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18 八一 2018

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Hungary government officials are displaying this chart in town halls: Soros is operating a whole network in Hungary and Europe. Names specific NGOs, media outlets, think tanks, and opposition parties.9 月 前
Hungary government officials are displaying this chart in town halls: "Soros is operating a whole network in Hungary and Europe." Names specific NGOs, media outlets, think tanks, and opposition parties.
Saakashvilli says that his 11y.o son with bodyguard was detained in Boryspil
Three hurt after being deliberately run over by a car near Toulouse, France - police
9 月 前
Trump left APEC summit without talking to Putin
9 月 前
Chinese President XiJinping says China, Russia are strategic partners that truly trust each other
9 月 前
Xi, Putin discuss Korean Peninsula situation during APEC meeting in Vietnam
Cyprus has already dispatched two shipments of Serb-made Zastava assault rifles and ammunition to Kurdish fighters, delivered by US authorities.
Cyprus' foreign minister says his country to send more light arms and ammunition it no longer needs to Peshmerga to assist in their fight against the ISIS.
Putin and Trump at APEC summit in Vietnam
9 月 前
Kommersant FM 93.6: Putin and Trump greeted each other on outskirts of APEC summit in Vietnam.
9 月 前
Kosovo says 'false' arrest warrant for PM undermines dialogue with Serbia
Puigdemont is "ready", as a moral duty, to lead an independent citizens' candidacy for the December 21 election
NATO created the hype around the exercise "Zapad-2017" — Shoigu
Speaker of Catalonia's sacked parliament leaves jail: Interior Ministry
Luhansk Airport was bombarded by Russia Army Scarab-B (Tochka) ballistic missiles from RU territory on Sep 1, 2014: Ukraine ECHR representative citing court papers.
9 月 前
We'll buy arms from Russia, Philippines' Duterte tells Putin
EU's Barnier says needs answer on Brexit bill within two weeks
N. Ireland Brexit solution 'cannot create new border' inside UK - David Davis says
9 月 前
OSCE’s Hug: Sides make accusations and excuses when children die., instead of implementing Minsk agreements as required. It is time to stop killing, injuring and traumatizing children. No more excuses
9 月 前
OSCE’s Alexander Hug: Children in danger when going to school across contact line; risk of shelling/shooting and unexploded ordnance/mines. Sides claim to protect civilians esp children but kids face daily risks. When children die/ injured in e Ukraine, it is not an accident
9 月 前
Hug: Kids die in Ukraine because sides put weapons and installations in/near homes and schools: 21 schools non-functional because of shelling/gunfire; 11 occupied by soldiers/armed persons FactsMatter
“Cannot create new border within Ireland”, says @DavidDavisMP, but I still haven’t heard any “creative”, realistic solution for Brexit
[email protected] on Brexit bill: "It is just a matter of settling accounts, as with any separation". On N Ireland: The "unique" situation on the Irish border requires specific solutions
@MichelBarnier says: “We are not asking for nor expect concessions from the UK.” On Brexit bill: “It’s just a matter of settling accounts”
9 月 前
Hug: In Donetsk’s Kyivskyi dist, SMM saw homes damaged, civilians scared and traumatized, at least 2 hurt. In city’s Petrovskyi dist, 9-yr-old boy died and 2 hurt by unexploded ordnance in school playground; 31-yr-old woman had gunshot wound. 39 children killed/injured in 2017 so far
On citizens rights "we made progress but need further work," EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Barnier says
[email protected] makes clear no announcements or decisions should be expected today after latest Brexit negotiations in Brussels
9 月 前
Hug: SMM saw impacts @ 2 water facilities nr Yasynuvata where large amount of chlorine held. If directly hit, could be a humanitarian and ecological disaster in Ukraine.
9 月 前
OSCE’s Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug: Last week more than 5,000 ceasefire violations were recorded in eastern Ukraine, the majority of these were in the Avdiivka-Yasynuvata-Donetsk airport area FactsMatter
9 月 前
OSCE’s Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug: 503 SMM monitors in eastern Ukraine are doing exactly what has been asked of them. Last week SMM monitors faced restrictions on freedom of movement on both sides of the contact line
9 月 前
OSCE’s Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug: Instead of blaming one another – or SMM monitors – the sides need to realize that they’re responsible for the carnage in eastern Ukraine
9 月 前
OSCE’s Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug: Last week SMM recorded sharp uptick in violence in certain areas of eastern Ukraine although overall levels of violence has not increased FactsMatter
9 月 前
Media briefing by OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug
Catalan speaker has bail paid, may leave jail - court source says
Budget airline easyJet has appointed Johan Lundgren as its new chief executive
No evidence Saudi Arabia detaining Hariri: Germany
Belgium increases the number of soldiers deployed in the NATO Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan
Uber says it will appeal against the rejection of its bid to overturn the decision that drivers deserve workers' rights
9 月 前
ATO spox: 1/2 Donetsk sector – ceasefire violations recorded at Avdiivka, Slavne and Vodyane.
9 月 前
ATO spox: Luhansk sector 2/2- After 22:00, the opponent blindly released 20 rounds of 122-mm howitzers towards our reference points near Staryi Aydar
Uber loses employment rights case in Britain - lawyers say
9 月 前
ATO spox: Luhansk sector 1/2– Russian proxies committed 14 ceasefire violation.
9 月 前
ATO spox: Over the previous day of hostilities, UAF incurred no fatalities, 2 service members were WIA
9 月 前
ATO spox: In total, over the past 24 hours, Russia-backed militants committed 19 ceasefire violations
Ireland sees 'way to go' before agreement on border in Brexit talks
Mikhail Zadornov died at the age of 69 years
Ukraine’s unique AN-70 STOL aircraft to take part in Dubai Airshow 20179 月 前
Ukraine’s unique AN-70 STOL aircraft to take part in Dubai Airshow 2017
2 Russian military killed, 6 wounded as result of explosion at Tsugol firing range
9 月 前
Duterte: "Thank you Mr. President. President Putin, sir, I'm very happy to see you again. This time double the enthusiasm and gratitude of my country, the PH. I really wanted to stay longer at the timebut it was very important for me to go back because I had to declare ML."
9 月 前
Putin to Duterte: "It's a great pleasure to meet you again. I do remember your final words you told me, while you were in Russia, you told me that you had to go back and restore order to attack terrorist. I'd like to say that you managed to do just that."
Kremlin to reporters: in one way or another Putin and Trump will meet
9 月 前
@RRD_Davao starts his bilateral meeting with Russian President Putin
@RRD_Davao greets President Putin9 月 前
@RRD_Davao greets President Putin
Russian President Putin arrives in room for bilateral meeting with Philippines President Duretrte9 月 前
Russian President Putin arrives in room for bilateral meeting with Philippines President Duretrte
Kremlin: “The consultations continue. There is no final understanding yet” about Putin meeting with Trump at APECVN2017
19 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded
Schiphol Airport: all employees have been evacuated after a snifer dog detected a suspicious item Photo credit van Davey Photography
DHL Cargo center at Schiphol Airport evacuated thanks to a suspicious package.
Hamburg Airport has been closed off due to a group of refugees trespassing on the airfield, currently no take off or landing, airport is expected to reopen soon
European Parliament proposes new ways to intensify EU relations with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova ahead of the Eastern Partnership Summit on 24 November.
According to NBC Trump's former bodyguard Schiller says Russians offered Trump 5 women in a hotel room but the Donald said no.
Hamburg Airport is closed - all flights are holding or diverting, no departures. Reason currently unknown (not weather related)
Spain’s government is pushing for the release of eight former Catalan officials, source says
9 月 前
“Certainly if you threaten the underpinnings of our basic fabric of democracy you should respect a response from the US government" per Joyce re: Russia meddling
Spain's state prosecutor asks judge to jail Catalan Parliament speaker and three lawmakers
May to host talks with European business chiefs on Brexit - sources
Macron unexpectedly heads to Riyadh to discuss crises with Crown Prince=
Several metro stations in Kyiv opened after bomb scare. No explosives found
Penny Mordaunt replaces Priti Patel as UK International Development Secretary
Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones says "I had no alternative but to take the action that I did and I hope that people will understand that"
Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones says he acted "by the book" over the sacking of former minister Carl Sargeant
Ukrainian civilian finds a MON-50 anti-personnel landmine, 3 grenades, and 2 RPG rounds in a forested area in Donetsk
Police in Zaporizhiye exposed orginized crime group
The heads of Russia and Kazakhstan discussed cooperation between the two countries
9 月 前
Macron: Iran's activities in the region is deeply concerning
9 月 前
Macron says will be in Saudi Arabia today after leaving Dubai, will discuss Yemen and Lebanon with Saudi Crown Prince
French President Manuel Macron heading to Saudi Arabia tonight
France's Macron says sanctions could be possibility over Iran's ballistic missile program
9 月 前
One person is hit by gunfire in Copenhagen
Kosachev calls US Justice Dept's demand on RT "a very dirty political game".
At least 2 killed in explosion in Izhevsk
.@statedeptspox: We don't agree with Russia on a ton of things, but it is an area of agreement and that is fighting ISIS.9 月 前
[email protected]: "We don't agree with Russia on a ton of things, but it is an area of agreement and that is fighting ISIS."
At least 14 activists protesting against Putin during his visit to Chelyabinsk have been detained.
Putin: Projects to defend the Earth from meteorites should be implemented at the international level.
Putin says that a potential ban on Russian competitors in the Winter Olympics in February could be connected with an attempt to make the Russian government look bad ahead of the presidential election in March.
Washington orders RTAmerica to register as foreign agent by Monday
Video of explosion in Izhevsk
9 月 前
“The president must raise it” says Amb Wedy Sherman, re election interference, if/when @POTUS meets with Putin
9 月 前
“Putin tries to fill any vacuum anybody else leaves” says former Amb. Wendy Sherman on Russian leader
9 月 前
OSCE: News briefing by OSCE SMM Alexander Hug 10 November, 13:30, at Interfax-Ukraine
9 月 前
“The question is how the president [Trump] conducts this meeting and whether he understands ever how impactful Russia is on this world” says former Amb Sherman
Russian media: Putin says US wants to cause problems at Russian presidential vote
9 月 前
Will there be a bilat between Russia's Putin and @POTUS in Vietnam? Depends -could be a pull-aside, says fmr Amb Wendy Sherman - says she's hearing admin trying to press Putin for some understandings on Syria"
Photo: training of Ukrainian national guard
Apartment block partially collapsed in Izhevsk, likely cause of gas explosion
EU fails to agree five-year licence renewal for controversial weedkiller glyphosate, which critics believe causes cancer
9 月 前
Mi-8 helicopter with 10 people on board lost in Komi republic of Russia
UK's May faces Brexit balancing act to replace scandal-hit minister
US Secretary Defence Mattis: If you want to have a NATO that is truly capable of protecting Allies, you have to work together, including on moving troops across borders. We salute the Netherlands for their proposed solution to military mobility problems; EU will meet next week about it and we support EU’s efforts to implement solutions
Mattis: "When you sign treaties you have to live up to those treaties." #INF
SecDef Mattis: NATO is nuclear armed alliance, and it’s natural and necessary to have discussions on this; we talked about Russia’s INF violations and collective efforts to bring Russia back into compliance
US Secretary Defence Mattis says he's "never been more impressed" by collective understanding of NATO allies toward shared challenges/threats
US Defence Secretary Mattis says "two dozen" NATO and partner nations have pledged to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan along with US troop boost
24y.o. man killed in Kyiv as result of grenade explosion
US Secretary Defence Mattis at NATO: 2014 was watershed year in Europe; it confirmed Russia as strategic competitor to NATO and also saw the violent rise of terrorism in form of ISIS
Speaking at NATO, US Defence Secretary Mattis says Russia is making incessant efforts to interfere in US politics; discussed with allies US view that Russia has breached INF Treaty
NATO chief @jensstoltenberg says it is not possible yet to give a final count on the new troop levels in Afghanistan
"European capitals are closer to North Korea than is, for example, Washington," reminds @jensstoltenberg after NATO dinner discussion on nuclear threat. "Russia has a special role to playto make sure sanctions are fully implemented."
PM Netanyahu met with Moldavian PM Pavel Filip. PM Netanyahu congratulated 25 years of relations between the countries.
In addition to USA, other NATO Allies and partners will continue to provide $1 bn/year to the Afghan defence and security forces until at least 2020 - @jensstoltenberg
Stoltenberg says Afghanistan still facing many challenges. Says NATO remains committed to supporting forces. 27 nations have committed to increasing troop numbers
9 月 前
ATO spox: Mariupol sector – Russian proxies committed 6 ceasefire violations.
9 月 前
ATO spox: Over the previous day of hostilities, 2 service member were KIA and 1 service member was injured and 2 WIA
In Tokmak police seized ammo from local man
9 月 前
ATO spox: Over the past 24 hours, the enemy has carried out 19 ceasefire violations.
Boznia and Herzegovina  envoy to India Sabit Subasic during a meeting with All Parties Hurriyat Conference chief Mirwaiz Umar Farooq at the latter's residence in Kashmir capital9 月 前
Boznia and Herzegovina envoy to India Sabit Subasic during a meeting with All Parties Hurriyat Conference chief Mirwaiz Umar Farooq at the latter's residence in Kashmir capital
Traffic jams on highways to Kyiv as police restricted access due to "blue level of terror threat"
Police seized 1 kg of gunpowder and a pistol from local in Kahovka
Foreign spox Zakharova: Russia increasing "biological defences” in response to “unconvincing" Pentagon explanations re collecting Russ biological data.
EU slashes UK growth forecast for 2017 due to Brexit 'uncertainty'
EU sharply raises eurozone growth forecast in 2017 to 2.2 percent
Evacuation of a street in the British city of Oxford after warnings of a possible chemical leak and the arrest of a person in the place
UK Trade Envoy to Pakistan MP @Rehman_Chishti spoke passionately about increasing trade further with Pakistan - spoke about Brexit at length and how the UK wants to see a stable and democratic Pakistan
[email protected] #Puigdemont announces the "roadmap" of his government in Belgium in a letter to the Catalans
Police evacuate Oxford street over suspected chemical leak
Macron warns looming military defeat of ISIS 'not the end'
Commander of Ukrainian airborne troops Mikhailo Zabrodsky was appointed as commander of counter-terrorism operation (ATO)
U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson says Trump-Putin meeting in Asia under consideration
Today we will review progress and discuss what more needs to be done to enhance Afghan capabilities in the fight against terrorism - @jensstoltenberg
General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg says ahead of defense minister's meeting that today they will discuss what more needs to be done in Afghanistan
Afghanistan’s forces demonstrate bravery every day. NATO’s @ResoluteSupport train, advise and assist mission is making a difference - @jensstoltenberg
Catalan parliament speaker appears before Spain's Supreme Court
Putin and Trump to meet Friday in Vietnam: Russian agencies
Russian star moviemaker Konchalovsky about Weinstein scandal: “I don’t get the fuss, men should harass women”.
19 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed, 3 wounded
Trump urges Russian help in 'potentially tragic' North Korea crisis
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