerous neighborhoods, Duisburg Marxloh, to meet with schoolchildren
US Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV drone 53,000ft heading east over Ukraine
5 day ago
Austria says motives of Iran residence knife attacker a mystery
Fire at a military training ground in Mykolayiv region: 1 military dead, 7 injured
Determine the manufacturer and the substance that poisoned Skripal, in a week is impossible - Lugovoy
Russia claims to have completely destroyed all its reserves of Novichok.
MOSCOW: Russia will respond if the United States launches missile strikes against Syria
MP Degtyarev suggests introducing the term "information war" into Russian legislation.
France have backed Britain's stance over the nerve agent attack on Sergei Skripal
5 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded - ATO HQ
Russia has more intelligence agents deployed in London than at the height of the Cold War, former British intelligence officials have said
6 day ago
Secretary Tillerson: We have full confidence in the UK's investigation and its assessment that Russia was likely responsible for the nerve agent attack that took place in Salisbury last week.
6 day ago
Statement from Sec @StateDept Rex Tillerson following call with @BorisJohnson on Salisbury. Russia
TIMES: May gives Putin deadline
Man known as "Accountant of Auschwitz" for his role overseeing the valuables and cash taken from doomed Jews reported dead.
I: PM gives Putin spy poisoning ultimatum
METRO: From Russia.with hate
6 day ago
A Downing Street spokesman has said Prime Minister Theresa May has spoken with President Emmanuel Macron of France and they both agreed "French and British governments should coordinate closely as the investigation developed"
INDEPENDENT DIGITAL: Direct attack by Russia - or has the state lost control? May demands answers
6 day ago
Naftogaz expects to recover from Russia $8 bln over assets seized in Crimea
Russian Navy  Kilo Class submarine is leaving Sevastopol for deployment in the Sea March 12, 2018.6 day ago
Russian Navy Kilo Class submarine is leaving Sevastopol for deployment in the Sea March 12, 2018.
NATO tonight - 'The UK is a highly valued Ally, and this incident is of great concern to NATO. NATO is in touch with the UK authorities on this issue."
Navalny: What would be the most effective and publicly supported type of sanctions that the UK could impose on Russia in response to the attempted assassination of Skripal? (assuming the Russian secret serves are indeed culpable) The answer is three surnames: Abramivich, Usmanov, Shuvalov
Attack on Russian spy in Britain "an outrage," White House says
White House says monitoring spy poisoning incident in Britain closely, offers fullest condemnation, stands by 'our closest ally'
6 day ago
"We've been monitoring the incident closely," says @PressSec, adding the suspected Russian nerve gas attack in the UK an "outrage, reckless and irresponsible" and US stands with its ally.
Ukrainian EMERCOM tweets "I like Youtube video Super song Givi and Motorola"
6 day ago
Lukashenko of Belarus orders armed forces to conduct readiness checks, 2000 reservists also called up.
Situation around Skripal poisoning going under pre-designed templates, May's statement irresponsible - Lugovoi
Skripal incident provocation ahead of Russia's presidential election, FIFA world cup - Federation Council - IFX
3 dead dogs suspected to be the victims of dogfighting were found dumped by a roadside in Bedfordshire - a truly terrible incident of animal cruelty.
Romania's largest community of ethnic Hungarians, marched on Saturday in the Transylvanian city of Targu Mures demanding their autonomy.
The JCCC informed the OSCE SMM about the shelling on employees of Donetsk Filter Station
Gov't Spox Bozdağ: Turkey is greatly concerned about the latest PKK attacks in Germany; we are calling on the German gov't to be more sensitive about the safety of Turkish citizens, and bring these militants to justice6 day ago
Gov't Spox Bozdağ: Turkey is greatly concerned about the latest PKK attacks in Germany; we are calling on the German gov't to be more sensitive about the safety of Turkish citizens, and bring these militants to justice
Chris Bryant wants broadcasting licence for Russia Today revoked. @theresa_may does not rule it out
It is "highly likely" Russia deployed a military grade nerve agent on UK soil. "If not an act of war, it was a war like act", says Tom Tugendhat, the chair of the Foreign Affairs comm.
Russia's foreign ministry says comments by British PM Theresa May about spy poisoning are a 'circus show'
Russian Foreign Ministry: May's statement on Skripal is an information-political campaign based on a provocation - Interfax.
UK PM May: There can be no question of business as usual with Russia
UK PM May: In relation to Russia, we have a simple approach - engage but be aware. It shows how right it is we've been cautious in our approach
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has told the Russian ambassador that Russia must "immediately provide full and complete disclosure" of its Novichok nerve gas programme to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and has until the end of tomorrow to respond
Attack "was an indiscriminate and reckless act against the UnitedKingdom" says @theresa_may "We will not tolerate such a brazen attempt to murder innocent civilians on our soil"
The package was received by the office of opposition Labour lawmaker Mohammad Yasin, a member of his staff said
6 day ago
Calls of "shame" from Tory benches as Corbyn sits down after the Labour Leader singled out @TomTugendhat for criticism
"We must stand ready to take much more extensive measures" warns Britain PM @theresa_may after saying "highly likely" Russia behind nerve gas poisoning on ex-Russian spy in UK
6 day ago
Corbyn calls for increased dialogue with Russia and says anything else could inflame tensions.
Corbyn calls for increased dialogue with Russia and says anything else could inflame tensions
"Our commitment to collective defense and security through @NATO remains as strong as ever in the face of Russian behavior" says Britain PM @theresa_may
Corbyn pushes for the government to implement the Magnitsky anti-corruption measures
Theresa May gives Russian ambassador 36 hour ultimatum to explain how state developed nerve agent used in Salisbury, or face "extensive measures".
"This action has happened against a backdrop of a well-established pattern Russian state aggression" says @theresa_may, citing illegal annexation of Crimea, fomenting conflict Donbassand election meddling/cyber campaign
Former Russian spy and his daughter poisoned in Salisbury by "military grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia" - UK PM Theresa May
In Parliament @theresa_may says ex spy and daughter were poisoned with military grade nerve agent of type developed by Russia
Britain's May says if no response from Russia, Britain will conclude that the action amounts to a use of force on British territory
UK's May gives Russia end of Tuesday deadline to explain spy poisoning
Corbyn: "We need to see the evidence and a full account from the Russian authorities."
Britain has summoned the Russia ambassador, "asked him to explain which of these two possibilities it is" says PM @theresa_may
UK prime minister says it's 'highly likely' Russia responsible for poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal
"Either this was a direct act by the Russian state against our country or the Russian government lost control" of its nerve agent per Britain PM @theresa_may
[email protected]_may : Russian made Novichok nerve agent used in 'reckless and despicable' attack in Salisbury. Only 2 conclusions possible: it was Russian state action or Russia has lost control of a banned nerve agent
British PM @theresa_may promises "full range of appropriate responses against those who would act against our country in this way"
"I share the impatience of this house and the country at large to bring those responsible to justice" Britain's PM @theresa_may tells Parliament on nerve agent attack on former Russia agent who assisted Brit intel
Britain still confident on winning transition deal at EU summit - spokesman
France will strike Syria chemical arms sites if used to kill: Macron
Angela Merkel's new Chief of Staff, former Migration Co-ordinator @HBraun tells me Germany's migration policy will remain humanitarian, foster integration, tackle migration causes, yet more effective border controls and repatriation of people who fail to get asylum
Democrats urge President Trump to "devote all resources available" to extradite 13 Russians charged with interfering in 2016 election, calling it "imperative for deterring Russia from future attacks on our democracy."
Secretary of Russia's Security Council Nikolai Patrushev is scheduled to visit Belarus from 13 to 14 March. Nikolai Patrushev and State Secretary of Belarus' Security Council Stanislav Zas are set to hold consultations on security.
The Minister of Defense of Belarus and the State Secretary of the Security Council have been ordered to check the combat readiness of the Armed Forces, military discipline/equipment and the general state of the armed forces will be checked. Order came from Lukashenko himself.6 day ago
The Minister of Defense of Belarus and the State Secretary of the Security Council have been ordered to check the combat readiness of the Armed Forces, military discipline/equipment and the general state of the armed forces will be checked. Order came from Lukashenko himself.
Video: drills of Ukrainian army
Video: drills of Ukrainian army
France calls on Russia to stop bloodbath in Syria
Russia's Lavrov to meet South Korean security chief
Two taken to hospital after suspect package at British parliament
An ambulance has attended parliament following report of suspicious package, two people taken to hospital as a precaution - police
British police: ambulances went to parliament after finding a suspicious package
British police investigating suspicious substance at parliament
Russian nationalist motorcycle club announces a March tour of Bosnia and Serbia, calling it 'Russian Balkans'.
Putin: UK should 'get to bottom' of spy attack then we'll talk
Putin's last trip outside Moscow before the March 18 election will be a March 14 trip to Sevastopol, Crimea. Election Day will mark 4 years exactly since Russia's annexation of the peninsula.
The SBU summoned MP Savchenko for questioning , says Lutsenko. But she left Ukraine, added Lutsenko
Political marriage contract for new Merkel led government just signed in Berlin. "No marriage of love" say social democrat @SPD - should nonetheless bring "joy" into it says Merkel
Ink almost dry on the coalition agreement between Merkel's @Cducsu and the social democrat @spdde Germany. Wednesday: Merkel re-election in parliament, then appointment and swearing in of cabinet. From 14:30 CET: new Groko government opens for political business
At a grain centre in Krasnodar, BBC Steve Rosenberg just asked Putin if Russia is behind Skripal poisoning: "We're dealing with agriculture hereand you talk to me about some tragedies. Get to the bottom of things there, then we'll discuss this."
Teenager jailed for spate of acid attacks on streets of London
EU wants capital market plan in place before Brexit
Ukraine "We do not recognise the annexation of Crimea and Sebastopol. We will continue in our implementation of the non-recognition policy of the annexation." @FedericaMog
5 months after the general elections in Germany, the CDU, CSU and SPD parties have signed the coalition agreement headed by chancellor Angela Merkel.
USNavy Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS Minnesota (MMSI:369970641) departed their home port of NSBNewLondon in Groton, CT this morning.
French Army Leclerc MBTs deployed in Baltics (Estonia, Jan 2018)
Putin ordered to shoot down an Istanbul-bound passenger plane thought to be hijacked during Sochi Winter Olympics. Later it turned out that it was a false alarm.
Kolomna. Hundreds of cars went on March 11 for an "anti-garbage" action. The city is excited about plans to expand the Volovichi landfill
Prime Minister Theresa May will make a statement to update MPs on the nerve agent attack on a Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia at around 16.30
Greece vows action after Russian-born Greek businessman and owner of PAOK Salonika, Ivan Savvides enters pitch armed6 day ago
Greece vows action after Russian-born Greek businessman and owner of PAOK Salonika, Ivan Savvides enters pitch armed
6 day ago
[email protected]: Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will be speaking with representatives of the European Union about eliminating the large Tariffs and Barriers they use against the U.S.A. Not fair to our farmers and manufacturers.
Social Democrat leader and future vice chancellor+finance minister @OlafScholz aims to see his @SPD "invent social market economy at European level" in groko government with Merkel. Says profound changes need profound answer
Parubi for strengthening the security of the Verkhovna Rada in connection with the threat of terrorist attacks from the Russian Federation
Merkel tells press conference explaining coalition agreement: are "seeing change" as profound as "from farming to industrialized society" - new government will not be done searching for answers by end of term. Germany coalition deal to be signed within the hour
In Odessa, the SBU exposed the MDMA smuggling channel
SBU conducts 25 searches simultaneously in different regions of the country. Propaganda materials, weapons, explosives and other evidence of subversive work against Ukraine have already been seized.
Peskov: the situation with the poisoning of Skrypal - not the Kremlin's question
Putin is being reported on the situation with the landfill in Volokolamsk - Peskov
Putin's trip to the Crimea is really being prepared - Peskov
Peskov considers Putin's criticism of his "normal working process"
UK PM May expected to blame Russia for poisoning of spy - British lawmaker
6 day ago
Shooter kills one, injures two colleagues in central Belgrade: police
Kremlin re Skripal' case: "We haven't heard any statements from British politicians or official representatives that Russia is involved in this affair. The thing here is about various information agencies in the UK media, which are not always well known for their objectivity."
Kremlin re Skripal' case: "This incident happened on British soil and it doesn't have anything to do with the Russian Federation whatsoever, let alone the President. "
Poroshenko: Kyiv does not recognize elections in Crimea and will impose sanctions against their organizers
Social democrat @spd party leader says new German government Groko coalition is 'no marriage of love' but will govern properly with Merkel conservative alliance
6 day ago
ATO spox: Moreover, three Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in action.
6 day ago
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants committed 4 ceasefire violations yesterday. Ukrainian troops did not return fire. Unfortunately, one Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action by an unidentified explosive device.
6 day ago
ATO spox: Luhansk sector - Russian proxies attacked Luhanske and Troitske with heavy machine guns and mounted grenade launchers, used automatic grenade launchers near Novozvanivka. Donetsk sector - militants attacked Verkhniotoretske with small arms and heavy machine guns.
"We see that there are hundreds of cyber attacks against the German government" admits Chancellor Merkel's incoming chief of staff @HBraun
During Ruban' arrest on 8 March one projectile caught fire
During Ruban' arrest on 8 March one projectile caught fire
According to @thetimes, Russian intelligence agencies target Ireland-based tech companies
"The EU is Ukraine's partner and strongest supporter" @FedericaMog meets PM @VGroysman in Kyiv
A sharp increase in public sector wages is due to the implementation of the "May decrees" - Topilin
NATO SNMG2 German Navy Berlin class replenishment ship FGS Frankfurt Am Main A1412 outside Chios island port in Aegean Sea6 day ago
NATO SNMG2 German Navy Berlin class replenishment ship FGS Frankfurt Am Main A1412 outside Chios island port in Aegean Sea
6 day ago
Afghanistan signs helicopter deal with Belarus
Tusk: Discussing Brexit talks with EU27 negotiator @MichelBarnier ahead of March EUCO
Slovak interior minister Robert Kalinak resigns following journalist murder
Slovak interior minister resigns amid political crisis
EU will stand up to protectionist 'bullies': EU trade commissioner Malmstroem
EU prolongs sanctions against Russia over its illegal seizure of Crimea four years ago
Philip Hammond: UK Treasury has not yet modeled its chosen post-Brexit path
UK officials considering plans for "smart border" solutions on the island of Ireland
Azerbaijan army launched massive military drill6 day ago
Unknown location
Azerbaijan army launched massive military drill
The European Union has extended sanctions for half a year against 150 citizens and 38 Russian companies
Speakers of parliaments of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland signed an appeal against Nord Stream 2
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