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19 九 2018

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1 policeman wounded as result of IED explosion, area on lockdown amid police operation in Saratov region
U.S. Army successfully demos laser weapon on Stryker in Europe
Fire brigade tackles blaze at hotel in north Dublin
US Department of State: Today, a Russian Foreign Ministry official said that "logic suggests" the UK was behind the nerve agent attack on Salisbury. That's absurd. Logic and evidence actually show Russia was behind the attack
Catalan Parliament speaker sets Thursday vote on electing former separatist minister as next regional president
6 月 前
In phone conversation, Turkish president and German counterpart agree to accelerate Turkish-German relations
French ex-president Sarkozy put under investigation for illicit campaign financing, misappropriation of Libyan public funds - judicial source
French judiciary formally puts former President Sarkozy under investigation on charges of corruption
Facebook COO Sandberg says 'I deeply regret that we didn't do enough' on Cambridge Analytica
Facebook's Zuckerberg says Aleksandr Kogan's personality quiz app was installed by around 300,000 people who shared their data and some of their friends' data
Facebook's Zuckerberg says will conduct full audit of any app with 'suspicious activity,' will further restrict developer access to user data
Zuckerberg says Facebook will investigate all apps that had access to large amounts of data before 2014, when changes were made to reduce data access
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg shares update on Cambridge Analytica situation, says company 'made mistakes'
Russia leak angers Trump, frustrates chief of staff: sources
Trump, Macron: Need action on Russia in UK poison case
Fed's Powell: prospect of trade war 'more prominent risk' to outlook
Tusk lays bare EU split on Russia with Putin 'reappointment' dig
6 月 前
[email protected]: ..They can help solve problems with North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, ISIS, Iran and even the coming Arms Race. Bush tried to get along, but didn't have the "smarts." Obama and Clinton tried, but didn't have the energy or chemistry (remember RESET). PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH.
6 月 前
[email protected]: I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (in past, Obama called him also). The Fake News Media is crazed because they wanted me to excoriate him. They are wrong. Getting along with Russia (and others) is a good thing, not a bad thing.
Investigators end questioning of Sarkozy: source
"It smelled like something had exploded. I almost couldn't breathe. Sometimes, almost every night, we wake up from that smell. What will it be like in summer? I don't know how we can live like this," a 10-year-old in Volokolamsk told AFP
Residents of Volokolamsk showered governor Vorobyov near Moscow with snowballs, and a group of men attacked the head of Volokolamsky district Gavrilov
USAF RQ4 Global Hawk UAV drone   5 hours on - 52,000ft over Ukraine6 月 前
USAF RQ4 Global Hawk UAV drone 5 hours on - 52,000ft over Ukraine
Zahoor sells KyivPost for at least $3.5 million to Adnan Kivan, a Syrian millionaire in Odesa
In Moscow, the roof of the administrative building collapsed
Rocket carrying 2 US astronauts, Russian cosmonaut to International Space Station has blasted off from Kazakhstan.
Chechnya: Isis claims responsibility for the attack carried out yesterday in Grozny.
LIFTOFF. @Astro_Ricky, @Astro_Feustel and @OlegMKS launched at 1:44pm ET in their Soyuz spacecraft. The trio will travel on a two day journey before reaching their new home on @Space_Station this Friday.
LAUNCH. Soyuz-FG launches with Soyuz MS-08 to the ISS
RBC withdraws all journalists from the State Duma
In phone call, Presidents Trump, Macron reiterated support for UK following nerve agent attack. The White House said the topic did not come up in Trump's call with Putin yesterday.
A spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry says Foreign Secretary is "poisoned with hatred and anger" after Boris Johnson suggested Russian president Putin would use the World Cup in Russia in the same way Hitler used the 1936 Olympics to bolster his country's image
Boris Johnson comparing Russia and Putin hosting the World Cup this summer to Hitler and the Berlin Olympics in 1936
Crew posing on the bottom of the servicing gantry, heading into elevator for ride up to the top of the rocket. Soyuz MS08 Roscosmos NASA
UK demands Russian guarantees over World Cup fan safety: Johnson
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says it would be wrong to punish England players by withdrawing from the World Cup in Russia but says fan safety is important
Ukraine to join NATO in next 10 years - Poroshenko
Russia spreading 'lies and disinformation' over spy poisoning: UK embassy in Moscow
Russia's Chief of the General Staff, Gen. Valery Gerasimov spoke on the phone WED. with @NATO's Supreme Allied Commander-EUROPE and head of @US_EUCOM, Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, according to Russia's Ministry of Defense, exchanging "views on topical issues of international security"
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Russian president Putin "wants to cause trouble wherever he can" and says the reason the UK was targeted was because it "called out" Russia over its abuses of values
It's propaganda
LNR claims say 100 "Right Sector" fighters have arrived at Donbas
UK targeted by Russia because it 'called out' abuses: Johnson
Training of combat calculations of the missile systems "Bal" and "Bastion" in the Kaliningrad region. Crews practised performing the tasks of getting out, deploying, changing the fighting order and location after the use of weapons.
Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack that occured yesterday in Grozny, Chechnya
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says the trail of responsibility for the nerve agent attack in Salisbury "inexorably leads back to the Kremlin"
"We have a much clearer picture of the full extent of what the Russian government was doing" says former DHS Secretary Johnson, 2 years on "There could have been additional [US/DHS] efforts made, but I'm satisfied at the time this was a front burner item I was repeatedly making public statements"
Inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons have arrived at the Mill Pub in Salisbury as part of the investigation into the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia
Russia's Vladimir Putin himself directed cyber attacks on US in order to influence Election2016 "plain and simple," says former @DHSgov Secretary Jeh Johnson "The key question for our leaders at the national and state level is, what are we going to do about it"
Vladimir Yermakov says his person opinion is that the Salisbury incident was "a planned action against Russia"
Duterte on Rome Statute: 'I never read the law'
"In a democracy, citizens must have faith that their vote counts and is counted correctly," says @DHSgov Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at SSCI "In 2016, we know that Russia|n actors targeted state election systems" "We have no evidence that votes were changed as a result"
"This issue is urgent" Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chair @SenatorBurr says of US election vulnerabilities/Russia "If we start to fix these issues tomorrow we still may not be i time to save the system for 2018 and 2020"
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testifies on Russia threats to U.S. election
Duma's ethics committee examines sexual harassment complaints against MP Leonid Slutsky and finds that his behaviour was fine.
Moscow slams Britain's 'Russophobia' and 'island mentality' over spy attack
President Trump was fuming Tuesday night, asking outside advisers who they thought had leaked information about the direct instruction by his national security advisers not to congratulate Russian President Putin on his recent election victory
The President enforced decision of the NSDC "On urgent measures to neutralize threats to national security in the field of migration policy"
Footage from inside Kosovo's parliament today shows the chaos that occured when tear gas was released by opposition Vetevendosje, interrupting the vote on ratifying border demarcation with Montenegro.6 月 前
Footage from inside Kosovo's parliament today shows the chaos that occured when tear gas was released by opposition Vetevendosje, interrupting the vote on ratifying border demarcation with Montenegro.
Russia defense ministry's official was quoted saying Assad Foreign Ministry had informed Moscow that tons of poisonous substances had been found after retaking territories from Syria rebels.
Emma Nottingham from the British Embassy has now decided to speak up at the Russian Foreign Ministry briefing, says there has been "a barrage of distortion and misinformation", and "an unlawful use of force against the United Kingdom."
Emma Nottingham from the British Embassy has decided to speak up at the Russian Foreign Ministry briefing.laying out the Sergei and Yulia Skirpal were poisoned by a military grade nerve agent of a type made by Russia
Poroshenko signed a law to ban weapons inside government buildings
The Russian Foreign Ministry briefing are showing satellite pictures suggesting new laboratories have been built at Porton Down6 月 前
The Russian Foreign Ministry briefing are showing satellite pictures suggesting new laboratories have been built at Porton Down
"Unacceptable what is happening in Afrin" Merkel's strongest wording yet on Turkey's military action in Syria stops short of condemnation, declaring it illegal unter
PM Theresa May: The quotas under which British fishermen are operating will not be changed during the transition period. @DefraGovUK is looking at how the fishing industry can be rebuilt after UK leaves
T-5 hours to the first launch of the year for humans. Soyuz FG with Soyuz MS-08 to the ISS
Pictures from Syria being shown as part of the Russian Foreign Ministry briefing on Salisbury
@JHahnEU: I strongly condemn the use of teargas. Such behaviour has no place in a democracy. On this important day, Kosovo leaders must assume their responsibilities and vote the demarcation agreement. Their citizens can only benefit from this step with visa liberation on the horizon. Getting this done will allow political life to concentrate on other important reforms that people need and want and will help the country make progress with its European orientation
Prime Minister Theresa May on Common Fisheries Policy: The government is committed to 1) "taking back control of our waters" post-Brexit 2) ensuring British fishermen are not discriminated against 3) rebuilding the fishing industry
Opposition MPs in Kosovo release tear gas into Parliament to prevent a vote6 月 前
Opposition MPs in Kosovo release tear gas into Parliament to prevent a vote
Merkel tells off her new interior minister Seehofer after his remarks on Islam not belonging to Germany: „as Government we have to conduct discussions in such a way that cohesion is increased and not reduced."
Moscow says likely more victims if chemical weapons used in spy poisoning
A Russian foreign ministry official says Britain may have orchestrated the nerve agent attack on former spy Sergei Skripal's daughter Yulia in Salisbury
Merkel: „our country is christian, but 4.5 million Muslims show that their faith long since has become a part of our country"
UK either behind spy poisoning or unable to stop 'terrorist attack': Moscow
Merkel strongly condemns the military campaign targeting the East Ghouta (especially because of the Russian position)
Ukrainians have protested opposite Downing Street in London, reminding Theresa May that they warned the world Putin would attack
RTVI says Sergey Lavrov will step down as foreign minister and will leave the government
US missile defence system mars Moscow's ties with Tokyo, Russian Foreign Minister tells Japan
EU proposes new tax targeting tech giants: commissioner
Washington blames Russia for supporting Taliban and sabotaging Afghan peace process. Moscow blames US for supporting ISIS's growth in Afghanistan
6 月 前
Two Koreas, U.S. end semiofficial talks in Finland
The new man is expected to be the former regional government spokesman under Mr. Puigdemont, Jordi Turull (PDeCat), another separatist still under investigation by the Supreme Court. For now, Turull is free on €100,000 bail and not in exile abroad
6 月 前
North Korean, South Korean, U.S. delegates had constructive meeting, host Finland says
Kremlin condemns British ambassador's decision to skip spy briefing
Vatican communications chief quits amid Benedict letter controversy: official
German foreign ministry spokesman says , on Turkish action in Afrin, international law must be upheld
6 月 前
MoD spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies attacked Stanytsia Luhanska with small arms, shelled Luhanske and Troitske with 82mm mortars, and used a ZU-23-2 antiaircraft autocannon in the latter. Donetsk sector – militants attacked Pisky and Avdiivka with light weapons.
EU approves buyout of Monsanto by German chemical firm Bayer: official
Putin, Trump Agree To Instruct Lavrov, Pompeo To Begin Preparations For Russian-U.S. Summit As Soon As Possible - Peskov
Salisbury spy attack police officer Nick Bailey set to leave hospital, ITV News understands
British ambassador will not attend Moscow meeting on spy attack: embassy
EU should defend its interests but avoid escalation in tariff row with U.S. said BusinessEurope director Markus Breyer. "Take them to the WTO" and threaten to apply safeguards
France's Sarkozy faces second day of questioning in Gaddafi funds case
E. Ghouta: government/Russia also used incendiary weapons to thwart another counter-attack by Jaish Islam in farms of Mesraba last night.
OFK Bank, 25 percent of which is owned by Putin's former classmate Nikolai Yegorov, goes into temporary administration.
Kaspersky is moving its servers which process data from U.S. and European users to Switzerland in response to spying allegations. Company docs say doing so will put data outside the jurisdiction of Russian security services
Duterte on ICC: 'you will not acquire jurisdiction over me,' raises due process like publication of law
Kudrin says there is a window of only two years for reforms before the next election campaign starts, pleads for transparency and predictability from the government
ROTATION: Built in Szczecin, Project 304M, Amur II class repair ship PM56 returns from 150 days Mediterranean deployment and transits Black Sea-bound Bosphorus en route to Sevastopol6 月 前
ROTATION: Built in Szczecin, Project 304M, Amur II class repair ship PM56 returns from 150 days Mediterranean deployment and transits Black Sea-bound Bosphorus en route to Sevastopol
5 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded - ATO HQ reports
Washington Post: Trump ignored warnings from his national security advisers when he congratulated Putin, including a section in his briefing materials in all-capital letters stating "DO NOT CONGRATULATE."
6 月 前
In Greece, in connection with the case of the murder of a journalist in Malta, a Russian woman Mariya Efimova was detained
Ukrainian MP Anton Gerashenko published general prosecutor's office request to Verkhovna Rada to arrest Savchenko, she is being accused in cooperation with terrorist organization DNR, preparing attacks
6 月 前
Russia Launches Military Exercises In Crimea, Abkhazia
4 suspected militants were killed on the border of Chechnya and Ingushetiya
Poland considers deporting Russian diplomats after poisoning of Skripal
Turkish Navy Burak class corvette F505 TCG Bafra southbound Chios Strait in Aegean Sea6 月 前
Turkish Navy Burak class corvette F505 TCG Bafra southbound Chios Strait in Aegean Sea
Armed man was killed in attack attempt on police station in Grozny, 1 policeman wounded
Cambridge Analytica says its board has suspended CEO Alexander Nix with immediate effect pending an investigation after Channel 4 investigative reports.
6 月 前
The RAF says an engineer has died after a Red Arrows jet crashed following an incident at RAF Valley in Anglesey in Wales
6 月 前
[email protected]: "We want to continue to have a dialogue with Russia."
White House says Trump is not considering or discussing the firing of Special Counsel Mueller
"We disagree with the fact that we shouldn't have conversations with Russia" says @PressSec when pressed on @SenJohnMcCain description of Russian elections as a "sham"
[email protected] on Russian election violations: "I don't believe it came up" on Trump-Putin call. Does WH see vote as free and fair? "We don't get to dictate how other countries operateWe can only focus on the freeness and fairness of our election." Skripal poisoning wasn't discussed.
White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, confirms Trump did not raise the Salisbury spy attempted murder with Putin when he spoke to him
White House says Trump did not raise issue of election meddling in call with Russia's Putin
6 月 前
Q: Does the @WhiteHouse believe the election in Russia was free and fair? @PressSec: "We don't get to dictate how other countries operate."
"We're going to continue to maintain the position that we have and be tough when necessary" on Russia, says @PressSec
6 月 前
"The president, once again, has maintained its important for us to have a dialogue with Russiaat the same we're going to continue to be tough with them," says @PressSec responding to @SenJohnMcCain criticism of @POTUS congratulating Putin for his re-election.
Lviv regional council called to sever relations with Russia
White House: We will continue dialogue with Russia to talk about common interests on Iran and North Korea
Full Statement by Senator McCain on President Trump congratulating Putin
Labour Party has announced its new general secretary is Jennie Formby from the trade union 'Unite'
EU's Juncker criticised for Putin congratulations
John McCain strikes back shortly after White House says Trump congratulated Putin today on his re-election victory
One wounded in Pisky today as result of shelling
Meanwhile there go the 23 expelled Russian diplomats from Stansted Airport6 月 前
Meanwhile there go the 23 expelled Russian diplomats from Stansted Airport
According to TASS all the foreign ambassadors in Moscow have been invited to a meeting at the Foreign Ministry tomorrow re the Salisbury case
Putin and Trump discussed Syria and Ukraine
Hungary will not be able to block cooperation between Ukraine and NATO: Foreign Ministry
Zakharova: Hypotheses about what substance was used in Salisbury distract from Britain's failure to present facts to Russia in the Skripal case - Interfax.
Kremlin: Putin and Trump discussed the possibility of a summit between them
Trump 'congratulated' Putin on re-election: Kremlin
Kremlin says trump and putin underlined importance of working together to rein in arms race
Russian diplomats are boarding Russian government Il-96 to leave UK
Picture of crashed Red Arrows hawk at RAF Valley airbase (pic: @steve__francis)6 月 前
Picture of crashed Red Arrows hawk at RAF Valley airbase (pic: @steve__francis)
President Trump spoke with President Putin this morning, White House official tells @NBCNews
6 月 前
UK Ministry of Defence says a Red Arrows jet has crashed after an incident at RAF Valley in Anglesey in Wales
6 月 前
The Ministry of Defence says a Red Arrow jet has crashed after an incident at RAF Valley in Anglesey in Wales
Tánaiste @simoncoveney -"nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. We will have to get agreement on the backstop - without that backstop agreement there will be no withdrawal treaty and there will be no transitional agreement which is part of the withdrawal treaty"
STRATCOM's General Hyten says cyber should be treated like space has been treated - talked about/viewed/considered as a warfighting domain
Czechs summon Russian ambassador over nerve toxin origin claims
1 killed, 5 wounded in gas explosion in Murmansk, North Russia
Impact of potentially pulling out of JCPOA on DPRK - "Any action the United States makes sends a message to everybody on the planet" says Gen Hyten "It will sends a message to North Korea. It will send messages to Russia China, our allies everybody is impacted"
In Murmansk, three floors of the apartment house collapsed, there are victims
"When I have my intel.., translate the Russian for me it is not 'escalate to deescalate,' it is 'escalate to win' and we have to deter that kind of response, That cannot be allowed" @US_Stratcom's General Hyten says of Russian doctrine and threa
Savchenko: There would never be a grenade explosion in the Verkhovna Rada if there were at least one innocent soul
"Russia's going to have, at least in the unclassified world, at least 11 different delivery platforms for low yield nuclear weapons that they can use in different places at different times - right we have one" says General Hyten on why need sub-launched low field nukes
"Our defense is deterrent capability" says @US_Stratcom's General Hyten, when asked about threat from Russia-China hypersonic missiles "We don't have any defense that could deny the deployment of such a weapon against us"
"The Russian doctrine will be to use a low-yield nuclear weapon on the battlefield in case of a conventional over-match with an adversary" says General Hyten, citing Putin's own words
US needs low yield nuclear weapons, @US_Stratcom Cmdr @usairforce General John Hyten tells SASC hearing - "That capability's a deterrence weapon to respond the threat that Russia in particular is portraying"
Two villages in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan 660 km apart set record for highest number of votes for Putin outside Russia - both coincidentally came up with 97.74 percent.
Trans-Baikal Regional Court gave ex-FSB employee 14 years in prison for treason in favor of China
6 月 前
Russian source in Maltese scandal surrenders to Greek police
6 月 前
Qatar is ready to supply liquefied gas to Ukraine - Poroshenko
Britain's Ministry of Defence withdraws offer to lead EU military after Brexit
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg summoned by UK lawmakers to give evidence regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal
British MPs ask Facebook's Zuckerberg to give evidence on data row
Gove: It is the view of this govt and the House that we need to make sure that this implementation period succeeds in order to grab the greater prize that is Brexit
Gove: We believe that when we leave the EU, we should leave the Common Fisheries. That is not the position of anyone else in this House
"Hope we will not have to react" to US steel tariffs Merkel says after meeting Irish PM ahead of EU summit. Working on "compromise": EU trade commissioner @MalmstromEU and German trade Minister @Altmaier in Washington along with German and other G20 finance ministers
"Ireland can rely on us" over Brexit Merkel tells Irish PM Leo Varadkar in Berlin ahead of EU Summit
Gove: The UK share of quotas will not change during implementation period
UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Gove: Our proposal to the EU, we would sit alongside other coastal states as an equal partner we pressed hard to secure this outcome but we are disappointed that the EU wasn't prepared to move
Irish PM Leo Varadkar has said he is seeing steady progress on Brexit negotiations, but more needs to be done in the coming weeks and months
Soviet-era scientist says he helped create poison in UK spy attack row
General Prosecutor's office for the third time questioned Savchenko in the case of Maidan
Moldova will return to Russia the Ambassador withdrawn in December
In response to recommendations regarding the rule of law, Polish government rejected the allegations of the European Commission
Irish Data Protection Commissioner says 'following up' with Facebook on oversight of app developers, third parties that utilize their platform
The Russian Army announces the control of 65% of Goutha Syria
UK business lobby says Brexit deal a victory for pragmatism
Slovakia's president refuses to approve new cabinet: official
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says a sample of the nerve agent used to poison former spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury should be given to Russian officials
EU sets May 26 for 2019 EU parliament election
6 月 前
Serbian PM threatens to resign over colleagues' 'personal vanities': state media
23 Russian diplomats deemed by Britain to have been "undeclared intelligence officers" and expelled over Skripal poisoning are on their way back to Moscow. Three buses seen leaving the Russian embassy in London today.
Inquiry into Philippines not impacted by ICC withdrawal: criminal court
6 月 前
ATO spox: Yesterday, Russian proxies delivered a single small arms attack in Novohryhorivka village (Donetsk sector) wounding in action one Ukrainian serviceman. Ukrainian troops did not return fire.
Three buses with diplomatic number plates have left the Russian embassy in London after Prime Minister Theresa May ordered 23 Russian diplomats to leave the UK over the spy poisoning
Roskomnadzor gave Telegram 15 days to provide the Russian FSB with encryption keys
2 killed as result of grenade explosion at market in Chisinau
Explosion hits store in Moldova's capital Chisinau, several people were killed - report
6 月 前
Norway's justice minister quits to avert government collapse
After meeting with US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, German Economy Minister @PeterAltmaier said both sides had the "impression" it was possible to find a "solution" this week to avoid a serious trade conflict between the US and the EU. "It's not certain, but I see a chance."
Moscow awaits Russian diplomats ordered to leave Britain
Former French president Sarkozy questioned in custody over allegations of campaign financing by Libya's Gaddafi
EU firms scale back presence in UK as Brexit nears - survey
Case of Libyan financing: the former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy has been in GAV since this morning on the premises of the Office anticorruption. (Mediapart)
British authorities say they've recovered a car in connection with the novichok nerve toxin attack on a former Russian spy earlier this month.
G20 pushes for free trade as U.S. vows to defend national interest
Photo: French mercenary Philippe Khalfine near Yasynuvata, occupied Donetsk region
1 attack on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
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