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26 April 2018

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Fire near military academy in Murmansk2 minute ago
Fire near military academy in Murmansk
6 minute ago
Mattis Confirms French Troop Deployment in Syria
Portnenko A.I 79y.o and Portnenko G.P 77y.o were killed as result of shelling in Dokuchaevsk
Massive law enforcement drill in Odesa today
2 hour ago
The issue of Nagorno-Karabakh must be resolved exclusively in a peaceful way - Zakharova
Slovakia president and protesters say new interior minister won't end crisis
3 hour ago
Ukraine's Foreign Ministry condemns new wave of raids in Crimea
In Odesa, the SBU exposed a distributor of separatist leaflets
Mi-8 helicopter made an emergency landing in Altai, no casualties
European Central Bank holds key interest rates at record lows: spokeswoman
5 hour ago
Committee of the Council of Federation on Defense and Security supported the draft law on counter-sanctions
Armenian FM arrived in Moscow to discus situation in the country5 hour ago
Armenian FM arrived in Moscow to discus situation in the country
[email protected]: Commission hopes to convince the UK that it needs to reassess its 'red lines', otherwise UK narrows its options for a future Brexit deal and a "reasonable outcome"
Jens Stoltenberg: I welcome the inter Korean summit meeting. NATO supports dialogue and all efforts towards a peaceful solution to the situation on the Korean Peninsula
EU Commission is still optimistic that US tariffs on European steel and aluminium products will not kick in on May 1. German officials raised doubts today that even temporary exemptions will be on the table
'UK has to face up to the fact that decision time is here' - Phil Hogan addresses the Seanad on Brexit
TASS: Security conference participants in Sochi spoke against unilateral use of force bypassing UN Security Council - Patrushev
[email protected]: 'Global Britain' is not realistic: 1) Outside the EU, UK's importance will be reduced 2) Trade deal with the US will be difficult to negotiate 3) Commonwealth is not a cohesive bloc, no single partner 4) It takes average of 7 years to negotiate FTA
Protesters block traffic in Armenia's capital Yerevan after the opposition accused the ruling party of refusing to cede power following the resignation of veteran leader Serzh Sarkisian
EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development @PhilHoganEU on Irish border: Deadline to find solution is set for June, if no decision by then, no withdrawal treaty, and no transition Brexit
[email protected] Hutchison on Afghan elections: "We are very very concerned that these elections go forward and that they be recognized as legitimate." She says Afghans are increasingly seeing that their lives are better for the years NATO has been fighting there, eg girls in school
Northern Ireland Newtownbutler - Police are currently dealing with a security alert.
6 hour ago
The idea of the government setting removal targets for illegal immigrants goes back decades - PM May's spokesman
[email protected] Hutchison: NATO is focused on support to Alliance's south in face of security threats there. This will be part of discussions at Foreign Ministers
[email protected] Hutchison: We know there are domestic politics in all NATO Allies that must be worked through. We value Italy's contributions to NATO greatly, including to @ResoluteSupport
"We are very concerned about Russia's activities," says @USAmbNATO Hutchison, previewing NATO's foreign ministerial. She cites "malign activities" attempting to "destabilize our alliance."
European Commission President Juncker says eurozone should honour Greek debt relief pledge
6 hour ago
Greece will keep its cool to 'dangerous' Turkish provocations, PM says
6 hour ago
British interior minister faces calls to resign after Windrush scandal
Iran media confirms arrest of British-Iranian scientist and peace campaigner Abbas Edalat; says he was part of 'infiltration network'
EU starts monitoring aluminum imports after U.S. tariffs
[email protected] Hutchison: We support Ukraine's aspirations to NATO membership. I was in Ukraine this month and had great meetings. I was encouraged by desire for strengthened alliance with Europe. But reforms must be made.
EU issues ultimatum to tech giants such as @facebook: Step up your efforts to tackle fakenews or face a new set of regulation from Brussels
ARF ministers and governors resign
Police seized weapons in Liubech village of Chernyhiv region
7 hour ago
MoD spox: Donetsk sector – militants delivered 51 attacks, used 120mm mortars on multiple occasions in Verkhniotertske, Hnutove, Vodiane areas, 82mm one near Shakhta Butovka and Avdiivka. Hostile small arms and light weapons attacks were recorded in 17 locations.
Incidents like Skripal poisoning/support for the Syrian government have "created a situation where tensions are higher and relations between Russia and NATO are more difficult than they've been in many years," says @jensstoltenberg. He says that makes dialogue more important
"We all should welcome" President Ghani's offer of reconciliation talks with the Taliban, says @jensstoltenberg. He expects foreign ministers to recommit resources to Afghanistan, a key issue Friday
EU officials say May has little over a month to choose whether to leave Northern Ireland permanently aligned with the EU or keep the whole of the UK in a customs union. UK Brexit Secretary Davis told MPs neither would happen
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg welcomes Korea summit (taking place simultaneously with NATO foreign ministers tomorrow) and Pyongyang's pledge to stop nuclear pursuits, but says until there's more clarity on this, sanctions must remain in place
7 hour ago
Greek PM says Greece is remaining calm in the face of 'dangerous' provocations from Turkey challenging Greek sovereignty
From where we stand rightwe must assume new tariffs starting May 1st, says German government spokesperson just before Merkel's departure to DC7 hour ago
"From where we stand rightwe must assume new tariffs starting May 1st," says German government spokesperson just before Merkel's departure to DC
We will close the ForMin with a meeting on the Western Balkans and NATO's Open Door policy: discussing the progress made by BiH, Skopje and Georgia - @jensstoltenberg
NATO Foreign Ministers will also address Afghanistan and our renewed commitment with troop increases and financial support - @jensstoltenberg
We will launch a new training mission for Iraq at NATO summit in July. Foreign Ministers will agree further details tomorrow, planning for a training mission of several hundred - @jensstoltenberg
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg adds Syria and Skripal poisoning to list of concerns the alliance has about Russia, as foreign ministers come to town Friday
NATO Foreign Ministers will be joined by the EU HR/VP @FedericaMog to discuss how we could cooperate more closely to build stability - @jensstoltenberg
7 hour ago
NATO SecGen: Minsk agreement is only platform we have to try to find negotiated solution to conflict in Ukraine. But problems with lack of implementation must be resolved.
When tensions are high, it is even more important to talk with Russia: we remain open to meaningful dialogue and continue to work for the next meeting of the NATO - Russia Council - @jensstoltenberg
7 hour ago
Germany expects US to impose punitive tariffs on EU aluminium and steel imports from May 1, government source says
For several years, Moscow has shown a pattern of dangerous behaviour: the illegal annexation of Crimea, the destabilisation of Eastern Ukraine, meddling in democratic processes, cyber-attacks and disinformation - @jensstoltenberg
Foreign Ministers will meet tomorrow to prepare the NATO summit in July and will begin with a meeting to discuss Russia - @jensstoltenberg
8 hour ago
NATO SecGen: A few years ago, NATO was responsible for countering Taliban in Afghanistan. Afghans themselves have responsibility for security. Important progress. We continue to train, advises, assist and provide funding.
NATO SecGen: We'll close ForMin with meeting on Open Door policy to discuss progress by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Former Republic of Macedonia. We'll also discuss Ukraine.
8 hour ago
NATO SecGen: We will launch new training mission for Iraq at NATOSummit in July. Currently planning for several hundred to train Iraqis and help build military schools to help prevent reemergence of ISIS.
NATO SecGen previews ForMin for media: Ministers will prepare for upcoming NATOSummit in July. 1st meeting will be on Russia, which has shown pattern of dangerous behavior for years
8 hour ago
Germany says not making itself more dependent on Russia with new pipeline
President of Armenia National Assembly Ara Babloyan announced that on May 1 @ 12pm the RA National Assembly at a special session will discuss the issue of Prime Minister's election. Note that the deadline for nominating candidates for Prime Minister is April 30
MP opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan announces temporary freeze on civil disobedience actions blocking the roads to stop people from participating in these actions with covered license plates + to restore order among rogue drivers participating in the actions
Lionel Messi can register his name as trademark for sports goods: EU court
Protest actions continue in Yerevan
Protest actions continue in Yerevan
8 hour ago
German parliament approves a draft resolution recognizing the Jewish State of Israel
Armenia's parliament will elect the new prime minister on May 1, says the speaker of the parliament
Searches in Belogorsk, Crimea today8 hour ago
Searches in Belogorsk, Crimea today
Security Services of Ukraine detained pro-Russian propagandists from Kyiv and Odesa
Security Services of Ukraine detained pro-Russian propagandists from Kyiv and Odesa
9 hour ago
Labour has been granted an urgent question at 10.30am to ask Home Secretary Amber Rudd if she will make a statement on the alleged use of deportation targets in the Home Office
9 hour ago
UK can finalise trade agreement with EU before Brexit, says David Davis
Two Italian men have been charged in connection with an incident before the Liverpool vs Roma Champions League match on Tuesday which left a 53-year-old man seriously injured, Merseyside Police have said
Pakistan and Indian Armies to make a history with first ever joint military drills
9 hour ago
2 Armenian top officials have arrived in Moscow for talks
Dodon with Krasnoselski at Bender: Peacekeeping mission on Nistru needs to continue9 hour ago
Dodon with Krasnoselski at Bender: Peacekeeping mission on Nistru needs to continue
Pope Francis prayed for Korean people with the thousands of people in St. Peter's Square during the Wednesday General Audience. To the Korean people, who ardently desire peace, I promise the prayer and the closeness of the whole church.9 hour ago
Pope Francis prayed for Korean people with the thousands of people in St. Peter's Square during the Wednesday General Audience. "To the Korean people, who ardently desire peace, I promise the prayer and the closeness of the whole church."
Pope Francis prayed for Korean people with the thousands of people in St. Peter's Square during the Wednesday General Audience. To the Korean people, who ardently desire peace, I promise the prayer and the closeness of the whole church.
9 hour ago
Brexit is pushing talk of a united Ireland back on the agenda
EU say nearing plan to save Iran nuclear pact
Republican Party held session last night; met with former President/PM Serzh Sargsyan and acting PM Karen Karapetyan. Said they are prepared to discuss any issue with opposition Pashinyan without preconditions and Serzh Sargsyan will be replaced as party chairman
9 hour ago
UK Home Office has been hit by more confusion about its immigration policy after a row over deportation "targets"
Security service of Ukraine exposed illicit arms traders in Odesa
U.S. to press NATO allies to spend more, warn about Russia
=Senior @StateDept official previewed NATO ForMin priorities: "The underlying theme is centrality and importance of NATO for the US, our Allies, and regional and international security"
Ukraine has also expressed its aspirations for membership and I expect ministers will want to address that’ - NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
11 hour ago
Eastern Ukraine: 76 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, reactive artillery used in Luhansk region, ATGM near Hnutove. 11 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
Crimean solidarity reports about searches in Belogorsk at Bariev Ali11 hour ago
"Crimean solidarity" reports about searches in Belogorsk at Bariev Ali
The Russian diplomats who were just expelled from the US included spies who US law enforcement and intelligence officials believe were tracking Russian defectors and their families who had resettled in the US.
Cambridge whistle blower told House Democrats Tuesday that Steve Bannon directed staff to test messaging in 2014 about Vladmir Putin and Russian expansion in Eastern Europe.
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