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22 九 2018

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Russia joins European Union, India and China in demanding compensation from U.S. for its tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.
Clashes at Pisky, North-West Donetsk
5 月 前
Occupied south Ossetia invited Bashar al Assad to visit Tskhinvali after South Ossetia's "president" met with Syrian economy minister in Yalta.
Mueller spox on Bloomberg story
The site of the state enterprise "Antonov" again was hacked and fake statements about Ukroboronprom was placed
Massive arms seizure in Kyiv. Haul includes 5 MON-50 anti-personnel mines, 8 RPG-18 rockets, a ton of RGD-5 grenades, RPG series rockets and a cornucopia of firearms
The Romanian government announces it will be it's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, following the U.S decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem next month.
The Russian Foreign Ministry promised a tough response to the detention of the crew of the ship Nord in Ukraine
Special Counsel's interest in @PaulManafort stemmed in part from his suspected role as a "back channel" between the @realDonaldTrump campaign and Russia intent on meddling in Election2016, a judge is told by a lawyer for @TheJusticeDept.
5 月 前
Two Crimean Tatars found dead in Simferopol jail
Pashinyan: "Tomorrow morning at 8:15 a.m. we will be closing all the streets of Yerevan" He then went on to name all the suburbs of Yerevan
Russian MFA says about possibility of canceling of direct flights to U.S
Germany, France won't seek special trade deal with U.S. - Scholz
Pentagon: 2 Russian frigates were close to USS Donald Cook in E Med, but never threatened American warship, U.S. jets were overhead throughout allied missile strike, Lt. Gen. McKenzie says
"Russian air defenses were energized, they were scanning. They had a mainstay air defense aircraft up" @thejointstaff's LtGen McKenzie says of combined strike on Syria chem weapons sites "They did not choose to engage"
Russia's behavior during the US, UK, France airstrikes in relation to the USS Donald Cook were "professional" says @thejointstaff's LtGen McKenzie
DUP leader Arlene Foster has said the ill-fated Renewable Heat Incentive scheme was not a "personal priority" for her and she wishes she had asked more questions about it
@ChiefPentSpox: As expected, Russia immediately began a misinformation campaign to sow doubt and confusion to hide its complicity. Russia falsely claimed Syria air defense shot down a significant number of missiles when in fact, all of our missiles hit their targets
@ChiefPentSpox: The Russian manufactured air defense systems were totally ineffective. Russia and the Assad government demonstrated the ineffectiveness of their systems, again, 2 days later when those systems engage accidentally
Trump administration announces overhaul of U.S. arms export policy aimed at expanded sales to U.S. allies
China's Xi Jinping, Britain's Theresa May agree chemical weapons use 'unacceptable'
Nikol Pashinyan is telling police/security personnel to put down their weapons and reject Serzh Sargsyan. Situation continues to remain tense. Yerevan
Petr Pavel: Thanks again to NATO's great partner Ukraine and Gen Muzhenko @VikMuzhenko for hosting such a fruitful visit of the NATOMC.
Russia's internet research agency troll farm is recruiting "English-speaking journalists" to work on its "Wake Up, America." campaign
The Parliament of Belarus adopted in the first reading amendments to the law on the media. Thanks to them, you can now block websites without a court decision, and site owners are required to identify all users, including forum commentators5 月 前
The Parliament of Belarus adopted in the first reading amendments to the law on the media. Thanks to them, you can now block websites without a court decision, and site owners are required to identify all users, including forum commentators
Slack blocked in Russia
Police Confront Armenian Opposition Protesters In Yerevan. Photos by @RFERL's Amos Chapple on the ground
US Department of State: Armenia Demonstration Alert: Demonstrations are continuing throughout downtown Yerevan, as well as in Gyumri, Vanadzor, Spitak, and Armavir with no set end date. Roads are congested. Avoid areas of demonstrations and exercise caution.
Riot police rush to get into position as thousands march on government in Yerevan Armenia RejectSerzh Video by Arman Khachatryan
Britain's MPs to debate EU customs union membership
Britain's health minister faces investigation over luxury flats purchase
Russian MFA spokeswoman claims that Russian military in Douma found smoke grenades made in Salisbury, UK
Ukraine started to jam Russian TV channels signals in ATO zone
IMF's Lagarde warns against harming trade, investment, key engines of growth
We also addressed the situation in Syria. We cannot accept the normalisation of the use of chemical weapons. We condemn their use and do everything we can to ensure that the international ban is upheld – @jensstoltenberg with Dutch PM
Netherlands is increasing defence spending and I welcome that Netherlands is investing in high end capabilities, such as F-35 aircraft and new warships and submarines – @jensstoltenberg
5 月 前
NATO SACEUR meeting with Gerasimov in Baku is complete. Officers discussed military exercises and posture, officials said.
Today I discussed with PM @markrutte how the NATO summit in July will set the direction of our Alliance in the years ahead: we will modernise our Alliance to meet the challenges we face – @jensstoltenberg
Moscow recommends that London doesn't rush to destroy evidence in Skripal Case
Netherlands also helps project stability beyond our borders, as part of NATO's @ResoluteSupport Mission in Afghanistan and training security forces in Afghanistan – @jensstoltenberg
I want to thank Netherlands for its contributions: over 250 Dutch troops are part of NATO's battlegroup in Lithuania. Next year, Dutch forces will join Germany and Norway in leading our rapid reaction Spearhead Force – @jensstoltenberg
The SBU says it has exposed the channel of supply of illegal weapons from the EU and the United States
Western coalition aimed to give a break to militants by striking Syria - Moscow
The engineers working for the Silicon-Valley based tech giant Synopsis, the largest IT employer in Armenia, have gone on strike in support of the pro-democracy protests. The Tech generation that Sargsyan pretends to support has just come out against him
Merkel tells @EmmanuelMacron need 'ability to compromise' - but her ability to do just that limited by own @cdu party MPs worried about German tax money
Crash at Belfast international airport - reports two dead
Japan protested in connection with the military exercise in the Kuril islands area
Light aircraft reported to have crashed at Ballyhill Road, Nutt's Corner - @NIFRSOFFICIAL has confirmed they're dealing with an aircraft on fire at the scene
[email protected]: The banking union is part of European convergence and solidarity, but solidarity does not work without responsibility
Chancellor Angela Merkel speaking with President @EmmanuelMacron: We can find a solution in the development of the European banking unionwe can have a common protection system for funds, we need solidarity in Europe
Chinese President XiJinping and British Prime Minister Theresa May agreed on Thursday to further promote the "Golden Era" of bilateral ties during a telephone conversation
The Met Office says the highest temperature of the year so far of 26C (78.8F) has been recorded at Heathrow Airport
Chinese President Xi Jinping tells British Prime Minister Theresa May over phone alleged chemical attack in Syria needs comprehensive, just, objective probe
Britain's Labour Party tells financiers: pay higher taxes if you want influence
RIA news agency reports Russia's deputy foreign minister says Syrian rebels are preventing chemical weapons inspectors from accessing Douma in Syria
5 月 前
Report: EU gave asylum to more than half a million refugees in 2017
5 月 前
Pakistan, Poland sign defence cooperation agreement
5 月 前
"Together we can take on some of the 21st century's biggest questions" - @theresa_may urging CHOGM2018 leaders to tackle climatechange and plastics
5 月 前
Kremlin says can't rule out further unfriendly U.S moves in future
Top @NATO general is met with @presidentaz as well5 月 前
Top @NATO general is met with @presidentaz as well
Armored Personnel Carrier on Melik Adamyan St. in downtown Yerevan. It is located right behind the first government building and in front of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia offices. There is increased police presence in key areas of the city
President Ilham Aliyev received a delegation led by the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces5 月 前
President Ilham Aliyev received a delegation led by the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces
Libya- first official announcement by France regarding Haftar since he was hospitalized states that he is "in good health condition"
Occupation authorities in Donetsk region reports that 3 civilians were injured by sniper at Maryinka checkpoint today at noon
The Ambassador of Serbia refused to accept a protest note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia
Prince Charles: "The Commonwealth can be a cornerstone to the lives of future generations"
For your service, dedication and constancy, we thank you @theresa_may thanks The Queen5 月 前
"For your service, dedication and constancy, we thank you" @theresa_may thanks The Queen
5 月 前
India to invest more than 1 billion pounds in UK
5 月 前
Russia demands compensation at World Trade Organization for U.S. steel and aluminium tariffs, following similar move by China, India and EU - WTO filing
5 月 前
U.S. hopes for success in talks with Europeans on Iran nuclear deal
Near-riot situation in Zakarpatia region after 14y.o boy was stabbed and killed
EU says may impose more sanctions on Venezuela if democracy undermined
Labour's @jeremycorbyn setting out his plan to build 1m affordable homes over 10yrs, with a new definition to make sure they are "genuinely" affordable
Kremlin is not considering possibility to introduce China-style internet-filter system - Kremlin Spox Peskov
Putin to chair meeting of Russian National Security council today - Peskov
Instead of just telling travellers how dangerous different parts of the world are, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows them in maps.5 月 前
Instead of just telling travellers how dangerous different parts of the world are, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows them in maps.
Kremlin says unfriendly moves by US towards Russia still continue, can't rule out more moves in future because of Washington's unpredictability
First Deputy Chief of Ukrainian Navy Hladkiy dismissed
The suspect in the preparation of the terrorist act was arrested in Stavropol
The suspect in the preparation of the terrorist act was arrested in Stavropol
5 月 前
Report: Top Russian, NATO generals to discuss Syria, Europe in Baku
Verkhovna Rada has approved and supported the appeal of @poroshenko to Archbishop Bartolommeo re creation of Unified Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Opposition block(Kremlin supporters) tried to stop voting and blocked a tribune.
Verkhovna Rada Voting on statement for Single Local Orthodox Church. For - 268
Poroshenko in the Verkhovna Rada again speaks about the appeal to Bartholomew
5 月 前
Merkel's coalition partners reject her proposal on beefed up Eurogroup
5 月 前
CETA will be groundwork for UK-Canada trade post-Brexit, says Trudeau
Poland's efforts in rule of law dispute with EU insufficient, says Commission Vice President
Uk government suffers two defeats on the EU Withdrawal Bill in the House of Lords
Protesters keep walking through the streets of Yerevan. They are on Arshakunyants St. asking drivers to honk their horns if they're against prime minister Serzh Sargsyan. Photos by Roubina Margossian
5 月 前
The Armenian Armed Forces, using sniper rifles and mortars, violated the ceasefire 102 times - Azerbaijan Armed Forces
Russia launched the second military communication Blagovest, it is also a product of 14F149. It was supposed that it would be launched in the end of 2017, but the tests failed and one of the devices was dismantled.
Trump's ex-campaign chief Manafort to seek dismissal of charges5 月 前
Trump's ex-campaign chief Manafort to seek dismissal of charges
Indian Prime Minister Modi confronted by angry protests in London5 月 前
Indian Prime Minister Modi confronted by angry protests in London
50 attacks on Ukrainian positions, 2 soldiers were wounded
5 月 前
PM Theresa May suffers a Brexit defeat that could eventually push Britain to keep closer ties with the EU
5 月 前
[email protected]: US will punish Russia with sanctions 'as soon as they very much deserve it'
5 月 前
[email protected]: "There has been nobody tougher on Russia than President @realDonaldTrump."
Trump administration notified Russian Embassy in Washington no additional US sanctions were coming -Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman to CNN
NATO Military representatives met in L'viv for the first time
U.S. Navy Ship USS Porter is visiting Helsinki April 18 - 22.5 月 前
U.S. Navy Ship USS Porter is visiting Helsinki April 18 - 22.
Ukraine: KB Luch has shared a video showing 300-mm guided missile Vilkha hitting a target (earlier they published only launch footage). Vilkha missile system is undergoing the state testing and may enter service if passes them5 月 前
Ukraine: KB Luch has shared a video showing 300-mm guided missile Vilkha hitting a target (earlier they published only launch footage). Vilkha missile system is undergoing the state testing and may enter service if passes them
Migration route data from @DTM_IOM @UNmigration in current MSCreport5 月 前
Migration route data from @DTM_IOM @UNmigration in current MSCreport
5 月 前
Croatian delegation cuts short Serbia visit after insults in parliament
Aviation of Western Military District from Privolshky airfield were redeployed to home bases in Tver region
Felix Klein is Germany's first Antisemitism commissioner. He wants to tackle the anti-Semitism problem through prevention
Donetsk water treatment is completely stopped, personnel evacuated for at least 5 days
Poroshenko met with the Primates of the Orthodox Churches of Ukraine
Ukrainian police announce the arrest of 16-year-old operating AZORult CandC servers. Police found passwords and cryptocurrency wallet keys on his PC
Russian Ministry of Defense denied Ukrainian Security service information about using cruiser Varyag to transport PMC Wagner mercenaries to Syria
Ukraine test-fires advanced version of SKIF anti-tank guided missile
EU passes bill to promote anti-hate education in Palestinian schools
Russia's attorney general says Boris Berezovsky was killed to keep him from leaving Britain with 'secrets' about Litvinenko's murder
Donetsk water treatment plant is stopped after shelling, 5 employees injured and are being treated in hospital
Comey: There are things about Trump-Russia probe that public doesn't know yet
5 月 前
Aliyev: today's Armenia occupies the historical lands of Azerbaijan
Spain Finance Minister Montoro in El Mundo interview on Monday: "I don't know what money was used to pay for those Chinese ballot boxes on October 1, or to pay for Puigdemont's expenses. But I know it wasn't public money"
The British PM and PM Modi agreed that terrorist and extremist organisations need to be denied space to radicalise, recruit and conduct attacks on innocent people; for this all countries need to work together to disrupt terrorist networks, their financing and movement of militants: Indian MFA
British PM and PM Modi agreed to strengthen cooperation to take decisive actions against globally-proscribed militants and terror entities to protect citizens, including Lashkar-e-Tayibba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, Haqqani Network, Al Qaeda, ISIS and their affiliates: Indian MFA
In fact the 4 @OPCW designated laboratories did not detect BZ in any of the samples collected in Salisbury
Supreme Court orders finance minister to prove no public funds spent on Catalan separatist referendum
@CMC_NATO: Official welcome to Ukraine with Honour Guard. NATOMC visit sends strong signal of NATO's continuing support to Ukraine
The German government has announced plans to propose the ban of the neo-Nazi party NPD at the constitutional court. Federal Council recently pushed a motion for Germany's highest court to apply a law that would see the far-right NPD cut off from state funding for six years.
5 月 前
[email protected]: Slippery James Comey, the worst FBI Director in history, was not fired because of the phony Russia investigation where, by the way, there was NO COLLUSION (except by the Dems).
OFCOM has started SEVEN new impartiality investigations into Russia Today relating to their coverage of the Skripal chemical attack
UK PM May: I think it is incredibly important for us to show a clear signal that we will not accept and tolerate anti-semitism in any form
UK PM May: We have a special responsibility to change hearts and minds through the Commonwealth Many of those laws were put there through this country and I deeply regret that. We stand by to help any of those countries who seek to make changes to legislation
Russia: our response to U.S. sanctions will be precise and painful
"Decision to destroy the landing cards was taken in 2009 under a Labour govt" says UK PM
Windrush generation are British and we have no intention of telling anyone to leave who has the right to remain - UK Prime Minister Theresa May
Theresa May reveals that the decision to destroy the landing cards of Windrush migrants was taken in 2009 by the then Labour government
Theresa May says she is not aware of any Windrush migrants being removed from the UK
Belgian companies exported 96 tons of isopropanol to Syria between 2014 and 2016, in defiance of EU sanctions
Britain opens seven investigations into Russia's RT news channel
Ofcom send warning shot to Russia Today "since the events in Salisbury, we have observed a significant increase in the number of programmes on the RT service that warrant investigation as potential breaches of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code".
"It is highly likely that the Russian Federation is responsible and that there is no plausible alternative explanation" say EU on Novichok use in Salisbury. Albania, Macedonia, Norway, Iceland, Ukraine and Georgia "align themselves with this statement"
"We face a clear case of a new family of toxic chemicals intended to kill" say the EU in their statement to the OPCW Salisbury was the first known example of novichok being used as a weapon
Germany chancellor Merkel to visit @WhiteHouse on April 27.
UK's Ofcom opens 7 new investigations into RT, says outcome to be announced "as soon as possible"
Last night a bridge in Berezivsyke of Luhansk region was blown up
Army General of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko held a working meeting with strategic advisers from the United States, Great Britain and Canada,
Ukrainian Security service detained Russian citizen, who participated in Syrian campaign, and witnessed about PMC Wagner
Ukrainian Security service detained Russian citizen, who participated in Syrian campaign, and witnessed about PMC Wagner
Aieplane traveling from London to Tel Aviv was forced into an emergency landing in Vienna on Wednesday after legendary Israeli singer Tzvika Pik fell ill on-board
Germany's Merkel will visit White House for series of bilateral meetings on April 27 -White House
'Russia's reckless behaviour' violates ban on chemical arms: British ambassador
Dashcam footage captures the moment members of the public tackled a knife-carrying man as he was fleeing police on a bicycle in Cardiff, Wales.
Report: Russia's Lavrov to hold talks with U.N. Syria envoy on Friday
5 月 前
Turkey's EU envoy Omer Celik says the EU's policy towards Turkey regarding Cyprus issue is blackmail
5 月 前
To try breaking post-vote impasse in Italy, President of the Republic gives Senate speaker an exploratory mandate to find an agreement between centre-right and Five Stars on possible majority. An update is expected by Friday this week
5 月 前
MoD spox: 1/2 Luhansk sector – Russian proxies shelled inhabited Zaitseve with 122mm and 152mm artillery deployed in occupied Horlivka. The shelling damaged several households. Fortunately, the shelling resulted in no civilian casualties.
Two caches of militants destroyed in the mountains of Chechnya by FSB border guards
5 月 前
Soldier killed in mine explosion in Nagorno-Karabakh
Crowds walking down Tigran Mets now, calling on residents to come down from their apts and join the revolution. Photo by Hovhannes Nazertyan
2 trains derailed in Novosibirsk region
Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Petr Pavel: The NATOMC and I are heading to Ukraine. We will meet CHoD @VikMuzhenko and @OSCE_SMM + visit the @ArmyAcademyUA and the IPSC in Yavoriv + hold a special meeting with to discuss progress of reforms and NATO-Ukraine military cooperation.
Russian news agencies say U.S. told Moscow no new sanctions for
German officials say the suspects linked to the alleged trafficking ring ran three brothels in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Siegen
German police raid Porsche execs in diesel probe: prosecutors
German authorities detain more than 100 people as they raid 62 properties in an investigation into an alleged human trafficking ring set up to bring Thai women and transsexuals to Germany to work as prostitutes
Global chemical arms watchdog starts talks on Russian spy poison case: diplomatic sources
Spanish state unable to cope with two million separatist voters on October 1 but avoided "massacre", say most senior Spanish judges, who confirm Catalonia declared independence
House of Lords expected to inflict embarrassing Brexit defeat on May's government
Map of countries where @Telegram messenger has been banned by national governments
Protesters moving from street to street in Yerevan. Earlier, they were able to reach Baghramyan 26, the PM's office, then moved back to France Square where dozens of students were apprehended, moving on Heratsi St. Yerevan RejectSerzh
I hope we can work together for the people of both India and UK: British PM Theresa May in meeting with PM Modi
[email protected]_EU Commissioner @MalmstromEU: All EU trade agreements (such as with Japan and Singapore) enforced will include the UK, but after Brexit the UK will leave these agreements and it will be up to them to negotiate new deals
5 月 前
Turkey's EU envoy Omer Celik says EU report on Turkey does not provide fair, objective criticisms with positive future perspectives
I'm confident that new energy will be added to our ties after today's meeting. I'm happy that UK will be part of International Solar Alliance, I believe this is not only fight against climate change but our responsibility for future generations: Indian PM Modi in meeting with British PM
[email protected]: DG Trade cannot start work on future UK-EU trade relationship until after UK has left and EU Council has given a mandate
[email protected]: DG Trade has not been talking to third parties about the future of UK's trade agreements with them post-Brexit, as it is not a task for the EU, but for the UK
5 月 前
Athens on Wednesday responded to a statement issued by Turkey which disputed Greece's territorial sovereignty over the Imia islets in the eastern Aegean
Indian Prime Minister @narendramodi meets British PM @theresa_may at 10 Downing Street in London
Germany and France will seek "common solutions" on Eurozone by June, says Merkel
EP Brexit coordinator concerned over EU citizens' rights post-Brexit
UK PM May faces embarrassing Brexit defeat in upper house
Putin still wants to make a deal with Donald Trump, even after sanctions and Syria
Tusk: Nowhere must the use of chemical weapons become normalised, or without consequences. US, UK and France airstrikes in Syria were necessary and proportionate to deter future use. Russia and Iran should stop playing games and engage in finding peaceful solution
New vid of protesters in front of Baghramyan 26, PM's office. Protesters are also on Demirdjyan St. which is the route Serzh Sargsyan uses to get to work Yerevan Armenia Not clear where the country's new PM is.
45 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed another 3 wounded
German authorities have launched the country's largest ever police raids amid a nationwide crackdown against organized crime
Also, the NYT reports Trump started yelling at his TV when he "recently" saw Haley on criticizing Russia
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