Teens face trial for alleged plot to kill Austrian police

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19 February 2018
Mikhiel Saakashvili ejected from Ukraine again, just posted private message on public post
A man has died after being shot at a house in Poleglass on outskirts of West Belfast. It's believed a shotgun was used in the attack in Glenbawn Avenue around 8pm. Victim thought to be in late 20s.
Poroshenko had a phone call with Putin to discus 16 February meeting of FMs of "Normandy Four" during Munich conference
Dutch PM overwhelmingly survives vote of no-confidence
Dutch MPs to hold no-confidence vote in PM after minister quits
Bernie Sanders: One of the great crises we face is the rise of authoritarianism. Whether it's Putin, Trump, Duterte or Viktor Orban in Hungary, we are seeing attacks against freedom of the press, democratic election laws and an independent judiciary.
West Midlands Police‏: All emergency services are currently at Birmingham's Repertory Theatre, Broad St following reports of an explosion. Initial indications are that this was a technical fault in a staff only area. No casualties are reported. Everyone has been evacuated are are being kept safe.
Loud explosion was heard in Birmingham City Centre, and police have evacuated The Rep theatre. No further details on the explosion known at present time
Far-right activists break LGBT lection in Kharkiv
Clashes/shelling reported near Popasna
Very loud clashes reported near Bryanka
European Court Of Human Rights orders Spain to pay €50,000 compensation To ETA airport militants. Court rejects a description of the mistreatment by the Civil Guard as "torture" under Article 3 of the Convention on Human Rights.
Explosion heard at BroadSt Birmingham. Massive police presence by Hyatt/Rep
Macron says not worried by nationalities of next ECB, EU Commission chiefs
Turchinov said that the law on the Donbass does not negate the peaceful path, but also allows the return of territory by military means
ATO HQ 9 PM statement: Due to intelligence Russian forces of 3rd and 7th motor-rifle brigades have orders to use 122mm artillery near Svitlodars'k. Ukrainian forces will respond in case of attack
Macron says "France will strike" if there is proof chemical weapons used in Syria
Macron: We have no evidence to date about the use of chemical weapons in Syria
5 day ago
Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexandros Gennimatas says Turkey has lost sense of moderation, common sense. "Apart from violating international law, it proves that it does not know geography," he says
Trump to nominate businesswoman and Republican fundraiser Georgette Mosbacher as U.S. ambassador to Poland
Cosmetics impresario and @GOP fundraiser to be nominated as US ambassador to Poland.
German SPD leader quits in bid to calm party after coalition deal
State Department on drilling in Cyprus's EEZ:US policy on Cyprus's EEZ is longstanding and has not changed/US recognizes right of Cyprus to develop its resources in its EEZ/we discourage any actions or rhetoric that increase tensions in the region.
5 day ago
Turkish, Greek PMs discuss over phone recent developments in Aegean Sea, agree to lower tension
"How many Chevrolets do you see in the middle of Berlin?" asks @POTUS.
US Intelligence officials warn Congress that Russia is trying to interfere with 2018 elections
Heavy clashes near Pervomais'k of Luhansk region
Clashes reported near Debal'tseve
3 Democratic senators have introduced a resolution pushing Trump to use the new authority over Russia sanctions that Congress gave him
Lithuanian FM Linas Linkevicius: Quick stop in beautiful Stockholm to meet friend @margotwallstrom and discuss cooperation within Nordic-Baltic family and Ukraine. 3 years since Minsk Agreements with no progress from the Russian side -no room to ease sanctions. We urge Ukraine to speed-up and deliver on reforms' path
[email protected]'s @Dpol un tells UNSC that situation in Myanmar's Rakhine state is complex 'but overall it is under control,' warns against 'contradictory and subjective reports of the media'
5 day ago
Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry on Imia island incident: "The Greek side is misleading the public"
Stoltenberg announces meeting with Poroshenko this week
Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Halbe Zijlstra has resigned, a day after admitting that he lied about attending a meeting hosted by Russian President Putin.
Dutch foreign minister resigns after admitting he lied about Putin meeting
At Hoptivka checkpoint border guards seized radioactive material from citizen of Russia. Reportedly radioactive component of avionics part
Russian Ministry of Defense: Su-34 of Western Military District held bombing training in night-time and with EW measures "Khibina" to suppress air-defense
5 day ago
Italian vessel taking part in NATO's Sea Guardian maritime operation, goes to area where Turkish military has been obstructing exploration for natural gas.
Ukrainian courts sentence two Russian servicemen to 13 and 14 years in prison for treason for joining the Russian military after the annexation of Crimea. Formerly Alexander Baranov and Maxim Odintsov were Ukrainian servicemen.
No single agency is "in charge," of dealing with Russian election meddling, DNI Coats says.
5 day ago
Downing Street says Prime Minister Theresa May will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Friday
5 day ago
DNI Coats says Russia views the 2018 midterm elections as potential for influence operations
US Department of State: Yesterday marked the somber third anniversary of the implementation of the Minsk Agreements. Sadly, Russia continues to disregard its commitments under these agreements, stoking further conflict. We continue to urge the Russian government to cease its aggression in Ukraine.
5 day ago
Belarusian president alarmed by unprecedented buildup of neighbors' militaries
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange loses appeal against British arrest warrant for jumping bail, tells him to appear in court first
5 day ago
Greek Foreign Ministry lodges demarche to protest against midnight Imia incident where Turkish coast guard patrol vessel rammed a Greek coast guard boat
Greece officially complains to Turkey about Imia incident, summons TR's ambassador to Athens, briefs USA, Germany, EU, NATO, 5 permanent members of UN Security Council. Still TR Coast Guard around Imia5 day ago
Greece officially complains to Turkey about Imia incident, summons TR's ambassador to Athens, briefs USA, Germany, EU, NATO, 5 permanent members of UN Security Council. Still TR Coast Guard around Imia
Witnesses say police dealing with a suspicious package at UK parliament
Sources in General Staff of Russia confirmed to RBC that Hmeimim airbase on 31 Dec-1 Jan was attacked with UAVs, not mortars as Ministry of Defense claimed
Russian Ministry of Defense: Su-25, Su-25SM and Su-25UB on alert for training drill on Kuban'
Investigators say Russian plane crash may have been triggered by speed indicators failure.
UK Parliament says police currently investigating an incident on the parliamentary estate
Shikov Alexey from Nizhniy Novhorod (27 y.o) was killed near Deir-ez-Zur on 07 February, earlier fight at Donbas
5 day ago
Teens face trial for alleged plot to kill Austrian police
Saakashvili says in the next few days "I'm going to make a sort of Magnitsky list for Ukraine."
Saakashvili defiant in Poland: Says Ukrainian agents hurt his neck during arrest, "but it will heal and I'm going to choke all the corruption out of Ukrainian politicians. I'm going to choke Poroshenko and his cronies. They will go to jail."
EU on Saakashvili: "We continue to follow developments regarding Mr Saakashvili. We expect the rule of law as well as the rights of Mr Saakashvili to be upheld".
5 day ago
ATO spox: In total, Russia-backed militants committed 11 ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine yesterday. Unfortunately, this resulted in one Ukrainian serviceman killed and two wounded in action.
5 day ago
ATO spox: Donetsk sector - militants used 120mm mortars in Vodiane area, and small arms and light weapons near Opytne.
5 day ago
ATO spox: Luhansk sector - Russian proxies committed 9 ceasefire violations, used 82mm and 120mm mortars near Krymske in three attacks and 82mm ones near Popasna, and used light weapons in five other localities.
[email protected] Hutchison says US is "trying" to stay in compliance with INF Treaty, but longstanding Russian violation means "there's a timetable". If the Kremlin doesn't dial back its missile program, she reminds, Trump Admin will move ahead with developing a similar capability
[email protected] Hutchison on Russian violations of INF Treaty: "There's a timetable here" and if Russia doesn't return to compliance, "there will be consequences and that's not in their interest or ours."
[email protected]: Our Allies want Russia to come into compliance with ALL of its international treaties and obligations, including INF Treaty. But that's a bilateral issues we hope we can resolve with Russia
DNR group has denied Turchynov words about "10kms advance during 2017"
[email protected] Hutchison on new German coalition not committing to spending 2% of GDP on defense commends Berlin as strong ally. "Are we going to continue to push for more from Germany as well as our other allies? Yes we are. But are we going in the right direction? Yes, we are."
Swedish Air Force GLF4 Korpen 102002 SVF622 Racetracks over the Baltic Sea, west of Kaliningrad5 day ago
Swedish Air Force GLF4 Korpen 102002 SVF622 Racetracks over the Baltic Sea, west of Kaliningrad
USAF RC135W 62-4134 EXTRA34 29,000ft over Estonia
5 day ago
NOW: How did united communities react to government's decision to make lands outside of settlements their communal property? Is there a life after participation in the "Community for a Million" project?" UCMC project "Spokespersons of Communities" Live
5 day ago
NATO SecGen: We made pledge in 2014 to spend more and spend better (on defense). I welcome efforts to increase spending but also efforts to invest more in development of capabilities. It's not about spending more OR better - we must spend more AND better.
I ask NATO's @jensstoltenberg about Turkey's controversial deal with Russia on Its S-400 air defense system. He says up to Turkey to provide details about status of that contract but also welcomes Ankara's talks with France and Italy about other air-defense capabilities
5 day ago
NATO SecGen: I will continue to address the issue of meeting defense spending commitment we all made in all my meetings, with all political leaders, in all NATO countries. We must deliver on what we promised.
"In many countries of the world there is a significant number of our compatriots." - Putin's spox Peskov about the dead mercenaries in Syria
Asked about tensions between the US and Turkey in northern Syria, NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg said situation in n Syria is complicated, deadly for civilians, and a "challenge for all of us." "I welcome that there are contact talks between Turkey and US," though NATO not involved
5 day ago
NATO SecGen: What we decided in 2014 (at Wales Summit) was to stop the cuts in defense spending, gradually increase and move toward 2% of GDP on defense. We've had three consecutive years of increases and I expect that to continue.
Putin and Trump discussed North Korea by phone on Monday: Kremlin
Interesting fact from @jensstoltenberg. After Brexit, 80% of NATO funding will come from non-EU nations
"We cannot leave Iraq now"- NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg points out lessons have been learned in the past about insufficient stabilization efforts. Expects decision to expand training of Iraqi forces
The expelled Georgian ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili tells Ukrainian @NewsOne_TV he did not ask for political asylum in Poland and wants to return to Ukraine legally
5 day ago
NATO SecGen: We all see a need for more training of Iraqi forces as we move from combat operations to building local capacity. Ministers will discuss what more NATO can do, in coordination with Iraqi government and international community.
5 day ago
Russia de facto exited from the implementation of Minsk agreements - Hopko
I also expect Defence Ministers to start planning for a NATO training mission in Iraq – @jensstoltenberg
NATO welcomes EU efforts to increase/improve defense contributions, but only as a complement - "not an alternative" - to the alliance, says @jensstoltenberg
Kremlin spokesman Peskov responds to reports that Russian mercenaries were killed in Syria in battle with US-led coalition: "These reports require verification"
More EU defence spending and capabilities can strengthen NATO and contribute to fairer burden-sharing, but only if the EU's efforts are a complement and not an alternative to NATO – @jensstoltenberg
By 2024, 22 Allies are expected to invest 20% or more of their defence budgets in major capabilities, which is NATO's guideline – @jensstoltenberg
5 day ago
NATO SecGen: Fair burden sharing is critical for our security. Allies committed to more cash, capabilities, contributions. Tomorrow we will take stock of our progress.
NATO Secretary General: Fair burden sharing is critical for our security. Allies committed to more cash, capabilities, contributions. Tomorrow we will take stock of our progress
I expect Defence Ministers to agree on a new support command for the rapid movement of troops and equipment within Europe – @jensstoltenberg
NATO SecGen: we are modernizing command structure to ensure that 29 nations can act as one; I expect we will establish new joint force command for the Atlantic to protect sea lines between North America and Europe
I expect Defence Ministers to decide modernising NATO's Command Structure, with a new Joint Force Command for the Atlantic, focusing on protecting N America - Europe sea lines of communication – @jensstoltenberg
UK Defence Secretary says warship bound for South China Sea - media
Alexei Navalny is suing Russian censor Roskomnadzor for adding his sites to the list of information that is banned in Russia.
Two captured jihadists who were part of a group nicknamed "The Beatles" will face justice, says UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd
The UK Home Office today announced that it has developed software capable of locating and blocking IS propaganda videos as they're being uploaded.
5 day ago
Erdogan warns Cyprus against 'overstepping the mark' after ship incident
UK inflation unexpectedly remains at 3 percent
5 day ago
Turkish coast guard holds over 40 undocumented migrants, including Syrians, Eritreans and Yemenis heading to Greece
Don't be shy: EU ombudsman urges states to end secrecy of debates
.@RoyalNavy encounters Russian Navy while transiting Bosphorus: Mediterranean-bound Echo class @SNMCMG2 flagship and survey vessel @HMSEnterprise crossed paths with Russia-bound RF Navy Auxiliary Fleet cargo vessel Kyzyl-60 in mid-Bosphorus5 day ago
[email protected] encounters Russian Navy while transiting Bosphorus: Mediterranean-bound Echo class @SNMCMG2 flagship and survey vessel @HMSEnterprise crossed paths with Russia-bound RF Navy Auxiliary Fleet cargo vessel Kyzyl-60 in mid-Bosphorus
Stockholm truck attacker Rakhmat Akilov pleads guilty to terrorism
Stockholm truck attacker pleads guilty to terrorism as trial opens
Irish Prime Minister: Comprehensive free trade and customs agreement is "the best option" to avoid a hard border in Ireland
Future EU trade deals to include binding reference to the Paris Agreement, says EU trade commissioner
President Erdoğan: No one should think opportunist attempts at gas exploration off Cyprus or Aegean islets go unnoticed. We warn those who overstep their limits not to make miscalculations by trying to take advantage of Turkey's focus on events to its south6 day ago
President Erdoğan: No one should think opportunist attempts at gas exploration off Cyprus or Aegean islets go unnoticed. We warn those who overstep their limits not to make miscalculations by trying to take advantage of Turkey's focus on events to its south
Putin has disappeared again and cancelled all his public appearances without explanation
6 day ago
President Erdoğan: same as #Afrin, we have rights in Aegean, Cyprus
1 wounded as result of shooting in Kyiv
Yaroslavl TV and radio broadcast an alert about elevated radiation levels. It turned out to be a mistake.
Hampshire Police says two teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of murder following the death of a six-week-old boy in Southampton
6 day ago
A Turkish patrol boat reportedly rammed a Greek coast guard vessel that was anchored off the island of Imia in the Aegean at around midnight on Monday
London City Airport reopens after World War Two bomb removed from Thames
The Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2017 advanced on the front to 10 and more kilometers - Turchynov
UK PM Theresa May calls for 'one final push' to restore powersharing in Northern Ireland
The Ministry of Defense recommended the military to abandon social networks
11 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 1 soldier was killed, 2 wounded - ATO
A French Rafale spotted by the Islamic State over Wilayat al-Barakah (Hasakah governorate).
Readout of President Donald J. Trump's Call with President Putin of Russia
BNT: Bulgarian police detained Moroccan described by Interpol as a dangerous member of ISIS. He entered Bulgaria illegally via Turkey with a group of 27 Syrian refugees and carried a fake Syrian passport
YouTube reportedly asks Navalny's channel to delete last Thursday's live show on demand from Deripaska.
The general director of Ukrainian Defense manufacturing enterprise Ukroboronprom has resigned
Kremlin on Putin/Trump call (NBC translation) "D. Trump expressed his condolences to V. Putin regarding the tragic plane crash that took place the day before. During the telephone conversation, the two heads of state also discussed some aspects of the Middle East settlement."
1 Ukrainian soldier KIA today, another WIA
A Boeing-737 is said to have made an emergency return to Moscow's Vnukovo airport with the pilot reporting smoke on board.
Zguladze renounced the citizenship of Ukraine and resumed Georgian citizenship - Grymchak
Saakashvilli supporters staged a protest/rally near Presidential Administration of Ukraine
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says the agreement on Brexit made in December stands
Putin is discussing with Netanyahu the tension between Israel and the Palestinians
Putin discusses Israeli-Palestinian settlement process during a telephone conversation with Trump
Brief clash between Saakashvilli supporters and police at Bankova street
EU tells Turkey to avoid damaging actions after Cyprus ship incident
Saakashvili is in Warsaw, - Sakvarelidze
Tusk: After my phone call with President @AnastasiadesCY this evening. I call on Turkey to avoid threats or actions against any EU member and instead commit to good neighbourly relations, peaceful dispute settlement and respect for territorial sovereignty
Saakashvili after coming to Poland, "I love Poland, but I'm fighting in Georgia and Ukraine. When asked what he intends to do, - we will win this battle" [email protected]
3 wounded as result of grenade explosion in Kyiv region
3 wounded as result of grenade explosion in Kyiv region
Kosoturov Igor Nikolaevich "Kosotur" (30/12/72, Asbest) fought in the Donbass, was killed in the district of Dair-ez-Zor in Syria
Loginov Vladimir Nikolaevich (05/03/66, Kaliningrad) fought in the Donbass, was killed in Syria 07/02/18 in the area of Deir-ez-Zor
Saakashvili was deported to Poland - border guards
Mikheil Saakashvili was deported from Ukraine - the State Border Guard Service reports
Russia may block access to YouTube and Instagram after a billionaire won an injunction against videos and photographs that showed him and Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko on a yacht with a woman described as an escort
Russian National Bolshevik Party member Ananyev Kiril Borisovich nicknamed "Moskva", 33y.o has fought at Donbas in Ukraine, was killed near Khasham, Deir-ez-Zur on 8 February
SBU exposed weapons smuggling channel in Dnipro region
SBU exposed weapons smuggling channel in Dnipro region
Oxfam deputy head resigns over sex scandal: statement
Nigel Farage warns 'Brexit betrayal' would thrust Britain into crisis
Two dead in crash of private plane in Belgium
6 day ago
Turkey: Greece shouldn't impose name on Macedonia
Mikhael Saakasvili was again detained at restaurant Suluguni in central Kyiv
France rugby players were interviewed as 'potential witnesses' to an alleged sexual assault in Edinburgh - Scottish police
UK Boris Johnson: Myanmar Suu Kyi does not understand 'horror' of Rohingya crisis
6 day ago
FOR MEDIA OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor, Alexander Hug, will be in eastern Ukraine from 15 to 21 February 2018. Journalists are invited to join Hug on patrols ->