Map. History of Europe conflict

19 Lokakuu 2018
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Turchynov: statement by Russian State Duma on Ukraine is sign of poor mental health, aggression and cowardice of its members
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PM Šarec says EU solutions on migrations, eurozone cannot come overnight
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L-39 crash: TASS reports that both pilots alive
RuAF L-39 crashed in Krasnodar Krai of Russia
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The USS Iwo Jima arrives in Reykjavik harbor as part of NATO military exercises
Turkey president Erdogan brings his political campaign song to Moldova's Gagauzia region where ethnic Turks live during his official visit to the country. The song lyrics describe Erdogan as years long awaited leader who is the nightmare of oppressors.14 tunti sitten
Turkey president Erdogan brings his political campaign song to Moldova's Gagauzia region where ethnic Turks live during his official visit to the country. The song lyrics describe Erdogan as years long awaited leader who is the nightmare of oppressors.
The US has increased the pressure it is putting on Russia in order to get them to negotiate towards a solution, says @SpecRepUkraine, including: Increasing US sanctions; Working with EU allies to keep sanctions in place; Lifting arms embargo on Ukraine
Lifting the arms embargo on Ukraine "isn't about ramping up the war," says @SpecRepUkraine. "This is about deterring further aggression" " I can say with great confidence that the Ukrainians have no illusions about retaking the territory they have lost by force."
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Russian FM Lavrov criticizes US development of low-yield nuclear weapons.
Kurt Volker:The move towards autocephaly by Ukraine is a clear example of how Russia's invasion and occupation of parts of Ukraine has actually reinforced Ukraine's drive for independence and deepened divide between Ukraine and Russia.
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Ukrainian Media watchdog hold decision on NewsOne channel
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Greece deployed a fregate to observe the movements of the Turkish exploration ship Hayreddin Barbaros, which searches for gas reserves on the shores of Cyprus.
Putin: We're ready to use nuclear weapons only if we're certain that we're under attack. Aggressor will go to hell, and we, as victim, will go to heaven.
Putin : our nuclear weapons are defensive. We don't strike first. But if we confirm a nuke attack we will hit back. It will be a catastrophe. But we will be the victims - and go to paradise. They will be destroyed .
Dodik calls for Serbian unity
We agreed on exchanging intelligence to combat terrorism: Al-Sisi from Russia
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A Finnish judge has exceeded the prosecutor's request in punishing two men for defaming and harassing a journalist for her work exposing Russian propaganda and trolls. @JessikkaAro will also receive amends of €136,000 for their four years of hellish stalking.
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Hug: 205 civiliancasualties (39 dead/ 166 injured) in 2018. 486 (87 dead/399 injured) in 2017. No end in sight so long as those responsible are not held to account; more dead and injured until weapons withdrawn, forcesandformations disengaged, mines and UXO removed, and guns are silent.
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Hug: An inescapable fact and uncomfortable truth – responsibility lies with those who are non-compliant – both those firing weapons/planting mines and MinskAgreements signatories.
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Hug: A direct correlation between non-compliance with Minsk and deaths/injuries of civilians. Mother and daughter in Zolote would still be alive if weapon had been removed beyond withdrawal line. Man in Lutuhyne would be uninjured if mines had been removed Zero Civilian Casualties
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Hug: A direct correlation between the presence of mines/UXO and civiliancasualties. Last week, in Lutuhyne, a man was injured after stepping on a mine Ukraineconflict
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Hug: A direct correlation between violence and civiliancasualty rates; as sides fire more weapons more often, more civilians die and are injured. Last week in Zolote, a mother and daughter were killed, and boy was injured near town in shelling Ukraine
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Hug: Security situation largely unchanged; heavy weapons present and sides dug in along 500km line, with trenches, roadblocks and mines snaking through the country-side, creating divisions and danger for civilians where none existed before Ukraine conflict
Bulgarian PM Borissov says EPP representatives apologised to him for reactions to Marinova murder
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Kosovo parliament voted to create Kosovo army
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Kosovo 's Serb lawmakers quit parliament's session over army
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Government of Scotland announces the discovery of mad cow virus in the country
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Russia's security service FSB called for an increased government control of the internet following the Kerch shooting incident
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In Azerbaijan detained suspected foreign spy
Unknown device exploded in Kyiv and wounded a man18 tunti sitten
Unknown device exploded in Kyiv and wounded a man
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Russian parliament Duma in joint statement of it's members warns about military threat at Donbas, accuses Ukraine in "Russophobia"
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Kosovo Parliament in session today, Three bills: on "Ministry of Defense", on "Kosovo Security Force" and on "Serving in KSF", will be put for vote in the first reading. If passed, it will mark the beginning of 10-year process of establishing Kosovo military/army named KSF.
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Policeman found beaten, tied up in Nikea apartment
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New death toll of school shooting in Kerch is at 21. With over 50 wounded
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LX-N90459 - NATO Boeing E-3A Sentry AWACS
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Macedonia to begin talks on joining NATO today. ("No media opportunity; photos will be available on NATO website.")
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Joint Forces Operation Press Center: yesterday Russian forces opened fire 17 times. 2 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded
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Verkhovna Rada hand over rights to use Andriyivksa church in Kyiv to The Ecumenical Patriarchate
Balkans: USA donates two Black Hawk helicopters to Croatia
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Ukraine handed over a protest note to Syria cause of the visit of the "delegation" of the Crimean occupation authorities
ImageSat new intelligence report reveals: Russia expands its military abilities in Kaliningrad. With @cnni @CNN SitRoom with @WolfBlitzer
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French economy minister says pulling out of Saudi summit over Khashoggi
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