Shelling in HorlivkaPushilin: we are ready to offensiveShelling in KrasnohorivkaHeavy shelling of MariinkaHeavy battle in Stanytsia LuhanskaShelling of Ukrainian positions between Kurakhove and MariinkaA direct hit in a residential area Sartana: 3 dead, 2 wounded. - sector M spoxShelling of Donetsk from DonetskTASS: "Ukrainian troops resume shelling of Horlivka in DNR"Red flares over DonetskShelling of Stanitsa Luhanska renewedRussian TASS : "Security forces began shelling of residential sector in the center of Donetsk"Again shelling in area of VolnovakhaAvdiivka. Blackout in town, power transmission line was damaged..No MTS mobile communications. Water services down. Militants fired on Sartana with self propelled artillery, hitting civilian area - Sec. M spoxMortar fire near Schastye Horlivka - Some districts were mortared,including centralIn Mariupol. Ukrainian soldiers are gearing up, on alert. "We must be ready to fight" one soldier said. In Mariupol. Constant sounds of explosions to the east. About 5-10 seconds interval between on avgOutgoing shelling from HorlivkaShelling of Avdiivka from DonetskLebedynske near Mariupol under artillery fire. Flashes can be seen in Mariupol. Avdiivka Coke Plant - MLRS ShellingSartana near Mariupol was hit and is on fire Shelling of Mariupol outskirtsMLRS GRAD from Donetsk plant TopazRussian forces video attempts to hide tactical marksBorder guards detained 15 illegals near the border with Hungary Zaitsevo - explosions and shootingDonetsk - heavy MLRS outgoing shelling. Possible Smerch

Map. History of Europe conflict

16 August 2015
Red flares over Donetsk
Russian forces video attempts to hide tactical marks
Border guards detained 15 illegals near the border with Hungary