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21 八一 2018

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Ukraine to suspend PACE membership if PACE sanctions against Russia lifted
President Poroshenko: Moscow must finally demonstrate political will for a peaceful settlement and agree to host the UN peacekeeping mission in the occupied Donbas, including the uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian state border.
President Poroshenko met with @SpecRepUkraine Kurt Volker
"We do have a special relationship" with UK not only in words as interests overlap in almost every area, says McMaster.
Presence of @POTUS in Davos intended "to sell his accomplishment, to remind the world we're open for business."
"The president is going to Davos to speak to world leaders about investing in the United States," says Cohn, adding "he's the best salesperson the United States has."
At Davos, @POTUS will hold separate meetings with leaders of UK, Israel, Rwanda and Switzerland, announces McMaster.
@POTUS At Davos, @POTUS will meet with heads of select CEOs who have businesses in the United States, says Cohn.
Trade "needs to be fair and reciprocal," adds Cohn, announcing @POTUS will arrive Thursday morning in Switzerland.
"America is open for business" will be US government delegation's message in Davos, says Gary Cohn.
"A couple of special guests" to preview @POTUS trip to WEF2018 in Davos.
"Turkey and Russia struck an agreement to allow the offensive to take place," per official, pointing to Turkish planes flying uncontested into Syria airspace
"To the extent that they've had outside partners, it's been the Russians and others" official says of Kurd forces in Afrin Syria "If they're to feel any betrayal, they should look to their own partners"
Chief of Staff Kelly, Secretary Tillerson, National Security Advisor HR McMaster, Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn and other senior @WhiteHouse staff will travel to WEF2018 in Davos, according to @PressSec.
At WEF2018 in Davos, @POTUS says he'll be talking about "investing in the United States again."
President Trump says he's not worried about what Atty Gen Sessions told special counsel Mueller when questioned about Russian contacts. In response to reporters' questions in Oval Office photo op, said he didn't ask Sessions about it.
At @CFR org, Biden also said he thinks Trump Admin made a "wise decision" to okay sale of lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine. Biden said he was pushing for that for two years during the Obama Admin. But also concerned about backsliding on anti-corruption in Ukraine.
Joe Biden: "Mitch McConnell wanted no part of having a bipartisan commitment" on response to Russian electoral interference in fall 2016. "The die had been cast, here. This was all about the political play."
Joe Biden on warnings of Russian electoral interference in fall 2016: The president and I would sit there saying, "'What they hell are we going to do?'You got out and you unilaterally say this is what's happening, you're going to be accusedof trying to tip the election."
Another Russian supply convoy to arrive to Donbas tomorrow
Former VP @JoeBiden says the Russian govt. is essentially a kleptocracy - looking to attack the West to hold on to its riches
Canada's Trudeau says countries remaining in Trans-Pacific Partnership have agreed to new trade deal after US withdrawal
On Russia, Vladimir Putin bent on returning the former Soviet Union to its greatness and glory" says @CIA's Mike Pompeo "This administration is deeply aware that we need to push back against the Russians everywhere we find them"
Jens Stoltenberg: Good phone call with Prime Minister @HaiderAlAbadi today. NATO stands with Iraq in the fight against terrorism.
UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jeremy Hunt: I am totally confident that the Home Office will be sympathetic to any proposals made by the Department of Health and Social Care about what we will need in terms of immigration
UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jeremy Hunt: (government's net immigration target of tens of thousands) that is a government objective, we think that was one of the messages behind the Brexit vote, that people are concerned that the government hadn't taken their concerns about immigration seriously
UK government will establish new unit to tackle fake news, deter adversaries: spokeswoman for @theresa may
UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jeremy Hunt: (Brexit bill) we have agreed the parameters of the financial settlement, but if there are programmes that we would benefit from then we would reserve the right to be part of those programmes – it wouldn't be money that we're not currently paying
Kurt Volker arrived in Ukraine
UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jeremy Hunt: I think we can get close regulatory alignment but still be outside the single market, "I think it is entirely possible to achieve that"
UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jeremy Hunt: I would have difficulty with a situation in which we were obliged to change our regulations in response to a unilateral change made by the EU going forward (being a rule taker)
U.S Justice Department confirms that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was questioned last week as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe
UK Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt says he is confident the Government will be able to agree what needs to be done for the NHS in the Brexit transition deal
Facebook to hand privacy controls to users ahead of EU law
[email protected]: We anticipate new home construction will rise to between 20,000 and 25,000 this year. Figures from last year show some improvement in the area of housing
Philip Hammond has dismissed an expected demand from Boris Johnson for a post-Brexit cash boost for the NHS
Tillerson to present U.S. strategy on Syria to European, Arab allies
Chief of VTB says coming U.S. sanctions against Russia is equal to "declaration of war"
Four months after Germany's elections, Merkel finally forms new government
Brexit implementation period has not been agreed with EU: PM May's spokesman
Four killed after a light aircraft collides with a helicopter near Philippsburg, Germany, Xinhua reports
A light aircraft and a helicopter collided near Philippsburg, Germany
6 月 前
A 20-member Ukrainian crew, on board a Cyprus flagged cargo ship AMSEL, are close to starvation at the Bulyard Shipyard (Port of Varna) in Varna (Bulgaria), after the owner abandoned the vessel.
A 20-member Ukrainian crew, on board a Cyprus flagged cargo ship AMSEL, are close to starvation at the Bulyard Shipyard (Port of Varna) in Varna (Bulgaria), after the owner abandoned the vessel.
6 月 前
Catalan separatist leader stays vague on possible return, Spain on alert
A spokesman for Theresa May says she told her Cabinet money saved by leaving the EU will be spent on the Government's priorities which include the health service after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said an extra £5bn a year should be spent on the NHS after Brexit
PM Narendra Modi meets Queen Maxima of Netherlands on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos
Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Sudan potential contenders for S-400 purchase – official military
Northern Ireland militant splinter group says it will end violent campaign
6 月 前
Puigdemont kisses Spanish flag in Copenhagen
NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller: a democratic, strong and stable Turkey is important for our shared security6 月 前
NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller: "a democratic, strong and stable Turkey is important for our shared security"
6 月 前
Deputy Secretary General @Gottemoeller reviews some ways in which NATO fights terrorism: @ResoluteSupport training mission in Afghanistan; training in Iraq; surveillance flights for @coalition; new Intelligence Divison; and a new Hub for the South at @JFC Naples
6 月 前
[email protected] gives examples of "NATO's strong commitment to the defence of Turkey": support for air defences; AWACS surveillance flights from Konya; increased naval presence in the Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean
6 月 前
At the National Defence University, DSG @Gottemoeller thanks Turkey for counter-terrorism expertise, contributions to @ResoluteSupport and @NATO KFOR and support for Ukraine: "I thank Turkey for these and so many other contributions."
6 月 前
Deputy Secretary General @Gottemoeller addresses the National Defence University in Istanbul: "NATO stands in solidarity with Turkey"
Georgia received first batch of ATGM Javelin
Belarus receives more Chinese armoured vehicles6 月 前
Belarus receives more Chinese armoured vehicles
On Iran, U.S. Vice president Mike Pence says European Community will have to decide whether to move forward with U.S. or stay in 'deeply flawed' nuclear deal
6 月 前
ATO spox: Russia-backed militants violated the ceasefire 6 times yesterday using mortars in all cases. Unfortunately, one Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action.
6 月 前
ATO spox: Donetsk sector – militants shelled Ukrainian troops' positions near Novotroitske with 82mm mortars, and simultaneously shelled Dokuchaievsk (which is under militants' control).
6 月 前
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies committed 5 ceasefire violations in Luhanske and Troitske areas using mortars (either 82mm or 120mm ones, or both) in each attack.
Last time an Indian PM came to Davos was in 1997, when Deve Gowda ji had come. That time our GDP was little more than 400 billion dollars, its more than six times: PM Modi
In an interview @SpecRepUkraine Volker says the escalation on Russia's side has already happened over the last few weeks with violence up - may not be such a "new" advance
UKIP leader Henry Bolton has told Sky News the party could not embark on another leadership contest after he refused to resign from his role
6 月 前
South Korea removed from EU blacklist of tax havens
France concern about Afrin operation and asks Turkish authorities "utmost restrain" - French MFA
China says it has no information on seized Swedish citizen
In Makhachkala, the car of of the human rights center "Memorial" was set on fire
EU removes eight countries from tax haven blacklist: source
President of US Chamber of Commerce: Ireland to play a prominent role in EU post-Brexit
Boris Johnson to demand additional NHS funding at cabinet meeting
Iran is expected to dominate Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's January 23 meeting with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in Paris, the second leg of the U.S. top diplomat's weeklong trip to Europe
6 月 前
OSCE's Hug: With OSCE SMM observations allowing for early warning of impending escalation, decision- and policy-makers need to listen, and prevent an even greater tragedy. Ukraine
6 月 前
OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Hug: Failure to de-mine, withdraw weapons and disengage, and continued preparedness, constitutes an early warning, as sides, instead of ending the violence, get ready for more
OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Hug: Weapons are dug in, in firing position, all along the contact line
OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Hug: The sides are digging in everywhere, literally, and figuratively
6 月 前
OSCE's Hug: Not only are the sides not de-mining, they are in fact laying more mines, sometimes even inside disengagement areas
6 月 前
OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Hug: Instead of fully complying; instead of withdrawing weapons, disengaging and de-mining, the sides are in fact doing the opposite
6 月 前
OSCE's Hug: 1 man killed and 1 injured near Olenivka on 21 January, as civilian bus crossing the contact line was hit by small-arms fire; both – like all civilian casualties – victims of failure to fully implement agreements to sustain ceasefire. Ukraine
6 月 前
OSCE's Hug: Continued violence along the contact line in particular in areas around Svitlodarsk. The SMM recorded twice as many ceasefire violations in that area last week compared to previous week, with for example 400+ explosions recorded on evening of 18 January
FSB conducts searches at Crimean Tatars houses in Occupied Crimea: one detained6 月 前
FSB conducts searches at Crimean Tatars houses in Occupied Crimea: one detained
6 月 前
At 10:30 media briefing by OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug. Streaming
Russia says 6-time Olympic speed skating champion Viktor Ahn among top Russians barred from Pyeongchang Games
Spanish Home Secretary says during TV interview that there is a plan to stop Puigdemont returning to Spain "in the boot of a car"
Britain's competition regulator finds 21st Century Fox takeover of Sky not in public interest.
USAF RC-135W 62-4134 ZARP70 departed Mildenhall at 0708z - AAR with QID121 and Barents Sea mission
ATO HQ, Donbas: Yesterday recorded 6 attacks on UAF positions, Russian forces used mortars at Hovotroitske, Luhanske, Dokuchajevsk. One Ukrainian soldier was killed.
According to Izvestia, Russian Pantsir short-range gun-missile systems will receive small-sized SAMs to improve their effectiveness against UAV/UCAV threats. A single container-launcher will accommodate 4 SAMs (as shown in this Izvestia graphic:
OSCE confirmed man's death as a result of an attack on a bus in the "gray zone"
7 月 前
Kosovo, Serbia Agree to Share Information on Ivanovic - Prosecutors in Serbia and Kosovo have agreed to share information on the investigation into the killing of the prominent Kosovo Serb politician, shot dead last week.
If all goes as planned to end shutdown, says @PressSec, Pres Trump will embark on his planned trip Wednesday to the @wef in Davos.
SNC negotiating committee head Naser Hariri in Moscow - says no decision yet on whether to attend Syria national dialogue congress in Sochi - "we have come to obtain full information, all details"
Man was shot dead at Lomonosovsky Avenue in Central Moscow
EU rules on asylum are splitting Europe, says EU presidency Bulgaria
Switzerland: PM Narendra Modi meets President of Swiss Confederation Alain Berset in Davos
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said he's eager to see how Volker-Surkov talks go after Washington's recent unveiling of new sanctions against Russia
Happening in Thessaloniki: Molotovs, tear gas and clashes with police forces during antifa demonstration in solidarity with Libertatia squat7 月 前
Happening in Thessaloniki: Molotovs, tear gas and clashes with police forces during antifa demonstration in solidarity with Libertatia squat
British Army Chief of Staff General Sir Nick Carter says the Russian military has a "hybrid approach with much flexibility"
7 月 前
Russia's Vladislav Surkov to meet again with US's Kurt Volker to discuss Ukraine conflict and peacekeepers. The envoys' first meeting of the year will reportedly be in Dubai. The two haven't found much common ground in previous talks.
British talks on trade deals outside EU received warmly - May's spokesman
Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont arrived in Copenhagen to attend a conference on Catalonia, despite Madrid's warning that they would seek his arrest there. (Credit: ACN)7 月 前
Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont arrived in Copenhagen to attend a conference on Catalonia, despite Madrid's warning that they would seek his arrest there. (Credit: ACN)
Moscow court rules to shut down @navalny's foundation
Sacked Catalan leader Puigdemont vows to form new government despite Madrid 'threats'
Downing Street spokesman says Prime Minister Theresa May and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have discussed the relations between America and the UK and the Iranian nuclear deal
German President Steinmeier calls for rapid coalition talks: "We all feel people in Germany expect that more than four months after the election, a new government should be formed." GroKo
The Kremlin's scenario of federalization and fragmentation of Ukraine will not take place, - Klimkin
Abbas wins EU backing for Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem
SPD's Karl Lauterbach: The narrow result of the party conference motivates us to drive a hard bargain in the upcoming talks. Otherwise our party members won't accept the final deal
France condemns Congolese security forces after six killed
Abbas while visiting EU calls on Israel to respects treaties and says "there is no contradiction between recognition of Palestinian State and restarting negotiations with Israel"
UKIP Education and Apprenticeships spokesman David Kurten has announced he has resigned from his role
Spain's Supreme Court say it will not reactivate European arrest warrant for former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont
Putin appointed Grushko as Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation
British PM meets US Secretary of State Tillerson in London - May's spokesman
Putin fired Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko
PM Narendra Modi lands in Zurich, will leave for Davos for World Economic Forum
The European Union imposes sanctions on seven Venezuelan high officials
Far-right AfD's Gauland sparks outrage in German parliament when ridiculing the 55th anniversary of Elysee Treaty: "This is not an outstanding anniversary, but just a random occasion used as an excuse to reinforce @MartinSchulz's call for a United States of Europe"
UKIP's assistant deputy leader Mike Hookem has resigned
7 月 前
6 Ukrainians, 2 Venezuelans killed in hotel attack in Kabul
7 月 前
One German national died in the attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, @GermanyDiplo confirmed. No further details about the victim were provided
Women's March anniversary event in Stockholm
7 月 前
Alexander Hug, the SMM's Principal Deputy Chief Monitor, to hold the regular news briefing on Tuesday, 23 January, via video link from Donetsk
Rex Tillerson visits new U.S. embassy in London that Trump criticised
7 月 前
ATO spox: Russian proxies violated the ceasefire two times yesterday, both in Luhansk sector: the enemy attacked Luhanske area twice using heavy weapons and Minsk-proscribed 120mm mortars. Fortunately, Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered no casualties.
Catalan Parliament Speaker announces Puigdemont's candidacy for presidency of regional government
US actions in Syria are either provocation or its a limited knowledge about the real situation - Lavrov
Russia concerned about France request to hold an emergency UNSC meeting on latest developments in Syria - Lavrov
Man killed in grenade explosion during police operation in Berdyansk, 3 policemen were wounded
Catalan police tried to destroy Barcelona terror attack warning before independence – paper reports
UK could have a bespoke arrangement between full single market access and a free trade deal, says Emmanuel Macron
President Poroshenko began a day commemorating the first Killed heroes of Heavens hundreds Sergei Nigoyan and Mykhailo Zhiznevsky
Spain prosecutor wants EU arrest warrant for Puigdemont renewed: judicial source
France: Iran violates international resolution 2231 to limit its ballistic capabilities
One dead and two injured in Helsingborg youth brawl
Spanish Public Prosecutor's Office seeks reactivation of European Arrest Warrant against Puigdemont
7 月 前
Video of Puigdemont arriving in Copenhagen
Irishman dies, second missing in Ecuador kayak accident
2 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casulaties - ATO
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