Map. History of Europe conflict

14 December 2017
Britain says best way forward on North Korea is to intensify economic pressure
A pair of @usairforce F-22 jets intercepted two Russian Su-25 jets over Syria yesterday. The American fighter jets, according to @DeptofDefense officials, fired warning flares after the Russian jets crossed a "de-conflciiton" line.
Manchester United have found a £40m replacement for Henrikh Mkhitaryan
US Amb. in NATO: Lithuania demonstrates strong commitment to @NATO by passing budget allocating 2% of GDP for defense. Today I spoke with Ambassador @Leskevicius, who's been a great advocate for the pledge on defense investment.
Spain's Interior ministry reinforces border police in case Puigdemont returns
Opposition activist Alexander Rastorguev has been detained in St. Petersburg in connection with the protest of October 7. And Putin says he isn't afraid of the opposition.
Theresa May says 'disappointed' by UK parliament vote but 'on course to deliver Brexit'
The city of Pécs adopted a formal declaration asking people not to provide space to "organizations linked to George Soros." One NGO has already lost its rental agreement as a result of political pressure
Clashes reported at Svitlodars'k bulge
Netanyahu agrees to exclude settlements in multi-million euro deal with European Union
EU Commission to move against Poland next week over rule of law: Polish PM
Russian armoured vehicled leave Syria
Belgian PM @CharlesMichel on Brexit: There is still much work to do in the coming weeks and monthsbut here we have passed a stage that a few weeks ago many thought we wouldn't
German police raid locations linked to Islamist militants
The first conference of Prime Minister @MorawieckiM in Brussels
Germany Berlin - Police Press statement: 9 searches, digital materials seized, 4 suspects aged between 18 and 21. 2 suspected of traveling abroad to fight with IS , via Istanbul. 1 suspected of IS training. 1 suspected of help, due to bringing the 3 others to the airport.
Stream of CIA intelligence from Moscow indicates Russia saw election op as enormous success.
OSCE SMM reports Russian helicopters flying over Ukraine-Russia border on 5 Dec and 8 Dec
Putin says Russians do not want Ukraine-style 'coup'
2nd power line to Avdiyivka was repaired
"Ukraine is far away from Bashkiria. We only familiar with your Buryats ," - Ukrainian journalist replied to Putin at a press conference
WADA suspects 300 active Russian athletes of doping. Their names have been sent to international sports federations.
Avakov: the National guard should be ready to take control of the situation in temporarily occupied territories in the framework of the peace plan
[email protected]: We have the commitments that the British Government has made to both Ireland and the rest of the EU. Those commitments are cast-iron in my view
[email protected]: Businesses need time to adapt to any new realities in the context of Brexit. I have said that I think a transition period should be closer to four or five years
[email protected]_Bettel: We should not punish British citizens because they have decided to leave but we should not punish the other countries too because one is leaving
General strike in Greece against budget cuts, labour reforms
Tusk: The real test of our unity will be the second phase of Brexit talks
Donald Tusk: This EUCO is a very clear illustration of the fact that only when we are united can we successfully deal with most difficult issues like with European defence or Brexit
Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland met External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in Delhi
All of the Libyan gov't is willing to help improve conditions in detention ctrs, says African Union's Amira El Fadil, just returned from a visit to Libya. "The Libyan government needs our help," she says, to deal with more than 700,000 illegal migrants now there
Belgian Justice closes the case against Puigdemont and the other ex-ministers after the withdrawal of the European arrest warrant.
[email protected] chief William Lacy Swing says "next challenge" will be trying to get access to – and close – detention centers being run by militias in Libya
What Saakashvili is doing is spitting in the face of the Georgian people and spitting in the face of the Ukrainian people, Putin says.
We don't only want to save lives, we want them to have lives worth living, says @FedericaMog about helping people who return home from Libya
Putin: "There are no Russian army groups [in east Ukraine]. But there are militia groups who are ready to counter a major offensive in Donbas." He then claims if it weren't for them and separatists, Ukrainian nationalist battalions would massacre locals "worse than in Srebrenica."
UNHCR's Asst High Commissioner for Protection Volker Turk says "we need solidarity from Europe" for countries like Niger which agree to host 3rd country nationals
Something worse than Srebrenica will be committed by Ukrainian nationalists if the Russian army isn't standing by to protect Ukraine, Putin says.
And answering this Ukrainian journalist's question Putin,looking pissed off, just offended Bashkiria and Ukraine in one line."Ukraine, in its mentality is not as far from Bashkiria as it is geographically or as you might think."putinpresser
Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk asks Putin whether he will authorize full swap of POWs in eastern Ukraine and continue to pursue his "absurd policy" regarding peacekeepers; tells him fighters under his control in Donbas are massacring people. (Russian journos boo.)
What's happening in Ukraine is a tragedy, Putin says. The source of the tragedy was the state coup that happened.
[email protected] William Lacy Swing says official efforts include more help for thousands of returnees from Libya to "get life started again" and to screen those detainees whose lives are at risk in home countries and need protection
US and Russia should not attack each other like animals - Putin
Putin: US shouldn't have dropped nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WW2
AU representative Amira El Fadil was just in Libya visiting detention centers (as much as possible). She says her delegation asked the Libyan gov't for more access to these facilities and more cooperation, including in prosecuting criminals involved in smuggling, torture, etc
Theresa May to meet with EU27 hours after Commons Brexit defeat
Ukrainian customs officers bust an Israeli citizen with "special spices" (their actual words to describe 20 grams of cocaine) mixed in with a bag of French fries carried on flight from Tel Aviv to Odesa.
Russian Ministry of Defense: Su-34 from Syria returned to airfields of Khabarovsk region
"We are accelerating our processescombatting migration," says Amira El Fadil, Commissioner for Social Affairs of the AU Commission, after Libya task force meeting
A question from AP about whether Russia supports tougher sanctions on North Korea.
Libya does not have representatives on the new EU/UN/AU/IOM task force but @FedericaMog says leaders will soon travel to Tripoli to brief Libyan leader Al-Sarraj. "We are in this together" with African partners, she says
Zhirinovsky's LDPR replies to Putin's comment about not having any opponents: "What does he mean an opponent to Putin hasn't matured? You purged the whole political field and talk about some kind of maturity."
ATO spox: In total, Russia-backed militants violated the ceasefire 30 times in eastern Ukraine yesterday. Unfortunately, one Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action and one more was wounded.
ATO spox: Donetsk sector – militants conducted 14 attacks, used 120mm mortars in Vodiane area and 82mm ones in Avdiivka and Maryinka areas.
ATO spox: Luhansk sector – Russian proxies committed 16 ceasefire violations, used Minsk-proscribed weapons (including 82mm and 120mm mortars, 152mm artillery) in 6 localities.
EU's @FedericaMog says Libya task force commits to helping 15,000 more migrants stuck in Libya to return home, acknowledging some of those deserve international protection instead. EU giving @UNmigration 100 million more euros and even that "is not enough," she acknowledges
Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow: it was regrettable that material had been exiled from the papers, and that the reports took so long to be published, but says there has been no contempt of Parliament
Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow: ministers could have been "considerably clearer in their statements" regarding the Brexit sectoral analysis reports, but the argument that there has been a contempt of the House "has not been met"
EU foreign policy chief @FedericaMog on new Libya task force comprising EU, AU, UN and IOM. "Today we express our determination to accelerate our work," incl helping thousands more potential migrants to return home instead of attempting travel to Europe. "This is a turning point."
Russian president says accusations of Trump collusion by his opponents damage US political system.
Speaker of the UK House of Commons says David Davis not in contempt over Brexit impact assessments
David Davis: (asked if the UK will pay the Brexit bill if there's no free trade deal) "the withdrawal agreement is written in the light of Article 50, which says 'taking into account the future relationship', if that doesn't happen the whole deal falls away"
Putin: It's not for me to evaluate the work of Trump - this should be done by the people. But look at how the markets have grown. This suggests that investors trust what Trump does.
David Davis: (asked about polls showing a majority in favour of a referendum on the final Brexit deal) "no opinion poll comes anywhere near the votes of seventeen and a half million people, which we will respect"
Pakistan PM Abbasi, Shehbaz, Khawaja Asif meet Nawaz in London
David Davis: (on transparency) the EU's own fact sheet on transparency in trade negotiation notes "a certain level of confidentiality is necessary"… it is right that we take a similar approach
David Davis: (asked about transparency during the negotiations) we are committed to keeping Parliament and public informed…We will be as open and transparent as possible, subject to not revealing any information which could undermine negotiations
Brexit Secretary David Davis: last night's vote will result in a "very compressed timetable" when implementing the UK's exit from the EU, but the government takes the outcome of the vote seriously
Brexit Secretary David Davis: a no-deal is now "massively less probable" after last week's deal with the EU
Russia has just threatened to block YouTube and Twitter if they don't delete Open Russia's accounts. TASS is talking about the number of films and TV programmes that are banned in Ukraine.
Brexit Secretary David Davis: the implementation period must be finite, we want to achieve the right to negotiate and sign free trade deals during the period
Brexit Secretary David Davis speaking in the House of Commons: I welcome president Tusk's recommendation that talks on an implementation should start immediately and be agreed as soon as possible
Direct foreign investment in Russia has doubled, Putin claims.
Putin: We had a record harvest this year. We never had one like that before.
May to urge EU leaders to move Brexit talks on to a second phase
Russia's Putin says will run as an independent candidate at 2018 election, hopes for support from other political parties
Putin conference starts in Moscow
The Polish government has cut sex education from the school curriculum in favor of family values
Russian court rejects Siemens claim that Crimea turbines sale was invalid
Former Swedish Prime Minister: Negotiating Brexit deal will take longer than the UK expects
[email protected] appeals to journos at putinpresser to ask about him. Not why Navalny can't run for pres, but whether politically motivated case against him is sign Putin is afraid
Annual Putin press-conference to begin in Moscow
The state Duma has toughened penalties for recruitment into terrorist organizations, up to life
Azerbaijani Mindef: As a result of violation of the ceasefire regime by units of the armed forces of Armenia, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Salakhov Fizuli Suleyman oglu was killed
Germany Berlin - Counter-terrorism raids this morning. Suspects might be linked to Anis Amri.
U.S @StateDept: we again call on Russia to stop artillery and rocket attacks against Ukrainian civilian areas and to honor the ceasefire called for in the Minsk agreements
2 wounded in shooting in Kyiv
Russian FSB in Crimea detained 2 Ukrainian citizens on criminal charges
ATO HQ: 30 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 1 soldier was killed, another wounded
Canada announced Wednesday that Canadian defense firms can now export firearms to Ukraine, a move that comes as the US still weighs whether to provide Ukraine with lethal defense aid
Undercover Police Officer was today removed from inside the Parliament Chamber after he was found to be impersonating a reporter during the consideration of the budget estimates.
Spot Report by the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM): Artillery fired less than 500m from @OSCE_SMM's forward patrol base in Popasna
Department of State: The US continues to be deeply concerned by the escalating violence and the worsening humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine, including attacks on civilian infrastructure used for drinking water and heating supplies. The decision to end the violence lies squarely with Russia.
US Department of State: Our sincere condolences to the people of Romania on the death of His Majesty King Michael I. His critical role in WWII, which earned him the U.S. Legion of Merit, and his dedication to the Romanian people will always be remembered.
Armenia to annul protocols on normalization of relations with Turkey before spring 2018 - FM