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17 八一 2018

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The alleged perpetrator of the explosion in St. Petersburg was caught on video
Russia accuses US of "direct interference" in its upcoming election
Evacuated around 60 homes cause the fire in Coll de Síller de Mallorca. The origin of the fire is unknown, although everything points to an explosion in a high-voltage tower
Freed prisoners in Kyiv. Photo: Karazy Sergiy
Passenger bus caught fire in St.Petersburg
The plane with the freed prisoners landed in "Boryspil"
In Kyiv Boryspil people are waiting for the plane from Kharkiv
Five minors were arrested who were persecuting a young man in Carabanchel (Madrid) with machetes of up to 52 centimeters
National Counter Terrorism committee heads the operative staff on investigation of explosion in St.Petersburg's supermarket
The presidential plane with freed Ukrainians on the way from Kharkiv to Kyiv
Declared a forest fire in Pollença (Mallorca). The northern part of the island is at risk from strong winds7 月 前
Declared a forest fire in Pollença (Mallorca). The northern part of the island is at risk from strong winds
OSCE SMM monitored security situation around exchange of detainees across contact line @ Maiorsk EECP. SMM was present with 4 patrols in the area on both sides of the contact line. Relevant observations will be reported in the Daily Report
Fatal accident involving district judge in Kyiv
Georgian National Energy and Water Regulatory Commission allows increase in electricity tariffs
Georgian security services say Akhmed Chatayev (IS member) and accomplices crossed Turkey-Georgia border with aid of existing network inside Georgia.
Released from captivity of militants Ukrainians arrived in Kharkiv
Moldova could get better price for gas
Mosque(Islamic Cultural centre in Saffle) attacked in Sweden with a home made bomb. Police suspect hate crime
STORM #BRUNO: At least 1 dead and 3 wounded after the fall of a crane on a residential building in #Nieuport, Belgium
#Bruno storm: 23,000 households without electricity in France, 3 wounded in the South West. The winds are now rushing into the Mediterranean, Corsica placed in orange vigilance.
The villagers protested against paper plant near Svetlahorsk
Merkel and Macron welcomed the exchange of prisoners in Eastern Ukraine
Russian Supreme Court registered the suit of Telegram messenger to the FSB
Rex Tillerson asks his Russian counterpart to "lower the level of violence" in Ukraine
Photo: New Year's dinner at Kremlin
President @poroshenko has welcomed the released hostages in Kramatorsk, where they enplane to head Kyiv
Ukrainian military helicopters on takeoff. They will bring Ukrainian guys from Donbas to Kharkiv, then - Kyiv.
Alexei Navalny: "The Kremlin is afraid of me." He doesn't rule out an "exotic" move by Putin such as registering him as a candidate two weeks before the election and telling him to start his campaign.
200g TNT explosive device exploded in St.Petersburg shop "Perekrestok"
3 wounded as result of explosion in St.Petersburg
Investigation Committee denies "terror attack", opened criminal case "attempt to kill two or more people in a public dangerous way"
Slovenia to start implementing border dispute arbitration ruling ignored by Croatia; PM "expects no incidents"
Ukraine hand over 235 prisoners, 40 were released earlier, 31 refused to leave to occupied territories
Montoro approves new measures to keep control of Catalan finances
Russian government is destroying Russian science, 400 researchers tell Putin in a desperate letter
Third vessel with U.S. coal arrives in Ukrainian port
All 74 Ukrainians are free. POWs exchange completed
Putin personally goes to the electoral commission to register his candidacy
Yavoriv, Ukraine – While most of their families back home in New York were waking up and unwrapping presents, the more than 220 men and women of the Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine were just sitting down to their Christmas dinner
Released Vladyslav Ovcharenko talking to @poroshenko on the phone. Eduard Nedelyaev in the background
Facebook confirmed that Kadyrov accounts were blocked cause of U.S sanctions
Navalny has called for a nationwide protest in Russia on January 28 to express outrage at his election ban and call for real elections.
The biggest POW swap between Kyiv and "DPR"/"LPR"underway near Horlivka in uncontrolled part of Donetsk region. So far 16 Ukrainians out of those 74 in the list have been released by "LPR". Pic by Ukraine's Minsk group negotiator Iryna Gerashchenko
Russia's Energia corporation confirms connection lost with Angolan satellite
Kerch policemen trained to fight off the police Department from invaders7 月 前
Kerch policemen trained to fight off the police Department from invaders
Liverpool defender Jon Flanagan has been charged with common assault following an incident in Liverpool city centre
Among hostages released from/"LNR" captivivty, there are Vladislav Ovcharenko (@LUGASNSKA_JUNTA), Artem Akhmerov, Valentyn Bohdan, and Eduard Nedelyaev (@Edward_Lugansk)
According to Pershiy TV Vladislav Ovcharenko was released from captivity
Mutko steps down as 2018 World Cup organising committee chief: agencies
The two councilors of the CUP of Reus arrested for alleged crime of hate by the police
"Admiral Makarov" the 3-rd RuNAVY frigate (11356) entered into service in Kaliningrad shipbuilding dockyard. Home naval base-Sevastopol (Black Sea Fleet). Others 3 frigates stay without Ukrainian made turbines. No decision
7 月 前
Rafis Kashapov, who was arrested in December 2014, has been released from prison after serving his full sentence for criticising Putin's annexation of Crimea.
Photo: Waiting for the POW swap at Mayorsk
Mayorsk: Images from the site where prisoner swap is being prepared
7 月 前
ATO spox: Donetsk sector – militants delivered a single 45-minute small arms attack in Shakhta Butovka area.
7 月 前
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants violated the ceasefire 6 times yesterday. Unfortunately, this resulted in one Ukrainian serviceman killed and five more wounded in action.
7 月 前
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies committed 5 ceasefire violations, used 82mm mortars in Luhanske area twice, attacked Novoluhanske, Zolote, and Stanytsia Luhanska areas.
PM Groisman adviced chief of Ukroboronprom to resign
Rally on question of Kateryna II monument in Odesa
For robbery in the Kyiv region detained armed foreigners
German intelligence services say they have identified an Islamist terror network made up of around 40 women in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's most populous state.
Lavrov: Our main goal in Syria now is to destroy the Nusra front
Ukraine govt inject another UAH16bn $600mn into privatbank bring total to UAH77bn $2.8bn.
Russian Chief of General Staff: We eliminated 60,000 IS militants in Syria since 2015, our goal in 2018 is defeating HTS
Turkey bought 4 battalions of S-400 AD system for 2,5 bln $, the 1-st batch expected to deliver in March 2018
Occupied Luhansk: another fotage of hostages
Hostage situation in Moscow, reports of at least 3 wounded and 1 killed
Attacker - ex-director of Menshevik plant Ilya Averyanov
Russian police: dealing with hostage-taking in Moscow
Prisoners swap between Ukraine and Russia is set up for today
RuAF Strategic Air Force HF voice net active.
Russian TV Dozhd: hacker Kozlovsky claimed that he took part in development of Lurk and WannaCry malware for FSB
ATO HQ: 1 soldier was killed, 5 wounded in 6 ceasefire violations yesterday
Russia is reducing the number of airfields for the US to use for the #OpenSkies Treaty
FSB arrests head of Rosneft's legal department (virtually their top lawyer) for allegedly taking a bribe from one of the top organized crime bosses
From Baikonur cosmodrome successfully launched rocket "Zenit-2ЅB" with the upper stage "Fregat-SB", which is supposed to deploy the Angolan satellite Angosat.
Libertarians picketed outside Russia's Central Electoral Commission. "I don't need another 'election of Putin'. I need the election of a president."
Russia's state TV: Host says that by providing lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine, the U.S. crossed Russia's red line. Alexander Khinshtein (advisor to Dir of Nat'l Guard) claims Russian Cornet is better than Javelin and "someone" could provide it to the other side "for balance."
Rocket seen from Poland, Romania, Greece, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia and other countries
Liftoff of Zenit-2SB with Fregat upper stage with Angosat satellite from Baikonur
Russia's Gazprom says European partners fulfilled Nord Stream-2 obligations in 2017
FBI Software Contains Russian-Made Code That Could Open A Back Door For Kremlin Hackers, Whistleblowers Say
Russia's state TV: Female host remarks that for the first time in modern history, Ukraine celebrated Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar - just so they could do it "mentally together with Donald Trump."
Photo: Zenith-2SB with Fregat upper stage is ready to launch
The CIS leaders gathered for an informal summit in Moscow
In Moscow arrested a native of Kyrgyzstan. He is charged under the article about the weapon of mass destruction
Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan checked the state of combat readiness of the units in frontline zone7 月 前
Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan checked the state of combat readiness of the units in frontline zone
Interior Ministry will withdraw the additional deployment of National Police and Civil Guard agents in Catalonia before Saturday
It's propaganda
Russia to increase salaries of militarymen since 1 January (+4%)
Putin ordered to prepare measures to return capital to Russia
Simferopol': Possible jet breaks the sound barrier over city7 月 前
Simferopol': Possible jet breaks the sound barrier over city
Reports of explosion over Simferopol', Crimea7 月 前
Reports of explosion over Simferopol', Crimea
7 月 前
Reports of explosion in Simferopol'
Dodon: Moldova cannot develop without cooperation with Russia
Russia banned the printing houses to publish leaflets against authorities
7 月 前
[email protected]: WOW, @foxandfrlends "Dossier is bogus. Clinton Campaign, DNC funded Dossier. FBI CANNOT (after all of this time) VERIFY CLAIMS IN DOSSIER OF RUSSIA/TRUMP COLLUSION. FBI TAINTED." And they used this Crooked Hillary pile of garbage as the basis for going after the Trump Campaign!
Russian oceanographic research ship' Admiral Vladimirskiy transits STROG and enters Mediterranean.7 月 前
Russian "oceanographic research ship' Admiral Vladimirskiy transits STROG and enters Mediterranean.
7 月 前
Lukashenka's sociologists: up to 1 million Belarusians ready to protest
Photo: Glow over Luhansk, Millerovo and Volhohrad
Video: strange glow over Luhansk this morning
Russia launched ICBM RS-12 Topol from Kapustin Yar
British woman Laura Plummer, who accused of smuggling Tramadol to Egypt was sentenced to three years in jail.
Shoigu: main result of this year is successful conclusion of operation in Syria
Police reports that they have exposed criminal ring in Kyiv. Members of which involved in Sheremet murder
7 月 前
ATO spox: Russian proxies committed two ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine yesterday: used small arms near Stanytsia Luhanska (Luhansk sector) and shelled Pavlopil area with 120mm mortars (Donetsk sector). Fortunately, Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered no casualties.
7 月 前
The @OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) will not send their representatives to the occupied Crimea to monitor the Russian presidential election in 2018.
Serbia extradited Kurdistan Freedom Party, Turkey's Muş city old head Cevdet Ayaz to Turkey.7 月 前
Serbia extradited "Kurdistan Freedom Party", Turkey's Muş city old head Cevdet Ayaz to Turkey.
The CEC refusal to register Navalny as a candidate would not affect the legitimacy of the elections, - Kremlin
MFA Russia: Karasin: Do Washington and Ottawa have the guarantee that their lethal weapons will not fall into the 'wrong hands'? That they won't be picked up by militants? Or, for example, that they won't be sold somewhere in the Middle East?
MFA Russia: Karasin: Washington 'hawks' are thus attempting, the way they see it, to raise 'the price of the conflict in Donbass' for Russia. This is a deficient and dangerous reasoning. It leads to the war, not to the peace
EU statement on Alexei Navalny being barred from running in Russian Presidential elections.
Oppositional Deputy shot dead in Western Georgia
Helicopters from both @RoyalNavy Air Stations have been keeping British waters safe over Christmas. Culdrose Merlin on @HMSStAlbans and a Yeovilton Wildcat helped to escort Russian vessels through the North Sea. Ships and embarked aviators keep British waters safe all year7 月 前
Helicopters from both @RoyalNavy Air Stations have been keeping British waters safe over Christmas. Culdrose Merlin on @HMSStAlbans and a Yeovilton Wildcat helped to escort Russian vessels through the North Sea. Ships and embarked aviators keep British waters safe all year
Former Russian Prime Minister says Putin's another 6 years in office will be a catastrophe for Russia.
HMS Tyne also escorted a Russian intelligence gathering ship through the North Sea and English Channel on Christmas Eve7 月 前
HMS Tyne also escorted a Russian intelligence gathering ship through the North Sea and English Channel on Christmas Eve
Mykolaev shipbuilders have again blocked Yuzhnobugsky bridge. Demand salaries
Russian Defense Minister: Moscow has begun work on establishing a permanent presence on its military bases in Syria
Navalny says there will be a nationwide protest action against the Central Electoral Commission's refusal to register him as candidate for president
Branch of "Sberbank of Russia" was vandalized in L'viv
France/Spain: 32-year-old Algerian jihadist arrested in France by request of the Spanish authorities
2 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
Airspace closure between Kapustin yar and Sary-Shagan, 25-27.12.2017
Egypt- Hasamand Liwaa al-Thawra shrug off placement on UK terror list, call it a "colonial decision that highlights the imbalance of justice and values in the world", will not cause them to give up on "resisting the dictatorship and liberating the land and the people"
7 月 前
Russian FSB searches houses of Crimeantatars in Simferopol'
British navy escorts Russia|n warship through North Sea amid strained ties7 月 前
British navy escorts Russia|n warship through North Sea amid strained ties
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