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17 January 2018
Vodafone wants to resume mobile communication in Occupied Donbas tomorrow.
"Money of Yanukovych" has transformed into hundreds of rocket systems - Lutsenko
Poland seeks to tamp down German war reparations row, saying the issue should not hinder good relations between neighbors
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Air defence missile regiment of the Black Sea Fleet launches training in intensive military flight zone at Kacha Airfield
Arrival of the Fighting Falcons: 12 @usairforce F-16s and 300 Airman landed in Estonia as part of a Theater Security Package (TSP) in support of Atlantic Resolve
Open Russia's coordinator in Tambov Vladimir Zhilkin and his wife detained on suspicion of murdering a woman in a park.
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Germany's Merkel plans to travel to Paris on Friday to join France's Macron ahead of plans to launch a new Franco-German partnership in the run-up to Monday's celebrations marking the 55th anniversary of the signing of the Elysee Treaty of friendship between Germany and France
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US presses Kosovo against amending war crimes court law
Russia again is conducting a drills in the unrecognized Transnistria, Moldova
Air France/KLM cancels 228 European flights to and from Schiphol Airport ahead of storm
Masked men holding bottles are seen entering the Memorial offices in Nazran, which were destroyed in an arson attack last night.
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"We have carried a disproportionately high share already. You can't say Austria is not showing solidarity," Austrian Chancellor Kurz says on the distribution of refugees in the European Union, urging to focus on securing EU's external borders while visiting Berlin
A video of last night's arson attack on the Memorial offices in Nazran, Ingushetia, has been published.
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Merkel on Austria's new coalition government with the far-right FPOE: "I want to make clear: We will judge the new government in Austria by its actions. Our discussions on Europe make me hopeful, but of course we will monitor its actions very closely."
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Bayeux Tapestry loan 'very significant': British PM
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"We want to limit illegal immigration," says German Chancellor Merkel after meeting with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on his inaugural visit in Berlin. Kurz had sharply criticised Merkel's open door refugee policy during his time as foreign minister
German Chancellor Angela Merkel travels to Sofia on Saturday for talks with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov after his nation took over the European Union's rotating six-month presidency at the start of the year
EU likely to hit Venezuelan officials with sanctions - diplomats
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"The Government is not running Carillion the Government is actually a customer of Carillion" says @Theresa May after being told she should take responsibility for the company's collapse
EU is not at war with Poland, says EU's Juncker
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Afghanistan: Russia offers to host talks between Afghan government, Taliban: By Pajhwok on 17 January 2018 KABUL (Pajhwok): Russia has called for urgent talks between Afghan government and the read more
Catalan lawmakers elect separatist parliamentary speaker
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25-year-old Liverpool footballer Jon Flanagan has been sentenced to 40 hours of unpaid work and a 12-month community order for assaulting his girlfriend Rachael Wall
[email protected]: I have no desire to see any borders in Ireland, or between Northern Ireland and the UK, we'll do everything we can to prevent that, N. Ireland shouldn't have to choose between prioritising trade with the UK or EU, special arrangements are possible
Varadkar: fundamnetally what we have have to move away from is any idea that any country can have a relationship that involves taking all the benefits and none of the responsibilites and obligations. That's the fundamental thing we need to insist on
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Putin seeks to be 'emperor for life': Kremlin critic Navalny tells AFP
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Chief of Staff Muzhenko says Ukrainian army is preparing to use FGM-148 Javelin ATGM
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Taoiseach @campaignforleo: I will absolutely fight hard to ensure we can have as close as possible partnership and relationship between UK-EU it's in Ireland's, British people and EU's interest
Catalan Parliament fails to select new Speaker in first round. Separatist candidate Roger Torrent (ERC) three votes short of required overall majority. Second round vote now, but only simple majority needed
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has told the European Parliament in Strasbourg he would like the UK to rejoin the European Union after Brexit
Farage to Vardakar: "You're prepared to put your devotion to the European project above the interests of Irish farmers."
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ATO spox: Unfortunately, two Ukrainian servicemen were killed in action by an unidentified explosive device. Seven more troops received combat injuries: five in the said explosion, another two in the hostile shelling of Vodiane.
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ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies attacked Luhanske with light weapons and shelled Troitske with 82mm mortars. Donetsk sector – militants used 120mm mortars in Vodiane area.
USAF B52s 61-0005 and 60-0012 BARON31 flight departed Fairford at 1013z - Baltic mission4 시간 전
USAF B52s 61-0005 and 60-0012 BARON31 flight departed Fairford at 1013z - Baltic mission
Irish PM explains what many in EU tend to forget. "In a global context we are a Union of small countries." Explains that if EU member states give in to Nationalism they will give up even more influence in the world. He makes strong, measured case for EU in front of EP
EP Brexit coordinator @guyverhofstadt tells @campaignforleo EU will be behind him in Brexit negotiations says "in these negotiations we are all Irish"
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Russian Inquiry Committee: There is evidence refuting the doping testimony in Sochi in 2014
Juncker: (Good Friday Agreement) peace can be fragile, I see no more important use of our new budget than guaranteeing and financing the peace process in Ireland, this is an unconditional European commitment
Arrimadas says new regional parliament "gets off on the wrong foot" by allowing proxy votes today, which she argues are not permitted with a strict reading of the rules
Ciudadanos asks temporary Speaker to reconsider decision to allow proxy votes on behalf of separatist MPs jailed on remand
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Juncker: the commission and Irish government worked tirelessly and side by side to reach the sufficient progress needed to move onto the next phase of the Brexit talks, this partnership will continue and grow stronger
"When it comes to Ireland, we are all for one and one for all" says @JunckerEU in debate with irish @RealTaoiseach
Juncker: when it comes to issue of Ireland in Brexit negotiations, EU is united, It is all for one, one for all
Catalan parliament meets for first time since failed secession
[email protected]: I hope new relationship between UK-EU is as close and as deep as possible but consistent with the need of the union to protect our internal market and custom union
Taoiseach: "Ireland has moved from being a net beneficiary of the EU Budget to a net contributor. Nonetheless, we are open to contributing more, but only if it is spent on things that contribute to the advancement of the European ideal."
[email protected]: as negotiations move forward into phase 2 we will continue to rely on EP support and solidarity, as we work to ensure what has been promised in theory is delivered in practice and there can be no backsliding on this
Irish Taoiseach @campaignforleo addressing the EP on FutureofEurope says breakthrough in getting sufficent progress in phase 1 of negotiations means UK has guaranteed that whatever the future relationship between UK-EU is a hard border on island of Ireland will be avoided
Ireland PM Leo Varadkar says the EU is decisive point in our history and we meet today in solidarity and with a renewed sense of purpose
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Austrian @sebastiankurz meets Angela Merkel today in Berlin after forming a controversial coalition with a far-right party
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Martin Schulz says he wants to reassess and, if necessary, amend coalition with Merkel after two years. Says this will be condition for them to join in the first place
In New York, protest against the arrival of the Russian jazzman Igor Butman, who supported the annexation of the Crimea5 시간 전
In New York, protest against the arrival of the Russian jazzman Igor Butman, who supported the annexation of the Crimea
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ATO: 2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 5 wounded in road-side bomb explosion
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FSB detains former head of Boris Berezovsky's security detail, Sergei Sokolov, claiming he was planning terrorist attacks.
Access to single market post-Brexit will depend on high UK agriculture standards, says Irish Farmers Association
Macron pledges to protect interests of Calais region in Brexit talks
Countries most hit by Brexit should not be asked to increase budget contribution, Dutch Finance Minister says
UK should not be bound post-Brexit by rules that it cannot influence, says former UK Commissioner
EU Council President calls for "more clarity" from UK on future partnership
France says it will loan the Bayeux Tapestry to Britain but 'not before 2020'
Czech government approves resignation after losing confidence vote
Juncker speaking at EP Plenary session says he continues to believe Brexit is a "catastrophe" but causes of decision run much deeper "British have never felt entirely comfortable with EU and guilt lies on many shoulder"
Constituent session of new Catalan Parliament to begin at 11 a.m. Spanish time
Puigdemont renounces delegate their vote to the opening of the catalan Parliament which will take place this Wednesday, January 17
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South Korea, Spain discuss defense cooperation
French president is seeking Beijing's support for G5Sahel military force
In Zaporizhzhia, SBU detained a deserter with 2 pistols and 4000 rounds
ATO HQ reports about 3 ceasefire violations yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded8 시간 전
ATO HQ reports about 3 ceasefire violations yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded
In Rostov-on-Don, a man was killed as a result of gas explosion in a high-rise building
Snow storm to hit Ukraine on 18 January, expected up to 40cms of snow
Venezolanos in Madrid Spain protests against the State of Nicolás Maduro and demonstrated in active mourning for the massacre of Oscar Pérez
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German police have arrested a 23-year-old Syrian man in Leipzig on suspicion of planning a terror attack
Two people were injured in a gas explosion in Nizhny Novgorod
In Crimea Volodymir Baluh was sentenced to 3,5 years in Russian prison camp for waving Ukrainian flag20 시간 전
In #Crimea Volodymir Baluh was sentenced to 3,5 years in Russian prison camp for waving Ukrainian flag
Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan attended NATO meeting
EU names China and Russia as top hackers
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Germany: Israeli Mossad gave the intel which led to today's raids across Germany in hunt for Iranian agents
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Swiss food giant Nestle agrees to sell US chocolate business to Nutella maker Ferrero for $2.9 billion
Reporter: "Did you say that you wanted more people to come in from Norway?" President Trump: "I want them to come in from everywhere, everywhere."
HMCS St.John's departed Halifax this afternoon to begin a 6-month deployment on Op REASSURANCE. They'll soon join NATO allies in the Mediterranean Sea.21 시간 전
HMCS St.John's departed Halifax this afternoon to begin a 6-month deployment on Op REASSURANCE. They'll soon join NATO allies in the Mediterranean Sea.
S-300PM1 anti-aircraft missile systems Units from the 4th Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Southern Military District (YUVO) has left their bases and have been instructed to 'march' to designated areas in Rostov Oblast for combat readiness training.
Dmitri Borisov in court today during his trial for protesting against corruption on March 26 in Moscow.23 시간 전
Dmitri Borisov in court today during his trial for protesting against corruption on March 26 in Moscow.
New Czech cabinet, led by billionaire Andrej Babis, loses parliamentary confidence vote
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Russian MFA: It is with great regret we learned of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, one of the leaders of Serbs in the Autonomous Province of Kosovo. Our heartfelt condolences go to his family. We resolutely CONDEMN this despicable act, expect proper investigation to find culprits