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20 อาจ 2018

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President Obama orders flags at half-staff as a mark of respect for the Paris Attacks victims.
Polish foreign minister minister says Syrian refugees can return to fight and "liberate" homeland
#ParisAttacks: Investigation in France and Belgium
Putin and Erdogan started closed talks in Antalya
Hundreds gather outside Notre Dame as mass held for #ParisAttacks victims
ISIS Affiliated group in Gaza praises Paris attacks in latest report they released
Daily Mail: The deadly blunders
Aide of internal affairs minister on possible provocations in Dnipropetrovsk: "Police has order to shoot live ammo"
Aide of internal affairs minister on possible provocations in Dnipropetrovsk: Police has order to shoot live ammo
At a vigil in #Paris when firecrackers are mistaken for gunshots. #ParisAttacks
ISIS supporters threaten Albanian media. We are the soldiers of the Kalief,it is time for powerful attack.
#Saudi Islamist: France's democratic and civilized aircrafts pour death lava over the innocent civilians of ar-Raqqah.
Martin Schulz, president of EU Parliament calls #Terrorism one of the 'risks of life' in 21st century. #parisattacks
France carries out 'massive' bombardment on Islamic State-stronghold of #Raqqa
France carries out 'massive' bombardment on Islamic State-stronghold of Raqqa
In St. Petersburg, lit the warehouse of rubber products in the area of 600 square meters
Russian track official hopes to have team restored ahead of 2016 Olympics in wake of alleged doping scandal
How the Internet followed the #ParisAttacks
French Interior Minister: We will start the "dissolution of mosques where hate is preached."
US givens France access to most sensitive targeting data on #ISIS in Syria
Russia plans a 'hybrid warfare' campaign aimed at destabilising #Europe, says #Bulgaria President
Police questioned, freed fugitive suspect hours after Paris attacks
France has sent 10 fighter jets to #Syria and has dropped 20 bombs over #Raqqa. - French Defence Ministry
French Defense Ministry confirms “large bombing campaign” on Islamic State’s de facto capital Raqqa
Today landmarks in #Saudi and #UAE were lit in French colors to show solidarity with France after #parisattacks
#Prishtina and #Kosovo stand with #Paris and #France
#US is providing intelligence to #France for strikes on #ISIS in #Syria
This is Notre Dame Cathedral right now #ParisAttacks
Poroshenko: Combat readiness raised amid escalation in Donbas
"People's Assembly" in support of the arrested mayor Inta gathered 300 people
Filatov: Central Elections commission wants to cancel results of Dnipropetrovsk elections
Russia says #Hezbollah not a terrorist group
#Sarajevo's City Hall #Vijećnica in the colors of #France tonight. #ParisAttacks
Local elections in Dnipropetrovsk: Borys Filatov, close to oligarch Kolomoyskyi, wins over Opposition bloc candidate
Tense situation at Election commission in Zhulyany, Kyiv
Current mayor Klitchko gets reelected in Kyiv, account to exit polls
Kadyrov received Syria's National Reconciliation Committee members in Chechnya today.
"There were 24 people involved in the operation, they said: 19 attackers and five others in charge of logistics and planning” - Police
Shots fired in western #Amsterdam, at least one injured, gunmen fled
Police shows photo of Abdeslam #Salah: This is the fugitive assassin of #Paris #ParisAttacks
Panic in the heart of Paris this afternoon after false alert
Helsinki. Finlandia Hall in Tricolor for Paris
President @poroshenko expresses his dissatisfaction with prosecutor general's office.
#Montenegro #protesters chant "throw tear gas at us," lighting candles in human chain around gov blocks
False alarm causes scare at vigil site in Paris
The turnout according to OPORA in Dnipropetrovsk - 45% of voters
Protest in Podgorica, Montenegro
Flares at rally in Podgorica
An Iranian refugee mother and son's passports washed up onshore in Greece. They are nowhere to be found
The #OldBridge in #Mostar in the colors of #France this evening. #ParisAttacks
Opposition rally in Podgorica, MPs of DF, SNP are present
#Russia does not recognize #Hezbollah terrorist, because they hadn't committed terrorist acts in Russia
Friday night there was an almost constant exchange of fire up until the early dawn of saturday morning on the contact line.#Nagorno-Karabakh
From november 8 to 14, there was around 500 ceasefire violations on the Nagorno-Karabakh contact line with small arms, mortars, AGL #Armenia
Echelon in Kherson
Three brothers involved in Paris attacks, one may be at large: security source
1st gunman identified said to have prayed here at Mohsinine 'do-gooders' mosque. Press conference now
Anti-migrant protesters from Slovenia today in Spielfeld
Donald Tusk states the obvious: Russia's bombing in Syria expands the flow of refugees to Europe=likely RU aim
In Chernihiv the bomb squad detonated a suitcase left near the polling station
In Kremenchuk representatives from the exit polls poured with brilliant green
Varanasi: Candlelight vigil for victims of #ParisAttacks
U.S. to work with #France to intensify air strikes in #Syria, #Iraq
French flag over the Moscow-city skyscraper
Flooding causes disruption across parts of Yorkshire
Bhopal: Candlelight vigil for victims of #ParisAttacks
Paris prosecutor confirms there is an 8 attacker who managed to escape and is on the loose, Major manhunt underway across Europe
First snow in the Carpathians
World leaders hold minute of silence for victims of Paris, Ankara attacks at G20 summit
US, France to 'intensify' military, intel coordination: White House
Lavrov: Terror attacks in Paris require united anti-terror front
Alarm at Hague Central Station. Passengers evacuated
New York Times: French official says manhunt across Europe for possible eighth assailant who fled after #ParisAttacks
[email protected] Type 1047 navigation radar on HMS Duncan could be seen during the destroyer’s Bosphorus transit
Police have to use weapons to stop car in chase in Kyiv region
National mourning day in Hungary after #ParisAttacks
Two of the #ParisAttacks gunmen had been living in Brussels, #Belgium
Pro-migrants demo blocade road near anti-migrants raly near #Spielfeld
Tribute at the Republic square, Paris
Austrian police between pro-migrants and anti-migrants in Spielfeld, Austria
Armored vehicle in Kyiv in Elections day
Glass from the Seat vehicle seized by authorities outside Paris in connection with #ParisAttacks
Street outside Paris attack Le Carillon café piled high with flowers as hundreds gather to pay tribute
#Donetsk airport, #Pisky, #Optyne now - battle, artillery, mortars, AGL, AA-guns, machine guns.
Ukrainian General staff: in case of further escalation army will return withdrawn weapons
Gorlovka. Zaytsevo. Small arms, rocket-propelled grenades (RPG-7). While single shots.
France has deployed a total of 10,000 troops in the country as a result of the terror attacks in #Paris on friday evening
Ruling party in #Montenegro accuses #protest organisers, #DemocraticFront, of still receiving MP salaries
4000 soldiers deployed in #Paris
Belgian official says 7 people detained in all in Belgium linked to the Paris attacks
#Donetsk Shooting and explosions can be heard from #Pisky area.
Floods in Bolton Abbey, UK
FEMEN protest at polling station where Klitchko votes
Column of Rus/militant KAMAZ trucks near Sverdlove (Makiivka)
Column of Rus/militant KAMAZ trucks near Sverdlove (Makiivka)
A maghrebi beaten during anti-foreign protest in #Pontivy
Pope Francis I on #ParisAttacks: “Using the name of God” to justify attacks “is blasphemy.”
A number of Kalashnikovs have been found in an abandoned black Seat car linked to the Paris attackers
EU interior ministers call emergency meeting on terror Friday
MLRS Grad shelling reported in Donetsk
The head of the SBU inspected the situation on the line of contact in the ATO zone, after recent increase of attacks
Police in Spielfeld, Austria
"Election fest" in the centre of the Dnipro, free wine for those who voted at local elections
One of #Paris attackers was found alive at the Stade de France,but died on the way to hospital, identified as 27 y.o. Egyptian-born Waled Abdelrazak S. #ParisAttacks
Iraq's FM said officials there shared info that France, U.S. and Iran were potential attack targets before #ParisAttacks
Two teens found dead near Rouen
Reports: #Donetsk shakes from explosions , fight in the North , North-West , heavy volleys and peals
Putin briefly talked with Obama before the summit of G20
Thousands of Israelis sing La Marseillaise at a Tel Aviv rally in solidarity with Paris and France
Thousands of Israelis sing La Marseillaise at a Tel Aviv rally in solidarity with Paris and France
Today two hostages freed from the captivity of militants - Poroshenko
Highest turnout in Kryvyi Rih - 20%. Iphone will be gifted to one for selfie from poll station
Poroshenko urged Ukrainians "not to sit at home, and to come and vote"
French officials identify 1 of 7 assailants behind #ParisAttacks that left at least 129 dead. Man is Ismael Mostefai, 29, a French citizen.
Nicolas Sarkozy to demand Paris climate summit be 'postponed' following terror attacks
#Madonna in #Stockholm yesterday sang "Like a prayer" in a very unique way #ParisAttacks
Madonna in Stockholm yesterday sang Like a prayer in a very unique way ParisAttacks
French police are looking for two men on the run in connection with #ParisAttacks
'Paris changes everything': Bavarian allies pressure Merkel on refugees
In historic Chartres. Dep Mayor says Omar Ismael Mostefia went to this mosque. Man tells us of radicalisation there.
Poroshenko: Paris terrorists allies could be in Ukraine now
3 Paris terrorists identified, one by shot-off finger: Omar Ismail Mostefaï, Ahmed Almuhamed, Abbdulakbak B
1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 8 wounded near Avdiivka
Merkel & Erdogan at G20
No need for complete rethink on refugees after Paris attack: Juncker
400 people evacuated from shopping center in St. Petersburg because of reports of explosive device
Driver who triggered accident with passenger bus in Volgograd is arrested
Video: Gunshots pierce the air of the rockconcert indicating the first signs of the #ParisAttacks
#Syria: Syrians in the besieged city of #Douma (#Damascus) show their solidarity with #Paris
Syria: Syrians in the besieged city of Douma (Damascus) show their solidarity with Paris
Several weapons found in abandoned car in Paris suburb, supporting theory that some #ParisAttacks gunmen escaped
#Montenegro's opposition plans to "seize" state institutions during #protests
Russian militants claim that they hit Ukrainian tank near Donetsk airport
Several Kalashnikovs found in abandoned car after #Paris attacks
Pro-refugees rally in Spielfeld
Syrian passport found at #ParisAttacks scene belongs to asylum seeker - Serbian Interior Ministry
Putin calls on world to 'unite its efforts' in fight against terror groups
#Poltava. In the Kremenchug district SBU detained the fighter of the "Russian Orthodox Army"
Poltava. In the Kremenchug district SBU detained the fighter of the Russian Orthodox Army
Ahmed al-Muhamad, 25, of Syria entered Serbia at Miratovac from Macedonia and Greece
#ParisAttacks: forensic source to radio @Europe1: 2 of the attackers were between 15 and 18 yo
#Paris police sources say the 2 Syrian passports found on the terrorists were fakes probably made in #Turkey
French police locate black Seat car on outskirts of Paris that may be tied to #ParisAttacks suspects
#BRICS leaders speak at informal meeting ahead of #G20Turkey2015
This narrow bridge across Lake Liman and mouth of the Dnieper is all that connects Bessarabia & Odessa.
French judicial official says car with suspected links to Friday's attacks found by police in #Montreuil six kilometres east of #Paris
Royal Navy Daring Cls HMS Duncan heading south on the bosphorus
#Serbia shines in solidarity with #Paris #Prayers4Paris
Report of battle alert among terrorists of DNR
#Donetsk. "Pisky - shooting fight"
Donetsk. Heavy explosion reported
Reports a police operation is underway in Mollenbeek, #Brussels in the wake of #ParisAttacks
Paris attacks: 'Three teams' involved - prosecutor Molins
White House says "no specific or credible threat" to U.S. after #ParisAttacks
Several reports that Ukrainian army units set battle alert
Debka says Hollande was primary target. Two blasts outside the stadium meant to distract bodyguards
France's Juppe Says "Shengen Went Bankrupt"
The launch of two ICBMs "Bulava" in the White sea
The launch of two ICBMs Bulava in the White sea
"We grieve with you." The Russians all night and all day carrying flowers to the Embassy of France
The hotel "Cosmos" in Moscow evacuated cause of bomb threat
Two migrants sought over Paris attacks registered in Greece: police
Russian sub Vladimir Monomakh successfully launched 2 Bulava ICBMs to the Kamchatka test site #Russia
French Prime Minister Manuel #Valls says France will continue with its airstrikes in #Syria with the aim of hitting Islamic State
Foreign Office: Briton killed in #ParisAttacks is Nick Alexander, who was at concert venue
British PM calls for emergency COBRA meeting following Paris attacks
This is the moment Hollande was told 'The country is under attack'
Shelling of Kranohorivka with MLRS last night
"The fact that the assistance of partners causes irritation in the Kremlin, means that we are on the right way" - Poroshenko
A car with Belgian number plates was seen last night at Bataclan in #Paris #France, is a rental car from Belgium.
Artillery volleys reported in Avdiivka
US F-15s were in the air for the #Libya airstrike when the #ParisAttacks began last night
Brussels Grand Place, lit up in solidarity after #Paris terror attack
Pegida rallyin #Görlitz. Chanting 'Merkel must go'
Raids in #Molenbeek still going on, #Belgium
Suicide bomber at Paris soccer stadium had a ticket, was turned away by security before detonating
"We are Muslims. We are against Terror." Tunisians in front of Franz. Embassy in #Berlin
#Syria: dozens of #FSA rebel groups sign a joint statement condemning #ParisAttacks, send condolences to #France
French #ParisAttacks suspect Ismael M, 30, from Courcouronnes, was on govt watch list since 2010
French media: no evidence indicate Syrian passport belonged to one of the attackers
#Kharkiv right now: people bring flowers and candles to the French cultural centre
French embassy, #Tallinn, this evening
Tel' Aviv: Thousands of Israelis rally in support of France following deadly terror attack in Paris
Ukraine- Slovenia, A moment of silence in memory of those killed in Paris. President Poroshenko at stadium
The sidewalk outside Le Carillon, on rue Alibert, is carpeted with candles and flowers. #ParisAttacks
#Belgium justice minister: "number of" arrests made in #Brussels relating to #ParisAttacks
At French Embassy in Warsaw, sea of candles
More Israeli Security officers to be sent to Paris tonight after Netanyahu orders to beef up security of embassy
France 24 producer Mathieu Hoche confirmed to be among the Bataclan victims
City hall in Tel-Aviv covered in colors of French flag in honor of Paris attack victims.
France must 'annihilate' Islamist radicals, far-right leader Le Pen says: #ParisAttacks
#Dnipropetrovsk with France
Militants shelled Avdiivka: 1 soldier killed, 8 others injured
Lviv. "Pray for Paris"
Four people have been killed in a light aircraft crash in Churchinford, Somerset
Kyiv's Maidan square tonight
Killing civilians in Paris is terrorism; but killing civilians in #Syria is fight against terrorism
US Secretary of State #JohnKerry says no evidence to suggest anyone but #ISIS carried out #ParisAttacks
The man arrested at #Molenbeek #Belgium by plainclothes officers
Official in #Greece says holder of #Syrian passport found at stadium targeted in #ParisAttacks passed through Greece in October
Syria talks result in 'concrete calendar' leading to elections: German FM
Three of the men involved in the #Paris attacks thought to have lived in #Brussels
Avakov: Ukraine police on high alert for next two weeks
Unconfirmed: Force protection at U.S airbase in Aviano in Italy raised to condition 'Charlie'
A TGV train trialling a new high-speed line from Paris to Strasbourg has derailed into a canal, say French police.
#Amsterdamn #AF1741 Checked and Safe, Taking Off Soon - Report.
A Frenchman was arrested at London #Gatwick airport with a weapon - police
Developing situation in #Frankfurt main shopping street #Zeil, significant #police presence, no reasons given
Searches are underway in Molenbeek, Belgium in connection with the Paris attacks
USA gave Ukraine counter-mortar radars
Sussex Police: 41-year-old man from #France being questioned by police after "what appears to be a firearm" discovered at #Gatwick airport
Greece's Tsokas says Paris attack suspect registered as syrian refugee on Leros island in October
Military reinforcements being deployed along Rue du Faubourg St Honore
The helicopters are evacuating the victims of the accident of #TGV
UK officials say #ParisAttacks gunmen appear to have been a self-contained cell back from #Syria
IS jihadists claims Paris attacks that killed 128
#SyriaTalks continuing in #Vienna w FMs now discussing statement. #SecKerry to talk to press at 5pm in Grand Hotel.
Reports say 5 dead, several injured following a train derailment in Eckwersheim area in France
Don't link Paris attacks to migrant crisis: German interior minister
One Bulgarian national has died in #ParisAttacks, was working for the European Commission
Hundreds gathered in silence at Pariser Platz (Paris Square) in Berlin, with sea of flowers in front of Fr. embassy
Upcoming UN climate conference near Paris, #COP21, to go ahead despite last night's attacks
TGV 2369 test train derailed near Strasbourg, France
Police make arrest and call in explosive experts in Gatwick Airport terminal evacuation
#Rome : flowers, of candles, in front of the embassy of #France
A #French TGV derailed near #Strasbourg
#TGV derailed at Eckwersheim close to #Strasbourg
French police: 1 bomber in Paris attacks was young Frenchman flagged for links with Islamic extremism
White House: Pres. Obama will convene National Security Council before departing for the G20 Summit
French soldiers in full combat gear in the streets of #Paris
Deputy Aleksey Pushkov, head of Duma foreign-affairs committee: American coalition is responsible for terror attacks in France
Dutch police are holding flight AF1741 to Paris due to threat on social media
Secretary Kerry expressed condolences to French Foreign Minister Fabius before Syria meeting in Austria
Eiffel Tower and Louvre are closed until further notice due to #ParisAttacks
Egyptian passport found close to body of one of #Parisattacks terrorists
Russian National Antiterrorist Committee: Russia's Security System Put On Alert In Light Of New Threats
"Commander" one of the terrorist units of the "DNR" detained by the SBU in Kramatorsk
Commander one of the terrorist units of the DNR detained by the SBU in Kramatorsk
French police arrested a man in August on suspicion that he was plotting a terror attack on a concert venue
Germany's Hahn says expects NATO to declare article 5 collective defense posture
Over 300 hospitalised after Paris attacks, 80 in 'critical' condition: hospital
8th Solidarity march: For open Europe in #Zagreb #Croatia
Gatwick Airport: Controlled explosion due to be carried out on suspect device. Passengers in nearby hotel made aware they could "hear and feel it."
[email protected] on Paris attacks
Ukrainian warrior carrying flowers to the French Embassy
Security Official: One of #Paris Concert Hall attackers was identified as he is from #Turkey and not #Syria|n
At least two Belgians killed in Paris attacks: foreign ministry
London Police make first arrest. One "Suspicious-Acting" man arrested.
A car with 4 men ran a roadblock in Yvelines, west of Paris
All flags at #NATO HQ have been lowered, following yesterday's appalling attacks in #Paris
French police official says "explosions" heard in Bagnolet neighborhood of France were firecrackers from a wedding.
Berlusconi urged Western leaders to form a coalition with Russia
Helicopters above Paris
Police officials: Syrian passport found on body of 1 suicide bomber at Paris stadium
Candlelight vigil at the Alliance Française in #Bangkok tonight for victims of the Paris attack
#Hollande: I will meet with parliamentary congress in Versailles on Monday
German authorities say 'reason to believe' man arrested in Bavaria on November 5 was linked to Paris attackers
"ISIS" audio statement was uploaded by [email protected] at 2015-11-14 10:33:58 GMT. NOT before attack
Poland says cannot accept migrants under EU quotas after Paris attacks
'India stands firmly with #France. We feel the pain and outrage of the people of France,' PM @narendramodi condemns #ParisAttacks.
English Translation: #ISIS claimed credit for the deadly attacks in the French capital, #ParisAttacks
Eyewitness video shows armed police entering building in Paris, reason unknown.
French President speaks by phone with world leaders including Merkel, Erdogan
In Berlin subway. #solidarity
#Yazidi mother and her children who fled violence from ISIS arrive on #Lesvos
More and more People come to French embassy in Kyiv
#Russia raises security alert due to new terrorist threats according to National Anti Terror Committee
Syria's Assad says Paris attacks result of French policy
France embassy in Minsk. People bring flowers despite heavy rain. Regretting #ParisAttacks
Gatwick Airport evacuated after armed police arrest man with 'gun in bag'
Britain's Gatwick airport north terminal evacuated as "precautionary measure"
The police have banned all demos and gatherings in the city and the suburbs until thursday #parisattacks
#ATO press center: 5 KIA, 4 WIA within last 24 hours
#ISIS official statement on #ParisAttacks #ISIS name it "Holy attack"
France declares three days of national mourning following the deadly Paris attacks
Easyjet #U26922 to Edinburgh has declared an emergency and has diverted to Norwich, UK
Milanović: It's an attacks on all human's, not just European values. I Express sorrow and sympathy of France
French President Hollande says #ParisAttacks are "cowardly act of war" committed by Islamic State
Burning Barabashovo market in #Kharkiv
#Finland says steps up border checks in Helsinki airport and ports, police "increases preparedness" following #Paris attacks
Area around #Bataclan theatre incl Boulevard Voltaire sealed off #ParisAttacks
Gas exploded in house in Mykolaiv region. 1 wounded
Al-Qaeda condemns the Paris attacks
#ISIS releases video in which militant says France will not live in peace as long as bombing continues
#Vienna:FM Fabius says objective of #Syria peace talks on Saturday is to strengthen coordination in fight against Daesh. #ParisAttacks"
#ISIS #Turkish twitter account claims responsibility for #ParisAttacks and"statement will be soon" #France
#Poroshenko near the Embassy of France
Bayerischer Rundfunk: German authorities have alerted officials in France about an arrest that may be connected to #ParisAttack
4 Ukrainian soldiers reportedly killed in Mariinka
Turkey's Erdogan calls for "a consensus of the international community against terrorism" #ParisAttacks
A man from Montenegro with AK-47 and explosives (TNT) was arrested in Germany, along the Salzburg-Munich highway, and is believed to be connected to #ParisAttacks
People need to unite in the fight against terrorism - Turchynov
President #Hollande currently holding an emergency security meeting with ministers and military chiefs.#ParisAttacks
According to german news reports, police in Bavaria arrested a Montenegrinian travelling to #Paris with guns and TNT hidden in car on Nov 5.
Dramatic images emerge showing aftermath of the #parisattacks
Russian police are on high alert amid of the terrorist attacks in Paris
Paris attacks toll rises to 127, around 180 injured, 80 critical: police sources
Ukrainian Consul in #Paris told @HromadskeRadio so far no information on Ukrainians affected by #ParisAttacks Trips not recommended
The Al-Hayat Media Center, official publication arm of the Islamic State has claimed Paris attacks. Calls attack a "miracle" #ParisAttack
Paris attacks show need to 'unite' against extremism: Russian Prime Minister
Fire at biggest Kharkiv market Brabashovo
France deploys 120,000 security forces across the country #ParisAttacks
Russian FM says #ParisAttacks will impact agenda of #Syria meetings in #Vienna
Saudi Foreign Minister says #ParisAttacks a 'violation of all religions'
First Flight Of The Day Landed In #Paris, Govt. Said Airports Remain Open With Increased Security.
Vatican condemns Paris attacks as "mad terrorist violence," calls for decisive response to counter spread of "homicidal hatred"
A normally packed Eurostar empty but for journalists this morning #ParisAttacks
4 police officers killed in raid on Bataclan Hall in #Paris
One of Paris attackers mentioned French military action in Syria: witness
Another map of #ParisAttacks
Paris prosecutor says 5 attackers may be dead in attacks across city. #ParisAttacks
Driving over the Belgian/French border. No border controls here as yet. #ParisAttack
Pro #ISIS accounts speak of 12 Jihadis whom carried out #Paris attacks tonight
California band playing at Bataclan says band members OK, some crew unaccounted for after hostage situation
#Eurostar says trains will run on Saturday but offering free exchange to those who do not wish to travel
According to police sources, 4 attacker's detonated suicide belt's in the concert hall during the police raid
Scores of ambulances queuing to get to Bataclan. #ParisShooting #ParisAttacks
The boulevard Beaumarchais became a huge parking lot for ambulances
Near the Embassy of France in Kyiv
French President Hollande says will fight attackers 'without mercy'
American Airlines has canceled all Paris-bound flights
French radio reports 118 dead in Paris attacks, including 80 at theater
Paris Dep Mayor tells CNN 118 dead in #Bataclan concert hall, City Hall offical tells Reut 40 dead in other locs. Total 158 dead.
1,500 soldiers are being deployed to the French capital in the wake of the #ParisAttacks #Paris
U.S. Vice President Biden releases statement on #ParisAttacks
French police currently putting the total death toll from #ParisAttacks at 140
#Paris The body of a victim under near #Bataclan. Hollande is on site
Fire at Calais camp
Belgium has closed all borders
The lights are out at the Eiffel Tower. #ParisAttacks
Members of the @gouvernementFR gathered this evening with @fhollande following the attacks in Paris
#Hollande #Valls #Cazeneuve and #Taubira en route to the #Bataclan
#Paris Beaumarchais near #Bataclan. Police RAID at their van
The French President will visit the Bataklan Theater in Paris
Around 100 dead in attack on Paris concert venue: police
4 terrorists killed at le bataclan. Their profiles are young and speak French"
Turkish Pres Erdoğan offers condolences on #ParisAttacks: This grim event showed how rightful our sensitivity on terrorism was.
Statement from Sec. Kerry: "We stand with the French people tonight" #ParisAttacks
French president to convene defense council at 9 a.m., presidential palace says
In #Germany people take to the streets to shout "#Germany stands with #France"
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