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[email protected]: We call on Russia to end its aggression in Ukraine and live up to its commitments when it signed the Minsk agreements.
Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg says the social network has banned sites that produced fake news from advertising
"We're very committed to Europe," @facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg tells EP political leaders, noting EU-based data centers, with a new one opening in Denmark
Zuckerberg starts his speech to the EP with the expected apology to EU users. "[@Facebook] didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a mistake and I"m sorry for it," he tells parliamentary leaders
4 month ago
Opponents of Norway’s close ties to the European Union are wrong to assume a more beneficial relationship could be found, as shown by Britain’s troubled negotiations to leave the bloc, the Norwegian foreign minister said
"Europe is under attack." says @EP_President Tajani, alongside Mark Zuckerberg. "Social media companies need to react." the @facebook chief explains what his company is going to do about it
'It's good to be back in Europe,' says Zuckerberg, with a straight face
"Importantly, they targeted both major political parties" says @SpoxDHS "As the Secretary reiterated-their intent was to sow discord in the American electoral process. We have no evidence that any ballots were changed or counted incorrectly as a result of Russian interference"
"She also very clearly articulated today that the Russian government unequivocally worked to undermine our democracy during the 2016 election" says @SpoxDHS "Goals included undermining faith in the US democratic process and harming a candidate's electability and potential presidency"
4 month ago
Moscow says it will not comply with U.S. sanctions on Venezuela's state debt: Interfax
[email protected] defending @SecNielsen's answer on Russia and election meddling: "The question asked by the reporter did not reflect the specific language in the assessment itself, so the Secretary correctly stated she had not seen the conclusion as characterized by the reporter"
Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has told European Parliament officials he is "sorry" for mistakes made by the social network over the misuse of personal data of its users
Questioned by reporters about the purported 'spy' in the @realDonaldTrump Election 2016 campaign, @POTUS replies: "If they had spies in my campaign, that would be a disgrace. I hope they weren't" as that would be illegal and unprecedented
4 month ago
The German Interior Ministry has found that 1,200 Reichsbürger and 750 right-wing extremists currently have a permit for one or more weapons
4 month ago
Boris Johnson says no, Brexit hasn't damaged the British economy
Facebook's Zuckerberg arrives for grilling by EU lawmakers over data leak
Washington imposes new sanctions on 5 Iranian personalities
Thousands gather outside Manchester Cathedral to  a service taking place to remember the 22 people who lost their lives in the Manchester arena attack a year ago today4 month ago
Thousands gather outside Manchester Cathedral to a service taking place to remember the 22 people who lost their lives in the Manchester arena attack a year ago today
4 month ago
"It is critical—now more than ever—to safeguard and secure our election infrastructure" says @ODNIgov @DHSgov @FBI statement "We are encouraged to see the level of engagement today" re security for Election 2018
An earthquake of magnitude 5.4 shakes the northern region of Ecuador
Security for Election 2018 "is an issue that the Administration takes seriously and is addressing with urgency" per @ODNIgov @DHSgov @FBI statement, as @SecNielsen briefs Congress
Reports of explosion of bus in Debal'tseve with 1 killed and 2 wounded
Court has published its full response to the prosecutors' filing. They don't see any reason - for- to expand the extradition arrest warrant of Puigdemont to include rebellion. Looks like the prosecutors have their work cut out
4 month ago
Italy's 5-Star defends academic record of prime minister candidate
4 month ago
EFE reports German court rejects Spanish charge of rebellion for Puigdemont
4 month ago
Gove: The plan to take emission cars off the roads by 2040 are more advanced than any EU proposal
4 month ago
Gove: It is important to recognise that air pollution is generated by a wide variety of sources
Ukraine Interior Minister Arsen Avakov confirms that police have busted five football match-fixing gangs operating in 10 regions. 35 domestic clubs said to be involved.4 month ago
Ukraine Interior Minister Arsen Avakov confirms that police have busted five football match-fixing gangs operating in 10 regions. 35 domestic clubs said to be involved.
"DNR" Chief Zaharchenko ordered to destroy any Ukrainian army vehicles
4 month ago
Gove: Air pollution is the greatest environmental threat to human health and the third largest killer
Poisoning in Kharkiv school: 37 children hospitalized(1 in serious condition). Likely reason is pepper spray
4 month ago
"On Google Maps, it just doesn't exist. About 10 kilometers of road literally wiped off the map". Read an op-ed by the Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the SMM Alexander Hug in Kyiv Post ⤵️
4 month ago
Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid in Kyiv: We must use correct terms when talking about Ukraine. There is war going on in the eastern part of the county and Crimea is occupied by Russia. This has to remain in the international limelight.
Quim Torra, as the new First Minister of Catalonia, writes Judge Llarena: "has externalised his will and determination to advance the illegally declared independent republic"
School evacuated, 15 schoolchildren were hospitalized after unknown substance dispersed in Kharkiv school
4 month ago
Japan and Russia notify the World Trade Organization of potential tariff retaliation for president Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminium - WTO filings
Trump wants more from EU to lift tariffs: EU trade chief
4 month ago
Israeli minister blasts 'biased and obsessive' EU over calls to investigate police brutality
4 month ago
Germany's government will help German firms with business in Iran where it can, but cannot entirely shield them from the US decision to quit the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions against Tehran, the economy minister said
4 month ago
Major shout out for US engagement in Balkans as @Sekerinska points to @VP visit and key call to @tsipras_eu on name issue
Tough words from @KKarakachanov: EU lives in ideological fog and downward spiral of cliches. Urges more rapid enlargement to Balkans
Puigdemont should not be taken back into detention in Germany, a court in the state of Schleswig-Holstein ruled. The court rejected a renewed prosecution request for Puigdemont to be detained
French unions lead more protests against public service shakeup
The EU has officially launched free trade talks with Australia and New Zealand, part of the bloc's drive to promote free trade deals against the increasingly protectionist stance of the US
4 month ago
Supreme Court refuses to allow Catalan separatists out of jail to be sworn in as regional ministers
4 month ago
Businesses are generally behaving as if there'll be a "smooth" Brexit, Mark Carney says
German prosecutors say Carles Puigdmont should be extradited to Spain to face rebellion charges after all. Court decision due later today
UEFA agrees that all banners with Gazprom logos can be removed in Kyiv ahead of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid on Saturday.4 month ago
UEFA agrees that all banners with Gazprom logos can be removed in Kyiv ahead of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid on Saturday.
4 month ago
German Appeal Court rejects prosecutor's attempt to have Catalan leader Carlos Puigdemont put behind bars pending extradition to Spain.
4 month ago
Migration officials in the German city of Bremen are suspected of taking bribes to approve applications
4 month ago
@StateDept Palmer underscores need for Montenegro to do more on free media "as bedrock of democratic society," calling out attack against journalist Olivera Lakic
In BiH, as some seek to undermine the state, "we are pushing back" says @StateDept Palmer. Integration is best guarantee for stable future but reforms a must. Me: Significant that DC is backing MAP for Bosnia-Herzegovina
Prime Minister Duško Marković affirms NATO and EU integration as top priorities for @MeGovernment
In first public address since inauguration, President Milo Đukanović affirms Euro-Atlantic integration is the only path for Montenegro
Milo Đukanović's task as president strikes me as two-fold: catalyze domestic reforms and regional cooperation such that Montenegro's progress exceeds expectations and improves the politics of EU enlargement, shrinking the timeline for its entry into EU
Matt Palmer of @StateDept: we share vision of an integrated Europe. Is historic moment: expects Macedonia to move forward quickly to NATO once agreement on name
Montenegro's President Milo Djukanovic kicks off the "To Be Secure" conference by stressing the importance of Euro-Atlantic integration in the Western Balkans and warning of the malign influence of certain "foreign actors."
Palestinians asks International Criminal Court to investigate Israel's 'grave crimes'
4 month ago
Britain's economy didn't evolve in line with the Bank of England's February forecast, Mark Carney says
4 month ago
German prosecutors say they are preparing application to extradite Catalan leader Puigdemont to Spain
Police seized 4 kgs of cocaine at Boryspil airport4 month ago
Police seized 4 kgs of cocaine at Boryspil airport
4 month ago
UK PM May: backstop would only apply in "a very limited set of circumstances"
4 month ago
PM Theresa May says UK seeking to "fully associate" with Euratom's research arm after Brexit
4 month ago
UK Brexit Secretary Davis told tracking lorries that cross the Irish border is a "non-starter"
4 month ago
Russia's Duma just passed a law on counter-sanctions against the US and other "unfriendly countries".
EU spokesperson @MajaEUspox: The EU expects Israel to reverse its decision to revoke the visa of Human Rights employee Omar Shakir. Also calls for an investigation into "circumstances which appear to result in serious injury" of Jafar Farah
4 month ago
Clashes with 120mm mortars east to Mariupol
4 month ago
Sky news report from Northj Korea. @chesh has been given rare access to North Korea to witness the demolition of a nuclear test site
4 month ago
UK PM May joins families to remember Manchester pop concert victims
Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Monday that it is necessary for China and Britain to enhance strategic communication and deepen strategic cooperation to continue to "inject new connotations" into the Golden Era of bilateral ties
4 month ago
Chinese Vice FM Kong Xuanyou attended consultation on Afghan issue at vice-foreign ministerial level among China, Russia and India in Moscow recently. Three sides exchanged views on Afghan issue and hoped Afghanistan will achieve peace and stability at early date
4 month ago
Airbus says it will obey WTO ruling on aircraft subsidies
4 month ago
Boris Johnson hints he wants tougher sanctions against Russians
4 month ago
Russia paid for 25K euro flight for delegation of Germany's far-right AfD party, possibly violating political finance law.
Yekaterinburg mayor and Kremlin critic Yevgeny Roizman resigns, saying residents were "cheated" by the recent scrapping of direct mayoral elections in the city
4 month ago
London is being used as a "base for the corrupt assets" of individuals linked to Russian President Putin and the Kremlin, according to a report by U.K.'s foreign affairs committee.
53 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were killed, 9 wounded
4 month ago
Putin claimed a new nuclear-powered missile had unlimited range — but it flew only 22 miles in its most successful test yet, 4th test to be conducted this summer
Washington: Greek FM @NikosKotzias meets with U.S. Secretary of State @SecPompeo @StateDept
4 month ago
Germany Foreign Minister @HeikoMaas says he's traveling to Washington to meet with @SecPompeo after the US secretary of state threatened Iran with additional sanctions if it doesn't make big changes.
U.S.'s Pompeo pledges support for Georgia, calls for Russia troop pullout
Maryinka: house at Schevchenko Street 207 is on fire
No alternative to Iran deal: EU's Mogherini tells US
4 month ago
Italy's president expressed concerns with 5 Star, League on state finances, official says
4 month ago
Italy's president still needs time "to reflect" on 5 Star - League coalition government
Pompeo identifies 3 main areas of US-Georgia security cooperation: fighting global terrorism, stemming flow of foreign fighters crossing Georgian territory and countering smuggling of dangerous nuclear materials from Soviet Union.
4 month ago
Italian markets extend selloff on prospect of high-spending new government
4 month ago
Italy's president summons leaders of lower and upper house for meeting Tuesday
4 month ago
Britain unlikely to investigate Comcast bid for Sky, says minister
4 month ago
In Italy, a novice prime minister may face constant pressure from 2 different populist voices
4 month ago
Italy parties propose unknown academic to head radical government
Gina Haspel is a Russia specialist who spent her career in the Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine service
Israel summons Spanish, Slovenian envoys over vote at UN Human Rights body backing Gaza probe
FBI could have interviewed George Papadopoulos, but opted to spy on him instead
Russia's first sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives in the Arctic port of Murmansk
Iran's Rouhani says the "world no longer accepts US deciding for them"
4 month ago
Former London mayor Ken Livingstone says he does not accept the allegation that he has brought the Labour Party into disrepute or that he is "in any way guilty of anti-Semitism"
4 month ago
Research from Institute of Cancer Research suggests an over-sterile germ-free environment in the first year of life and "unlucky genetics" are major causes behind childhood leukaemia
4 month ago
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says Ken Livingstone's resignation from the party is "sad" but "the right thing to do"
4 month ago
Ken Livingstone has announced that he is resigning from the Labour Party saying the issues around his suspension for alleged anti-Semitism had become a "distraction"
4 month ago
Five Star's Di Maio proposes Giuseppe Conte as Italy Prime Minister
'If Sweden is attacked by another country, we will never give up': Swedes told to prepare for conflict in Cold War-style 20-page pamphlet.
36y.o. civilian was shot dead during attack on Maryinka
Metropolitan Police says a man attempted to enter a nightclub in Kingston-upon-Thames with a knife in the early hours of yesterday and Sky Sources say the man was Tyler Dooley who is the nephew of Meghan Markle
Photo: smoke as result of shelling on Toretsk today
Zimbabwe applies to rejoin Commonwealth following ousting of Mugabe
4 month ago
UK Ambassador to the DPRK Alistair Morgan also confirmed what I have been pointing out, China have began to relax sanctions on North Korea and find new "loopholes". He reminded us overall they have a greater "tolerance" of the DPRK nuclear program than the U.S and a bigger timeline conerning it
4 month ago
UK Ambassador to the DPRK Alistair Morgan states that the latest North Korean "pushback" in terms of dialogue is directly connected to the US demands and that these American views were made clear to Kim Jong-un during the Pompeo visit the other week
4 month ago
On this note, UK Ambassador to the DPRK Alistair Morgan stated North Korea are looking for a "step by step" or "phased" approach to denuclearization and will be seeking simultaneous rewards with each step. He says American demands for fast denuclearisation and a "Libya Model" have went down poorly
4 month ago
Poroshenko and Merkel discussed the results of her trip to Russia
2 Ukrainian servicemen were killed, 4 wounded in attack on Chyhyri(Pivdenne) village West to Horlivka4 month ago
2 Ukrainian servicemen were killed, 4 wounded in attack on Chyhyri(Pivdenne) village West to Horlivka
4 month ago
UK ambassador to the DPRK says Moon Jae-in has actively sought to downplay the Human Rights issue as an incentive for denuclearisation. He states the US supports this. Both are prepared to guarantee the security of North Korea's government to achieve denuclearisation, which is the priority
The UK Ambassador to the DPRK, Alistair Morgan is speaking at Oxford University today. He says American investment in the DPRK is a carrot they are rejecting fearing the political consequences. He notes KCNA has upped propaganda warning of bourgeoise capitalism4 month ago
The UK Ambassador to the DPRK, Alistair Morgan is speaking at Oxford University today. He says American investment in the DPRK is a "carrot they are rejecting" fearing the political consequences. He notes KCNA has upped propaganda warning of "bourgeoise capitalism"
4 month ago
Britain's government says it does not intend to block Comcast's bid for Sky
4 month ago
Theresa May says UK willing to pay for association with EU nuclear research agency Euratom post-Brexit, in return for "a suitable level of influence in line with that contribution and the benefits we bring"
4 month ago
2 killed, 2 wounded in gas explosion at cafe in Baku
4 month ago
2 people were killed and 2 others injured after an explosion hit a café in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku
4 month ago
Russia's RT faces three new impartiality investigations in Britain
4 month ago
The Kremlin says "Russian businesses often encounter unfriendly and unscrupulous actions" after Chelsea-owner Roman Abramovich's British visa expired
Chechnya's Ramzan Kadyrov publishes a video of him personally commanding op vs attack on a church in Grozny this weekend. 4 dead attackers young, armed with axes, knives, pistol. Kadyrov: 'They're teenagers, tricked by those in the West, in Europe'
4 month ago
Azerbaijan's capital of Baku rocked by explosion, injuries reported
4 month ago
Britain more welcoming to migrants, says Brexit-supporting minister Gove
4 month ago
Malta court rejects bid to stop FBI testimony in journalist murder case
Department of Justice orders an expansion of the review of any potential FISA abuse in the Russia probe.
37 students were hospitalized from Mykolaiv school after unknown substance was dispersed inside
PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez extends his new line of attack: "Torra is a racist leading the Catalan government, he is the Le Pen of Spanish politics".
4 month ago
May's spokesman refuses to comment on Russian-Jewish oligarch's visa delay
Police has found "items looks like ammunition" at cemetery in Pokrovs'k
Russia played a major role in helping India get a permanent membership in SCO. We are working together on International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and BRICS: PM Narendra Modi in Sochi
Russian Ministry of Defense to deploy electronic warfare units to battle drones at Football Championship games
Security service of Ukraine seized arsenal in Ivano-Frankivs'k, including 3 MON-100/MON-50 mines, 5 another anti-personnel mines, grenades and other ammunition and explosives
4 month ago
OSCE SMM Hug: ZERO CIVCAS is the only objective worth fighting for ZeroCivilianCasualties Ukraine
Indian congratulates President Putin on his re-election to a fourth term
4 month ago
Hug: Last week I met people in positions of power and received positive messages; I hope that constructive approach can finally ensure that DFS remains operational. I remind those who have committed to taking it, that 300,000 people are depending on you ZeroCivilianCasualties
Thankful to President Putin, this is new chapter in Indo-Russian ties: PM Modi
Horlivka: mandatory evacuation of population from Komsomolets
4 month ago
OSCE Hug: With positions of the sides currently as close as 200 to 300 metres from Donetsk Filtration Station, the DFS has been at centre of fighting. Over 300,000 people on both sides of contact line depend on DFS, there must be disengagement from the wider DFS area
Modi-Putin meet begins
4 month ago
Drivers on London Underground's Jubilee Line are to strike on June 6 and 14 in a row over new timetables, the RMT union says
4 month ago
Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesperson says the foreign office is "seeking more information from the Iranian authorities" and the Government is committed to securing Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's release
Mykolaiv: 32 schoolchildren were hospitalized, 400 evacuated as unknown substance was dispersed in school
4 month ago
Hug: Both sides claiming to respond; neither side knowing who started. This is a senseless cycle of violence. There is no logic in firing artillery rounds on Svitlodarsk or Horlivka close to civilian SMM monitors and a school with hundreds of children inside at the time
4 month ago
OSCE SMM Hug: Between 14 and 20 May SMM has confirmed 2 civilians, including a 13 year-old boy, killed, and another 3 injured. We have many more cases pending. Our monitoring officers are following up to establish the facts ZeroCivilianCasualties
4 month ago
Hug: On 16 May SMM camera at DFS recorded over 20 Grad rockets impacting west of facility, in gov-ctrl area. Artillery - especially MLRS - is a wide-area weapon. It doesn't discriminate between combatant and civilian. Used in urban areas, it's murderous ZeroCivilianCasualties
4 month ago
Hug: On 16-17 May in Svitlodarsk SMM heard almost 500 explosions andabout 860 shots andbursts of heavy-machine-gun small-arms fire. On 17-18 May in Horlivka SMM heard 140 explosions, mostly artillery tank fire, +bursts shots of anti-aircraft gun, heavy-machine-gun andsmall-arms fire
4 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 73km N of Esso, Russia
4 month ago
OSCE SMM Hug: Last week was in many ways the worst we have seen so far this year. In total, we recorded 7,700 ceasefire violations ZeroCivilianCasualties
4 month ago
Media briefing by OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug
2 wounded in shooting at Hydropark in Kyiv4 month ago
2 wounded in shooting at Hydropark in Kyiv
57y.o man was killed in Leningrad region as result of RGD-5 explosion
4 month ago
The inquiry has opened into the Grenfell tower fire and will hear from families of all 72 victims who died in the fire in west London on 14 June last year
Police seized 2 grenades from a man at checkpoint in Luhansk region
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says Catalonia needs a government that is capable of serious dialogue
Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says Catalonia needs a viable government that complies with the law
4 month ago
Russian agency offers fake restaurant reviews ahead of World Cup
4 month ago
British media regulator OFCOM opened three new investigations against RT TV channel - RIA
Smoke near Yuzhna mine in Horlivka4 month ago
Smoke near Yuzhna mine in Horlivka
4 month ago
UK Head of the Royal Air Force tells the Defence Space Conference that "our dependency on space is increasing"
Massive fire in a block of flats in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. All residents said to have been evacuated.
4 month ago
Armenia diaspora minister: After snap parliamentary election we will be able to dictate our will
Massive military movement in Horlivka: tanks and Ural trucks, access to some areas restricted
Channel 5 has just announced Michael Palin has returned from filming a travel series in North Korea4 month ago
Channel 5 has just announced Michael Palin has returned from filming a "travel series" in North Korea
Damage in Avdiyivka at Ostrovskogo street as result of shelling in the morning
Photo: destroyed bridge near Ivanivka of Luhansk region
Shelling on Toretsk, Russian forces have damaged 7 building and children center
Photo: destroyed bridge in Ivanivka between Krasnyi Luch and Luhansk
4 month ago
Boris Johnson: We must give the Prime Minister "time and space to negotiate"
Erdogan's showdown in Bosnia Herzegovina as he calls on his supporters in Europe to give a yell at Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands. "Are you with me against evil alliance that wants to drag Turkey again into chaos, instability, uncertainty..", he asks.
4 month ago
Italy's 5-Star, League to see president about government on Monday: statement
Central Kyiv to be closed for traffic for Champions League final4 month ago
Central Kyiv to be closed for traffic for Champions League final
4 month ago
Russian money hidden in British assets and laundered through City of London financial institutions damages the government's efforts against Moscow - UK ministers
4 month ago
Rusal says Deripaska has not formally resigned; reiterates sanctions may hit business
Donetsk water treatment plant is still out of service, no water supply in old part of Avdiyivka city4 month ago
Donetsk water treatment plant is still out of service, no water supply in old part of Avdiyivka city
Bridge on the road between Luhansk and Khrtustalnyi(Krasnyi Luch) was blown up at Ivanivka village last night
FSB general was killed during crash-landing of helicopter in Khabarovsk region of Russia
55 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, no casualties
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Russia's Sochi for an informal summit with President Putin
Unknown location
3 Russian militants were captured, 1 killed during raid of 46th storm brigade "Donbas"
Shelling on Toretsk this morning4 month ago
Shelling on Toretsk this morning
One person has been injured after a large grass fire near the summit of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh
China and the Netherlands are willing to strengthen cooperation in various fields under the framework of the BeltandRoad Initiative, Chinese and Dutch foreign ministers said on Sunday
4 month ago
Russian envoy in Kabul said the US will have to drop its opposition to negotiating directly with the Taliban on the eventual pullout of American troops from Afghanistan or face a grinding and bloody war for years to come
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