Merkel to convene German security council after Munich shootings: spokesmanMunich death toll reaches 11 Faylaq al-Sham claim responsibility for killing the Russian soldier fighting with Assad army in Aleppo after tipped off about his position. Poroshenko: Ukraine stands with Germany shoulder-to-shoulder. No tolerance to violence and attacks against our democracy and unity. Munich police report they have found 9th body; checking to see if it was an attacker. Munich police tell CNBC that 9 people are dead following German mall shooting and investigating if 1 of the dead is a suspectDeath toll in Munich shooting rampage rises to eight: policeMembers of Germany's elite anti-terrorism force are on their way to the scene of the deadly shooting in MunichDonetsk: 5 tanks to Pisky near Zapadny autostationState Of Emergency Declared In Munich. Reports Munich gunman shouted 'you f***ing Turks!'CNN reports munich gunman shouted Allahu Akbar and targeted childrenPegida in Thueringen Germany describes the #MunichAttack as the beginning of a warAt least 20 artillery salvos North to Kyivsky district of DonetskMunich police set up info hotline +49(089)29101910 Russian force shelling with artillery in DonetskFour salvos from Topaz, DonetskGerman police say no evidence of Islamist terror in Munich shootingsMunich police: At least 3 suspects armed with rifles still at large after deadly mall shootingMunich police spokesman says no indication of a terrorist incident is linked to Islamist groups Munich police spokesman Peter Beck tells AP: 6 dead, several wounded in mall shootingReports one of the Munich gunmen died by shooting himself in the head following the attackGermany has tightened security on its border with the Czech RepublicMunich: reports that the border with the Czech Republic has been partly closed, police officers in Germany are on high alert German media report that anti-terror unit 'GSG 9' are on their way to Munich, however, this has not been officially confirmedMunich shootings being treated as "suspected terrorism", police say Munich Authorities Declares Mass Casualty Event, Orders Doctors Back To Hospitals Munich police warn of 'acute terror situation': reportObama: We Don't Yet Know What Has Happened In Munich Munich police are using the term "suspected terrorism" in connection with the shooting at a city mall

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22 July 2016
Pegida in Thueringen Germany describes the #MunichAttack as the beginning of a war