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17 шілде 2018

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1 hour ago
UK MPs have voted 316-37 against giving devolved authorities a veto on Government trade negotiations after Brexit
Trump-Putin meeting could have been worse, Poland says
2 hour ago
Hahn visits Skopje to launch screening process
2 hour ago
UK MPs have voted 314-284 against an amendment to the Trade Bill calling for all free trade deals after Brexit to be subject to Parliamentary scrutiny and consent
Spain's Constitutional Court blocks latest Catalan independence motion
2 hour ago
Russian authorities want to interrogate NSA, CIA, former U.S. state department employees as part of investigation into William Browder's activity - Russian prosecutor general's office
2 hour ago
Russian authorities want to question former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul as part of probe into William Browder's activities - Russian prosecutor general's office
2 hour ago
Russian prosecutor general's office says ready to file official request with U.S. authorities regarding questioning of employees of U.S. secret services, govt agencies in Browder probe
"[Russia] did interfere in our election. It's really clear." - Paul Ryan
Airbus sells 60 A220s in $5.4 billion deal with JetBlue's founder
2 hour ago
Minsk accused Russian companies of supplying sanctioned products through Belarus. According to Lukashenka, these enterprises are "big dealers with heavy shoulder straps"
Trump says meeting with Putin 'even better' than with NATO
2 hour ago
[email protected]: While I had a great meeting with NATO, raising vast amounts of money, I had an even better meeting with Putin of Russia. Sadly, it is not being reported that way - the Fake News is going Crazy.
ANA will cancel 378 domestic flights in August due to RollsRoyce engine inspections
Juncker to meet Trump for trade talks on July 25 in Washington - EU Commission
Corker says best way to push back against Trump-Putin summit is to pass bill that would allow Congress to block tariffs
2 hour ago
Russian MoD says in statement that it's ready to implement agreement on international security Putin and Trump reached in Helsinki.
3 hour ago
[email protected]: I had a great meeting with NATO. They have paid $33 Billion more and will pay hundreds of Billions of Dollars more in the future, only because of me. NATO was weak, but it is strong again (bad for Russia). The media only says I was rude to leaders, never mentions the money.
3 hour ago
Rolls-Royce says stockpiling of parts due to Brexit could start in the fourth quarter
4 hour ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 10km WSW of Rrogozhine, Albania
UK Ambassador to Iran, asked if there is any deadline for the current talks between Iran and other JCPOA members, said that there is no deadline and that technical discussions will continue.
UK Ambassador to Iran (on if there's a timeframe to implement the package to save JCPOA before US sanctions take effect) told me,"It's very difficult to give timelinesWe're not looking at a single target dateSome of these things will be quick andsome will take a long time"
4 hour ago
IAG's Level airline plans budget long-haul flights from Vienna
4 hour ago
Britain's EU referendum was legitimate, says PM May's spokesman
5 hour ago
UK PM May's spokesman: Trump's meeting with Putin doesn't harm relations
Clashes between city guard, municipal services against activists protesting demolition of illegal shops in Dnipro city
Ryanair confirms 24 flights between Ireland and UK will be cancelled on Friday due to strike action by pilots
[email protected] says the amendments passed in Westminster make it much more difficult for successful Brexit negotiations with EU to be achieved particularly in relation to tax and the backstop
A spokesperson for Irish Foreign Affairs also said 'It been the UK Govt's position that customs checks between NI and GB are unacceptable and therefore it is not surprising that this amendment was accepted. The UK has also repeatedly committed to avoiding a hard border.'
A spokesperson for the dept of Irish Foreign affairs has said 'It is fully accepted and understood that there can be no Withdrawal Agreement without a legally operable backstop ensuring that there will be no hard border'
5 hour ago
BoE's Carney: no deal Brexit would prompt interest rate review
Japan and EU signed a free trade deal to create one of the world's largest economic areas accounting for about 600 million people in 29 countries
42y.o. man shot dead in Rivne
5 hour ago
BAE says aim is for international partners to join UK fighter project in 2019
Protesters vandalized office of National anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine5 hour ago
Protesters vandalized office of National anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine
Republican Ron DeSantis says he doesn't think "there was any Trump-Russia collusion", adding that issues "have kind of been intermingled by a lot of the people that want to damage him as president"
6 hour ago
A Labour source has told Sky News the party will be voting against Prime Minister Theresa May's "latest desperate move" for an early recess for MPs
Tusk: The real risks to our economy, jobs and prosperity are political uncertainty, tariff war, unpredictability, irresponsibility and aggressive rhetoric. NOT free trade agreements
Anti-Russian empire banner in Kobrin of Belarus
6 hour ago
The @FBI investigation into Maria Butina's case designates prominent Soviet and Russia n broadcaster and journalist Vladimir Pozner a KGB agent
A large group of men attacked a 17-year-old German Jew who wore an Israeli pin and kippah on Friday night in the West German city of Dusseldorf
USSMountWhitney CO: Capt. Aguilar welcomes Ukrainian President @Poroshenko during SeaBreeze 18yrsStrong exercise, co-hosted by US and Ukraine and aimed at enhancing interoperability among 18 @NATO ally/partner participants and strengthening Black Sea security
2 killed as result of gas cylinder explosion in St.Petersburg
Protest near Specialized Anti-Corruption prosecutor office in Kyiv6 hour ago
Protest near Specialized Anti-Corruption prosecutor office in Kyiv
6 hour ago
Co-operative Energy has announced it is raising gas and electricity prices by 5.2% for customers on its standard variable tariff from 20 August
Deputy PM for EU Affairs, @Bujar_O at National Council for EU integration: "This is a decisive time to take an important decision future generations. There is broad consensus about EuroAtlantic path of Macedonia. We must not miss this historic opportunity, no time to lose."
The trade deal that will eliminate 99 percent of tariffs, which cost businesses in the EU and Japan nearly €1 billion annually.
EU-Japan trade deal is 'clear message against protectionism': Tusk
Tusk: With the largest bilateral trade deal EVER, today we cement Japanese-European friendship. Geographically, we are far apart. But politically and economically we could hardly be any closer. With shared values of liberal democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
A look from afar at this morning's front pages of the NYC tabloids. TrumpPutinSummit
7 hour ago
Russia is a top priority ally for Armenia - the head of the Armenian Security Council
7 hour ago
After reprieve, Britain's May faces Brexit battle in parliament on trade
Japan, EU sign massive trade deal
Alexander Drymanov, former head of Moscow's Investigations Committee,   detained for alleged connections with organised crime.7 hour ago
Alexander Drymanov, former head of Moscow's Investigations Committee, detained for alleged connections with organised crime.
8 hour ago
A German government source on how May's "third way" plan, outlined to Merkel the day before it became the "Chequers agreement", was briefed out from the chancellory: "It doesn't make any sense, but make positive noises about it"
8 hour ago
Figures from the UK Office for National Statistics show unemployment fell by 12,000 between March and May to 1.41 million and the number of people in work has reached a record high of 32.4 million
European rights court condemns Russia over treatment of Pussy Riot members, journalist Politkovskaya's murder probe
European rights court condemns Russia over treatment of Pussy Riot members
European rights court condemns Russia over journalist Politkovskaya murder probe
8 hour ago
Theresa May's perilous position becomes dramatically clear after a key Brexit bill barely squeaks through Parliament
Security Service of Ukraine seized arsenal from a man in Nikopol'
8 hour ago
Official Brexit campaign Vote Leave referred to police over "serious breaches" of electoral law
Police seized ammunition from a man in Dnipro city
Vice-President of @EU_Commission Maroš Šefčovič:Pleased to welcome Minister @PavloKlimkin @MFA_Ukraine and Ukraine's team to Berlin. TrilateralGasTalks9 hour ago
Vice-President of @EU_Commission Maroš Šefčovič:Pleased to welcome Minister @PavloKlimkin @MFA_Ukraine and Ukraine's team to Berlin. #TrilateralGasTalks
Dutch MFA @ministerBlok: With @MinPres Rutte today at the National Monument MH17, the poignant woodland memorial where we remember the 298 victims of MH17 together with their survivors. @StichtingMh17 (Photo: ANP)
9 hour ago
Azerbaijan`s Defense Ministry: Armenian armed units violated ceasefire 103 times
Russia and Ukraine in EU-backed talks to avoid fresh 'gas wars'
10 hour ago
UK Electoral Commission has fined 'Vote Leave' and referred the organisation to the police for breaking electoral law after it "returned an incomplete and inaccurate spending report"
11 hour ago
Newly minted Juventus @juventusfc player Cristiano Ronaldo @Cristiano says he's 'different' from other players his age who move to China or Qatar for mega-money deals
3 wounded as result of explosion in apartment in Kryvyi Rih
3 wounded as result of explosion in apartment in Kryvyi Rih
19 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was wounded
German ARD reporting potential spy leak in OSCE special monitoring mission to Ukraine as profiles on observers, including drinking habits, finances and preference in women find their way to the FSB
19 hour ago
UK junior defence minister resigns, votes against government on Brexit: BBC
19 hour ago
President Poroshenko ordered military to prevent further Russian provocation in Azov Sea
20 hour ago
[email protected]: A productive dialogue is not only good for the United States and good for Russia, but it is good for the world. HELSINKI2018
20 hour ago
President Poroshenko: We are ready to defend our land even without international support, continuing to rebuild our army, Armed Forces of Ukraine is the first priority
20 hour ago
Fourth Pussy Riot member Olga Pakhtusova jailed for 15 days.
20 hour ago
The French, British and German governments have told Iran they are exploring activating accounts for the Iranian central bank with their national central banks in a bid to open a financial channel to keep alive the Iranian nuclear deal, @WSJ reports
Ukraine's aircraft industry well represented today at Farnborough2018 Airshow, one of the world's largest. AN-178, a Ukrainian-built airlifter, performed a demonstration flight.21 hour ago
Ukraine's aircraft industry well represented today at #Farnborough2018 Airshow, one of the world's largest. AN-178, a Ukrainian-built airlifter, performed a demonstration flight.
21 hour ago
Video of clashes near Dokuchaevsk this evening
Video of clashes near Dokuchaevsk this evening
22 hour ago
Pussy Riot's Petr Verzilov is the third member of the group to be sentenced to 15 days in jail and banned from sporting events.
DOJ announces the arrest of Russian National Mariia Butina, age 29, for "infiltrating organizations having influence in American politics, for the purpose of advancing the interests of the Russian Federation." She was arrested yesterday.
Russian national charged with "conspiracy to act as an agent of the Russian Federation within the United States," DOJ says.
Russian woman arrested in Washington, D.C. for working in the United States on behalf of the Russian government
22 hour ago
A second Pussy Riot member, Olga Kuracheva, has been jailed for 15 days and banned from sporting events.
DNI Coats on press-conference in Helsinki22 hour ago
DNI Coats on press-conference in Helsinki
Senate Intel Chairman Burr: Russia attacked the US elections and has "beaten and harassed U.S. diplomats and violated anti-proliferation treaties. Any statement by Putin contrary to these facts is a lie and should be recognized as one by the President."
Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois suggests Trump is "a Russian asset" in her statement
Pussy Riot's Petr Verzilov in court.22 hour ago
Pussy Riot's Petr Verzilov in court.
Senator Collins' Statement on President Trump's Remarks at Helsinki Summit
Sen. Warner says Trump violated oath of office. "For the President of the United States to stand next to Putinand side with Putin over America's military and intelligence leaders is a breach of his duty to defend our country against its adversaries."
Dnipro region water supply service warns that it will suspend water supply tomorrow at 9am cause of lack of chlorine for water treatment plant
Russian forces from Styla shelling positions of 93rd brigade with heavy artillery
"Strange volley" reported in Horlivka
NBC News: A spokesperson for Special Counsel Robert Mueller says they will "decline to comment" on President Putin's offer for members of Mueller's team to go to Russia and be present as Russia interrogates their own intelligence officers.
23 hour ago
Heavy clashes reported near Dokuchaevsk
Republican Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman @BobCorker: "The President's comments made us look like a nation more of a pushover."
Paul Ryan: "There is no question that Russia interfered in our election and continues attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world. The president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally. There is no moral equivalence "
23 hour ago
Italy's Salvini calls on the EU to recognize Libya as a "safe haven" for migrants
23 hour ago
Russia's FM Lavrov says the Putin-Trump talks went "better than super"
Today in Helsinki: banner from youth wing of a Finish pro government political party23 hour ago
Today in Helsinki: banner from youth wing of a Finish pro government political party
23 hour ago
"I'm exploding here - like so many people around the world who hold America dear" - Senior Ukrainian diplomat tells @jimsciutto of Trump comments re Putin and Russia
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