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17 八一 2018

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Moldova court annulled the election results of the mayor of Chisinau
A bill requiring Israel to recognize the Armenian Genocide that was set to pass in the Knesset Tuesday was just postponed, due to opposition from @netanyahu's coalition.
Defense ministers from nine EU countries have pledged to form a joint European military intervention force
In southern Kherson region, Ukraine's armed forces held military exercises to respond to military threats coming from Russia-occupied Crimea peninsula.
1 月 前
19-year-old asylum seeker has been found guilty of using abusive language and causing bodily harm after an attack on an Arab-Israeli wearing a kippah in Berlin in April
South Western Railway says there will be "service alterations due to high temperatures between London Waterloo and New Malden" until Friday and has warned of disruption across the network
UK Government will not back a £1.3 billion tidal lagoon project in Swansea Bay on cost grounds, Business Secretary Greg Clark says
No sign EU is prepared to further ratchet up the pressure swiftly on military in Myanmar. Approach to sanctions is "gradual, reversible," says @FedericaMog. Focus is on protecting the democratic process, she says, and ensuring Bangladesh-Myanmar accord on repatriating Rohingya
On French rapid reaction initiative, @FedericaMog says it could be a "useful." Says been told by French that the initiative is intended to serve and support PESCO
EU foreign mins heard from UN's Yemen envoy Martin Griffiths that an agreement to end the fighting "is extremely difficult but possible" but to give it space the current military actions must stop, says @FedericaMog
UK Foreign Secretar @BorisJohnson met Afghan president @ashrafghani @afgexecutive Abdullah and deputy FM @HekmatKarzai in Kabul1 月 前
UK Foreign Secretar @BorisJohnson met Afghan president @ashrafghani @afgexecutive Abdullah and deputy FM @HekmatKarzai in Kabul
1 月 前
Smart money says Macedonia Albania EU accession talks decisions go to EU leaders summit with one major caveat. The summit is going to be so contentious on migration, no one wants to add another complicated decision. So will try and make progress tomorrow
The Met Office has confirmed today is the UK's hottest day of the year so far after a temperature of 29.4C (84.9F) was recorded in St James' Park in London
EU ends silence on Turkey election result to say campaign conditions 'were not equal', freedoms of assembly and expression restricted
EU says Turkey election campaign conditions 'not equal'
Prince William arrives in Israel on first official visit by a British royal to the Holy Land
PM May's spokesman: It's up to companies if they want to air their views over Brexit
1 月 前
Judge has announced the decision: to extend @Navalny probation term for another year
1 月 前
Russian Ministry of Defense presented new Vintorez-M rifle
1 月 前
Russia's "human rights ombudsman" Tatiana Moskalkova is heading to Ukraine to visit jailed Russians, despite the fact that Russia refused to allow Ukraine's ombudsman to visit any of the Ukrainian hostages.
Roma people is on protest in Uzhgorod against racism after recent attack
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the U.S.-led alliance was likely to approve membership talks with Macedonia at a summit in July.
Poroshenko congratulated Erdogan on his election victory in Turkey
The brother of the ex-president of Armenia was brought to the police on suspicion of illegal possession of weapons
Moscow court website published decision on extension of Navalny suspended sentence before judge announced it in court room1 月 前
Moscow court website published decision on extension of Navalny suspended sentence before judge announced it in court room
The son of Libyan diplomat(trade attache) was kidnapped in central Kyiv, police looking for Volkswagen Golf
Police operation in Kyiv as unknown men kidnapped another unknown man
Ukrainian army destroys militants' position in Donbas – volunteer
1 月 前
Report: Putin invites Netanyahu, Abbas to attend World Cup final
Tusk: Discussed fighting illegal migration, eurozone reform and Western Balkans with @EmmanuelMacron in Paris today ahead of EUCO
Italy's interior minister Matteo Salvini said on a visit to Libya he proposed setting up migrant reception centers at Libya's southern borders to help stem the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean Sea
1 月 前
Italy's Salvini suggests migrant centers on Libya's southern borders
1 月 前
Airborne from Moscow - heading to Latakia Air Base, Syria Russia Russian Air Force IL62 RA86561 RFF7335
UK Foreign Office has confirmed that Boris Johnson was in Afghanistan after the country's foreign ministry tweeted photographs of the Foreign Secretary with Afghanistan's deputy foreign minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai
1 月 前
Greek foreign minister: FYROM name deal 'best news in Europe in 5 years.'
Armenian PM convenes first meeting of National Security Council
1 月 前
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to meet US national security adviser John Bolton in Moscow on Wednesday.
Spectacular waterspout off Rimini beach, north-central Italy this morning, June 25. Report: Bisoni Silvio / @Geometeo1
One person was seriously wounded in shooting in Montpellier in the south of France
1 月 前
Putin invited several world leaders to attend the world cup final. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas announced this morning he is going to attend.
Russia's state TV keeps reiterating that the EU is dying, proudly shows off photos of Matteo Salvini - Italy's new interior minister - wearing Putin T-shirt near the Kremlin.  Female host says: They say, that's our appointee.1 月 前
Russia's state TV keeps reiterating that the EU is dying, proudly shows off photos of Matteo Salvini - Italy's new interior minister - wearing Putin T-shirt near the Kremlin. Female host says: "They say, that's our appointee."
PM Netanyahu is looking into the possibility of attending the World Cup final in Moscow on July 15th. Israeli officials tell Netanyahu was invited by Putin to attend and there is likelihood he will accept it
In an accident involving the head of the City Duma of Tyumen, two people were killed
1 月 前
Ten far-right suspects arrested across France were allegedly planning to attack religious leaders, Muslim prison inmates and veiled women chosen at random
More than 100 thousand people were left without gas after the accident at the gas pipeline in Khasavyurt - source
EaPCSF Moldovan National Platform and Coalition 4 Free and Fair Elections are alarmed by Chisinau City Court and Court of Appeal decision to invalidate Chisinau local elections.
1 月 前
Serbia and Kosovo restored talks on reconciliation
Ukraine's security service chief Vasyl Hrytsak says he sees the "hand of Moscow" in recent deadly Roma attack, citing "a similar organization that exists in Russia as well," a reference to the far-right group behind the attack.
Harley-Davidson to move production of motorcycles for European market out of US due to EU tariffs, imposed in response to US tariffs on steel, aluminum. Roughly 20% of Harley's annual sales of about 250,000 are in EU/Middle East/Africa zone.
EU hits Venezuela vice-president with sanctions: statement
EU hits Venezuela vice-president with sanctions
1 月 前
Leading member of Merkel's @cdu party ⁦@ArminLaschet⁩ says "no-one sets CDU party an ultimatum" - EU Asylum deal will take "as many days as needed". Merkel under pressure as sister @CSU party threatens to blow up party coalition by June 1st over Migration policy
1 月 前
Armenian Media: Azerbaijani troops attempt infiltration through Nagorno Karabakh's eastern border
1 月 前
Russian President Putin telephones Recep Tayyip Erdogan to congratulate the Turkish president on his election win
1 月 前
Budapest demands regional status for Hungarian language in Ukraine
Facing rising costs from tariffs, @harleydavidson will shift production for EU bound motorcycles overseas, reports @AP
1 月 前
Turkey's Erdogan, Russia's Putin discuss deepening ties in phone call
Gritsak: militants keep 113 hostages in Donbass
Two people were injured after an unidentified person fired several shots from a moving car in Russia's North Caucasus region of Ingushetia
"The sun is shining on the Irish economy It is when the sun is shining that you fix the roof." @Lagarde says Ireland must plan for economic shocks
China, EU to form group to update world trade rules to address tech, other complaints and preserve support for commerce
Attackers of Roma camp in L'viv region are member of "Sober and angry youth" organization part of "Misanthropic Division"
Swedish court sentences three to prison over synagogue arson attack
Donetsk: reports of some launches with "plume"
Corbyn says a Labour-led government would quickly recognize Palestine as a state
EU divided over Balkan accession as NATO says Macedonia welcome
As IMF chief @Lagarde visits Dublin, Taoiseach @campaignforleo warns against a return to boom and bust policies
The attack on the Roma camp: eight suspects arrested
2 wounded in shooting in college in Nazran', Ingushetiya
1 月 前
Merkel still seeking European solution on migration: spokesman
PESCO next steps. Will we see real ambition in round 2? "An updated list of PESCO projects and their participants, including a second wave of projects, is expected by November 2018. The general conditions for third state participation in PESCO projects are expected to be set out in a Council decision in principle also in November."
Non-stopped clashes near Vodyane
Liam Fox warns Conservative rebels not to "play games" with Britain's proposed law on trade after Brexit
Four pedestrians injured - two critically - after a collision in the grounds of a church in Clondalkin, Dublin
Sun is shining on the Irish economy says IMF boss
At Irish Government Buildings the IMF boss Christine Largarde says the sun is shining on the Irish economy. Says employment rates and economic growths is remarkable. But warns that Ireland has to prepare for international shocks
Unlike NATO's @jensstoltenberg, EU High Rep @FedericaMog declined to congratulate @RT_Erdogan or comment on Turkey's elections, preferring to wait until "later today when the results will be official and consolidated" and @osce_odihr election monitors have spoken
British MPs are set to approve plans to build a third runway at London Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport, after decades of acrimonious debate
Emergency services are at the scene of an incident outside a church in Clondalkin, Dublin, after a collision between a vehicle and a number of pedestrians
A Car has rammed into many people outside a Immaculate Conception Church in Dublin Ireland
After the March of Equality in Kyiv, more than 20 attacks took place on representatives of LGBT and volunteers, - Lapina
EU to impose sanctions on 11 Venezuelan officials
1 月 前
Matteo Salvini's anti-migrant League surges in Italy's local elections, confirming a steady pickup in support
We need to be able to move troops quickly around Europe, when needed. NATO has invested about 2 bn euro in projects supporting military mobility: upgrades to harbour terminals and renovation of runways – @jensstoltenberg
Pressed for details by @RikardJozwiak, @jensstoltenberg clarifies that NATO accession negotiations will be opened for Macedonia at the summit only if the name agreement passes referendum."I really urge the people of the country to seize" what he called a "one-time opportunity."
NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg welcomes possibility of Trump-Putin meeting [rumored for July 15 in Vienna] under the same rubrik of "needing to talk to Russia"
On EU defence initiatives: EU and NATO capability development should be complementary – @jensstoltenberg
Later on this week I will meet EU leaders and heads of state and government at the @EUCouncil. We are strengthening the cooperation between EU and NATO – @jensstoltenberg
NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg congratulates Erdogan on the elections in Turkey. I guess no one is waiting around for @OSCE election monitors' reports this afternoon
NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg welcomes progress on Macedonia's "name issue" saying he hopes and expects leaders will decide to open accession negotiations at the summit
1 月 前
Italy's League advances in local polls amid immigration crackdown
NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg arrives for FAC, welcoming "efforts to strengthen EU efforts on defense" as long as they are complementary and not competitive
1 月 前
Report: Russia hopes to discuss Syria with Bolton in Moscow
Italy interior ministry with Lybian Abdulsalam Ashour in Tripoli.
Outside EU, France to launch crisis force with Britain, others
EU watchdog tells banks to speed up Brexit preparations
EU to penalize Myanmar officials over Rohingya violations
1 月 前
The member of the board of RAO Inter Karin Turcan is suspected of transferring of information about Moscow's negotiations on the organization of electricity supplies through Ukraine to Crimea and Occupied areas at Donbas to foreign intelligence services
[email protected]_EuropeanValues Think-Tank launched a public appeal, signed by 50 security experts from 18 European countries, presenting six reasons why Nord Stream 2 will be Germany's strategic mistake
The European Banking Authority has described preparations by banks for the potential departure of Britain from the European Union without a withdrawal agreement as "inadequate"
France won't take any lessons from Rome on immigration, says minister
Pro-Brexit MPs urge Prime Minister to get ready for no deal
The mini-summit of 16 EU leaders created "a lot of goodwill" to discuss EU disagreements on migration, Angela Merkel said
1 月 前
Putin praises Erdogan's 'great political authority' after re-election: Kremlin
1 月 前
Italy's interior minister says to visit Libya Monday amid migrant crisis
Britain's 5 main business lobbies have lashed out at Theresa May over Brexit
1 月 前
A 5.5-magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of southern Greece. There are no immediate reports of damage.
President Xi Jinping on Monday met with French PM Edouard Philippe in Beijing, saying China is willing to work with France to enrich the content of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries
1 月 前
NATO commander hopes Pakistan will persuade Taliban to join peace talks
China Vice Premier Liu says China, E.U. aim to conclude talks on bilateral investment deal
22 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed, another 4 wounded
Italy's Conte 'decidedly satisfied' with Brussels migrant meeting
"How this came to pass and what the background is, that remains completely unclear," police said, confirming that 5 people were severely injured.
1 月 前
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev calls to congratulate Erdoğan before election results finalized
Heavy clashes at Bakhmutka road this evening, audible in Severodonets'k
Heavy clashes reported at Holmivsky, North to Horlivka
Novaya Gazeta: anonymous graves in Pskov region of Russian airborne troops killed in Ukraine in 2014 are not anonymous anymore
Spain committed to European migration solution - PM
2 of one family were killed in shooting in Kharkiv
Britain's Prince William has arrived in Jordan at the start of a Middle East tour that will see him become the first British royal to pay official visits to both Israel and the Palestinian territories
[email protected]_Hunt says businesses criticising Brexit progress are 'completely inappropriate'
1 月 前
Migration fight erodes support for German conservatives; far-right AfD gains
"It's obvious the situation is extremely precarious," says Maltese PM Joseph Muscat, who's been blasted by Italy for refusing to let ships land. "I don't think building a wall even on the high seas is a solution," he says, adding that Malta will be presenting ideas
Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez says his country is fulfilling all its international obligations regarding migrants/refugees but that he'll ask for more support from his counterparts at today's mini-summit
Luxembourg PM @Xavier_Bettel on managing migration: "we see every country trying to find their own solution - this is really not the Europe I want. We need to find common solutions." He notes UNHCR offers "hotspot" help and wants EU to explore such options
French President @EmmanuelMacron calls today's mini-EUCO an "important moment" to help resolve the political crisis. He insists Europe must must stop illegal smuggling but not lose respect for human rights in finding a "European solution."
Denmark's PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen says his country is seeing the lowest number of "spontaneous asylum-seekers" in 9 years, crediting both domestic measures and those taken by EU, eg the "Turkey deal". So if numbers are lower than ever, why are disputes so bitter right now?
1 月 前
Putin to meet Trump on July 15 in Austria
1 月 前
Brexit will be "a very hard process" for Britain, Denmark's finance minister warns
USAF UAV 102043 RQ4B Global Hawk - Ukraine surveillance mission. 1150z
1 killed, 2 wounded as result of far-right gang attack on Roma people camp in L'viv
Seine-Saint-Denis: 2 men seriously wounded by bullet during a "general fight"
Germany: At least 25 wounded including 5 serious during an explosion in a building in Wuppertal.
Twenty-five people were injured, four of them seriously, when an explosion destroyed an apartment building in the western German city of Wuppertal, police say
Police in Germany say 25 people have been injured including four seriously after an explosion destroyed a building in the western city of Wuppertal
Home explodes in Wuppertal - Several injured
Migration on agenda at EU summit in Brussels
Massive flooding in Taganrog
25 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 5 soldiers were wounded
USAF RQ-4B-30 Global Hawk UAV is over Ukraine
1 月 前
[email protected]: Major Wall Street Journal opinion piece today talking about the Russian Witch Hunt and the disgrace that it is. So many people hurt, so bad for our country - a total sham.
1 月 前
Lukashenko of Belarus says that country could become a part of another country if economical plan failed, or even "face war like Ukraine"
"Liverpool's Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah has been granted honorary citizenship of Chechnya by its leader Ramzan Kadyrov at a farewell banquet for the eliminated World Cup side."
Explosion at the distillery in Ternopil region: the EMERCOM evacuated 350 people
Swiss players of Kosovar origin Xhaka and Shaqiri have drawn FIFA's scrutiny for pro-Kosovo goal celebrations after scoring against Serbia, whose government has not recognised Kosovo's independence
The train that connects Huelva and Madrid through Extremadura caught a fire
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